Wednesday 4 September 2013


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  1. Charley Parkhurst has to be a prime example of that adage, "Truth is stranger than fiction." I'm still not sure I believe it. If the book was a fictional account, the reader would wonder at the oddball creativity of the author.


    1. You are right Kim!... Mark Twain said "Truth is stranger than fiction but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities: Truth is not." There was indeed a real Charley (Charlotte) Parkhurst...Her January 9th, 1880 NY Times Obituary is published at the end of my book. She was also the first known woman to have voted in the U.S.(as a man) When the doctor was getting her prepared for her burial, he discovered that the famous Charley Parkhurst was a woman!She carried off her disguise for over 30 year! Amazing story, amazing life~

  2. Wow lots of accolades! I've thought of this on many occasions--the method writing type theme. As a writer we are every character and must stay in that zone thruout the story. We are the director and the actors. I can see how acting classes would be very beneficial to writers.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I hadn't thought of using acting methods to write with - it's a great idea, and one that I plan to use from now on to get into my character's emotions and figure out how to show that. Thank you!!!
    Congratulations on your book - it looks really intriguing!

  4. I agree. Though I've never taken any acting classes, I did take drama class in high school and that tiny bit of experience helped me become more aware of the palette of my emotions and it helped me get over my fear of public speaking. I can only imagine the benefits of taking an acting class would have on my writing. Excellent post.

  5. What a brilliant post! I myself was a child actor, and I wish I had stayed with it.

    I absolutely agree about writing, too. If you're not feeling intense emotions when you're writing, perhaps you're not digging deep enough.

  6. Fantastic post! I agree so much! I think I irritated someone once because I suggested taking improv classes as a writing tool! :D

    Thanks so much for sharing your insight~ <3

  7. Hee hee, I have a theater background too, and I find it's the most valuable tool in my arsenal for writing. If I can act the scene out or feel the emotions of my characters, they will translate through the words. If not, well, chances are it's going to be cardboard writing. Awesome post!

  8. ummm, Charlotte Parkhurst sounds amazing

  9. Fabulous post! I always wanted to act, but I'm too shy or something. Instead I binge watch great TV shows and movies to better understand character development and especially dialogue.
    Congrats on your book!

  10. This is a great post! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks all of you who responded above~ Makes me so happy that my words might help you along on your writing journey...Do be brave and explore the acting process, if you haven't already--also read a few good acting books as well--but mostly, it's important to experience the freedom of your emotions...and learn to paint 'your' truth with them and through them as a writer...
    There is a big difference writing feelings from your head and intellect, rather then truly experiencing and sharing your unique and very special self in your work through the energy of your emotions...warmly, Karen

  12. Hi Karen, enjoyed reading more about you, thanks for sharing.


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