Saturday, 9 April 2011

H is for ... ???

Thanks to all who dropped by yesterday! The answer to yesterday's post was, GIDDINESS. Toughy, huh? But still, a few got it, so well done! Now, let's get onto H!

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Hank sits up in bed--Today's the day--rubs his eyes, stretches his arms to the ceiling and yawns so loud and wide his jaw cracks. As he stands, he farts. That better not happen. He makes himself some toast and brews coffee, opens his newspaper and stares into the center of it until all the words blend together in a foggy haze. No. No negative thoughts. You'll get it. Hank brushes his teeth, staring into the bathroom mirror. He smiles and nods at himself. Toothpaste dribbles from the corner of his mouth and onto his pale orange tailored shirt. "Shit!" He spits out his toothpaste--flecks adorn the mirror--and rinses his mouth before grabbing the towel off the rod behind him and wiping away the airy spearmint mess. The metal rod spins and echos from the hosptial white tiles. Hank coughs into a closed fist, smooths out his shirt against his chest, grins and winks at himself with a flick of his head and a click of his tongue. "Hank, you stud. You're the man. Go get'em."

So, can you guess the emotion/feeling/state of mind (a noun) depicted in this piece that begins with the letter ‘H’? Please nip over to Nicole's blog to read her interpretation of our H-prompt word. Here’s the link!



  1. My guess is hapless.

    Happy weekend! Love your trailer BTW! :)

  2. The only word I could think of is hapless also,


  3. I love your characterizations and descriptions! Moments like Hank brushing his teeth and the image of the 'spearmint mess' bring your writing to life. Loved this!

  4. Hopeful is what sprang to my mind

  5. Hopeful Hank?

    I'm hopeful that he will fart in the interview, haha. Picturing a man in a pale orange suit farting in public is enough to keep me giggling all weekend.

    - allison writes

  6. Just came from Nicole's blog - going to keep my guess as hopeful.

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  8. Jessica-

    Hopeful...I'd have guessed flatulent but we've passed "F" already.

    You and Nicole really came up with a clever idea here.


  9. Hi, my guess is home. He wants to go home and is up and dressed, ready to leave the hospital.
    What a clever way to post a story.
    Thanks, Ruby

  10. I'm stumped! There is humor and humility but what I want is a synonym for anxiety and I can't think of an H one...

  11. Homesick. And hysterical. :)

  12. Why am I unable to decide on any "H" word !! :(

  13. Hopeful! At least I hope it is :)

  14. I'm thinking hopeful. Hopeful that I got it right!

    Ellie Garratt

  15. I'm gonna go with Haggard,Hurried and Hungover ;) lol

  16. sounds kinda hapless to me too.

  17. Er... hard? I'm sorry, I'm sorry! It's the only thing that came to mind after reading your blurb. Haha!

  18. This was great! I was right there with Hank because it was all so visual and real. I'm guessing hopeful here. :)

  19. In the beginning, I was going to say hazy, but after reading it through and peaking at Nicole's I'm going to go with hopeful!

    Looking forward to I. :)


  20. Hopped over from Nicole's blog and glad I did. A fun, hopeful tale of a rather hopeless man :)

    New follower :)

    visit to my BLOG too pls...


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