Friday 29 October 2010

My review of The Preacher's Bride!

The Preacher's BrideThe Preacher's Bride by Jody Hedlund

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow. This book kept me up all night. Every chapter ended in the most 'annoying' cliffhanger. 'Annoying' is probably the wrong word because I mean it in a totally positive way! :o

Its tone reminded me greatly of Margaret Atwood's 'Alias Grace'. And I LOVE Margaret Atwood, and I LOVED Alias Grace. Its perfectly crafted. I couldn't find a single error. And I don't mean copy error (although it is clean of those too), I mean in structure and plot, etc. Remarkable writing, kept me on my toes (or with my head slightly lifted, rather, because I read it in bed!), hungry for more with every page I turned. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if this ends up being a bestseller.

I haven't read many novels based on historical events and I'm so pleased that this was one of the few I have read. It's given me a hankering for more! So, Jody, when's your next book coming out? ;o)

(For those who missed yesterday's post. Have a read. I expressed my excitement about this book a little more. This review is from goodreads so I thought I'd better be a little more civilised!)

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Thursday 28 October 2010

I fight with myself before I sleep. Do you?

Ok. Let's get one thing straight. I read at night. Before I sleep. In bed. Snuggled in my yummy duvet. Ideal time and place to read. Or perhaps not quite ideal when you read a book that requires copious amounts of talking yourself into putting it down.

Every night since reading this book, I've had to struggle with my droopy eyelids and desperate need to keep reading. I've had give myself a minor therapy session in order to convince myself that 'It's ok if you stop reading and continue tomorrow night. The words on the remaining pages are not going to run away. They'll be there tomorrow. I promise."

This is the conversation I have with myself:

"Sleep. You're tired."
"But I can't! I have to know what happens next."
"It'll still be there tomorrow. Go to sleep."
"But, but, I won't be able to sleep if I don't know what happens next!"
"Ok, just read one more chapter. Then promise me you'll sleep."
"Ok. I promise."

 ... reads one more chapter ...

"Oh no! Another cliff-hanger! I need to read another chapter."
"No, you don't. You need to sleep."
"Please? Just one more chapter?"
"Oh for God's sake get a grip of yourself you dipshit! Close. Eyes. Now!"
"No! I refuse to give into your coniving plans for me to miss out on the goods. I'm reading another chapter."

... reads one more chapter ...

"Oh no! Another cliff-hanger! I need to read another chapter."

Um, ok, you see my problem? I may need to put some 'day' time away for this book.

So who wants to know what the book is? I'll give you a clue. Click here for it. I should have finished the book by the weekend and I'll be sure to post a review! :o)

I'm sure this happens to you when you read a good book. I'm sleep deprived. Do you get sleep deprived over a good read?

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Publishing novel excerpts in journals: Bright idea or ... not?

Yesterday I posted a question on Facebook which triggered a few very detailed responses and thought I'd share them with you all here today. I definitely think it worth an extended discussion as I'm sure many of you writers out there could benefit from the answers too. So what was my question?

The current novel I'm writing is written from the perspectives of various characters. They each have their own story. I had an idea to extract particular perspectives and adapt them into short stories to submit to literary magazines. Do you think this is a bad idea, or do you think it a good way to draw attention to my novel?

Some responses I got were:

Roslyn Ross Any idea which broadens your scope for opportunity is a good one. More to the point, turning each character into their own short story is a brilliant way to develop your characters. Multi-functional I would have thought. Go for it. ...

Mark Levy I agree with Roslyn, Jessica...if a pub or agent loves your story so much even in fractured form, having gone the route you are thinking seems like a really good idea!

Jessica Hill I agree wtih Roslyn, getting pub credits is so important these days, so get them when and where you can. I certainly don't think it will hurt anything if you do this. The short stories would also probably allow you to work with the characters more, and develop their individual stories. I'd say go for it!

Colleen Walsh Fong
Could it lead to property ownership problems later? Why not write short stories using the proposed characters that would not appear in the novel to peak readers interest? Kindle has announced they'll be looking for 10,000 word pieces. That's one way to prove the characters can sell.
Hart Johnson Jessica-I have a friend who ended up with a book contract that way, though admittedly her genre is erotica, so there is feasibly more tolerance of alternate routes, but as long as you either stick to only a couple shorts to titilate, or else part of the story that ISN'T really in the book, I think you're okay. They just don't want to print a novel that is pretty much already out there--it sounds like you are going from a different enough angle. ... One thing to be careful of though, is the rights of the journals PUBLISHING. I don't think the book publisher would have a problem, but read the fine print on the journal rules and make sure you aren't signing away any printing of it--maybe let them know ahead of time what your plans are if they want it.

Janice Phelps Williams ‎2 cents: I think developing the characters and having short stories published in journals and magazines would not be considered detrimental by the publisher, but a sign of your pro-active approach to work, your desire to constantly improve your craft, and the proof that others in the field and readers want to read what you write.

Leigh Talbert Moore no clue here, but it would seem if you develop a following for your writing and your story that way, it could only be viewed as positive, yes?

Rebecca Emin Hi, thanks for the friend add, I was desperate to comment on this! I think the idea of submitting adaptations is perfect - for a start it's not an *exact* copy of what is in the novel so it's effectively not been published already. I would seek out publications that let you retain your rights. The rights issue is the tricky part... Others have already said that publishers will be pleased that you have been gaining interest for your work. Good luck.

So what do you think?

PS: Janice is the publisher considering my novel Dead in the Corner of my Bedroom ... positive thoughts my way please!

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Grief Comparison: Female vs Male

 She looks at herself sideways in the mirror, pulling her stomach in and out. Ugh. She pulls her hair into a pony tail, then lets it loose. Fuck it. Let the customers complain. She looks at her jeans, sports bra, and orange mohair sweater hanging over the chair against the wall. She has worn those for four days in a row. She puts them on. She looks at herself in the mirror again. Stares for a few minutes, seeing straight through her reflection toward emptiness, then sits on the edge of her bed and hangs her head in her lap. I suppose I had better put some make-up on. She bursts into tears.

Sunday morning. Naked. Cold. Heater taking too long to work. Grabs quilt from couch. Wraps himself in it. Prickly on skin. Especially penis. Itchy scrotum, nostril, big toe. Goes to bedroom. Puts on boxers. The red ones covered in giraffes. Drags toe along carpet. Itch relieved. Wraps himself back in quilt. Returns to kitchen. Scratches bum crack through prickly quilt. Not comfortable. Get’s angry at quilt. Throws quilt at couch. Goes back into bedroom. Puts on tracksuit. Goes back to kitchen. Coffee made. Can’t remember turning machine on. Smells nice, triggers grief. Farts. Wimp. Hangs head.

How did I do? Got anything to add?

Monday 25 October 2010

It's difficult to write about the truth, isn't it?

As many of you know I'm trying to write a memoir. Not very successfully I might add. These are the problems I'm facing:
One: I embellish a truth so much that it ends up turning into fiction.
Two: I can't distinguish between the truth and my 'idea' of the truth.
Three: I cry out of frustration, grief, and memories that I thought I had gotten over, and then stop writing because it hurts. If this keeps happening I'll never get it written.
Four: I have a vague memory of some things but the details are so blurry I can't possibly write about them truthfully, but have to in order to tell my story properly.
Five: Are my opinions of the past valid? Or are they overreactions?
Six: Are some of my memories made-up memories that I created in order to overcome things as a child? Such as believing something someone did was more horrible than it actually was so that I was allowed to 'hate' them?
Seven: I am so used to making things shine in fiction, that I don't know how to use the same skills with the truth and they come out dry and bland.

So. There are my seven deadly memoir sins. Has anyone ever experienced the same thing? Very interested to hear opinions from Karen Gowen and Karen Walker here as they too have written memoirs.

PS: The Stray Branch, a literary journal, has just accepted my poem EMPTY for its bi-annual print publication in 2012, the Fall/Winter issue #10 Vol 7. Yikes! What a wait. But certainly very pleased! :o)
PPS: Um, I think I'm losing track of followers. I've also got a terrible feeling that I've neglected some of you - as in NEVER stopped by your blog to leave a comment. If that's the case, I'm SO SO SO SORRY! Also, if that is the case, please please please feel free to leave me a comment and tell me. Tell me to get my butt into gear and make my way over, ya hear? I want interactive blogging here, so neglecting people is just not my intention. So please speak up if I've lost touch! Thanks *curtsy*.

Sunday 24 October 2010

Self-published book a pleasant surprise!

Promise (Soul Savers, #1)Promise by Kristie Cook

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I began reading this book out of curiosity, to see if a self-published book lived up to the quality of a traditionally published one. And you know what? It didn't just 'live up to' the standard, but soared beyond it.

It is told from the perspective of Alexis, an eighteen-year old protagonist, so when you begin reading, it seems like Young Adult fiction (though the content definitely is not). This threw me a little because I don't read YA. But once I got over the 'young' voice, and started focusing primarily on the story, I was pleasantly surprised. It had me up late at night to 'just read another chapter', until I couldn't hold my head up any longer. When books do this to me, it's a success.

I'm a really fussy reader. I don't have any inclination to pick up a paranormal fantasy novel. So for a paranormal fanatasy novel, that reads like YA to hook me, the writer has to be good. And Kristie Cook is GOOD!

If you're looking for delicate elitist literary prose, then this book isn't for you. But if you're looking for an entertaining story to transport you into another world, to forget your woes, routine or monotony of the everyday, then pick this up. You won't be disappointed! I thoroughly enjoyed something that I thought I never would. So thank you, Kristie, for the wonderful experience!

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Thursday 21 October 2010

Candy *Hearts* Joy Like BR80 2

I've been struggling with the flu this week, so apologies for not getting to any of your blogs. I have a couple of days work-free so I'm going to utilize my time wisely (WIP, of course!). I'm taking the rest of the week off from blog land. My foggy brain, snotty nose, and muscle aches just can't cope with everything I'm used to doing!
But before I do say farewell for the weekend, I'd like to take a minute to drill something very important into your brains! Go and give a little to the I *Heart* Joy Like BR80 2: Use your cushion monies to change the frickin' world fundraiser being held over at Candyland's joint. I've donated my bit, now it's your turn! Just click the banner at the bottom of this post.
Here's the deal:
•If every one of you can dig up enough loose change to equal $1, Candy will have raised $357 for women, children and families in need.
•If every one of you gives up one meal out this week to equal $5, Candy will have raised $1785 for women, children and families in need.
•If every one of you can spare $10, Candy will have raised $3570 for women, children and families in need.
Her goal $357, because she truly believes if we work together, $1 turns into a brand new beginning for the women, children and families of Ghana, West Africa.
Don't think. Just DO!

See you all on Monday! MWAH!

Wednesday 20 October 2010


One of my most favourite bloggers of all time is turning ELEVEN today! So please pay him a visit and wish him a happy birthday, would ya?
Lenny Lee I wish you the most happiest birthday ever and know that I'm thinking of you all day and wishing I could be there to give you a great big hug! I know you'll probably read this when you receive my gift in the post, but just in case it doesn't arrive today, here's a little poem I wrote for you ...

One day a doctor said to Mr Lenny Lee,
That he should write a blog, to set his mind free.
So that he did,
Out-growing the kid,
Now we all think we’re his buddy!

Mr Lenny Lee has a special flair.
He writes like a pro, his thoughts he does share.
We “ooh” and “ahh”,
From near and far
We cherish his blog, I swear!

He loves raccoons, dogs, animals galore!
Flying kites, writing, and so much more!
And he always smiles,
We can see it for miles!
Mr Lenny Lee we adore!

So if you ever meet Mr Lenny Lee
Make sure you say “Hi”, and I’m sure you’ll agree,
He’s the sweetest boy,
Not at all coy,
Says I, his friend, the Aussie!


Tuesday 19 October 2010

It's time to support Alex J. Cavanaugh and his debut!

Alex J. Cavanaugh's debut CassaStar is being released today, and I've jumped on the bandwagon to show my support! So, I'm BEGGING you :o), please show your support by purchasing his debut. Just think about the karma. When your first book comes out wouldn't you be absolutely thrilled if all your blogger buddies went out and purchased it? I certainly would! So please, show Alex some love!
You can find his book @

A little about the book:
To pilot the fleet’s finest ship…
Few options remain for Byron. A talented but stubborn young man with a troubled past and rebellious attitude, his cockpit skills are his only hope. Slated to train as a Cosbolt fighter pilot, Byron is determined to prove his worth and begin a new life as he sets off for the moon base of Guaard.
Much to Byron’s chagrin, the toughest instructor in the fleet takes notice of the young pilot. Haunted by a past tragedy, Bassa eventually sees through Byron's tough exterior and insolence. When a secret talent is revealed during training, Bassa feels compelled to help Byron achieve his full potential.
As war brews on the edge of space, time is running short. Byron requires a navigator of exceptional quality to survive, and Bassa must make a decision that could well decide the fate of both men. Will their skills be enough as they embark on a mission that may stretch their abilities to the limit?
“…calls to mind the youthful focus of Robert Heinlein’s early military sf, as well as the excitement of space opera epitomized by the many Star Wars novels. Fast-paced military action and a youthful protagonist make this a good choice for both young adult and adult fans of space wars.” - Library Journal
Check out the trailer!

Monday 18 October 2010

I want to bend the rules! Pleeeeease???

I've heard on numerous occasions that when writing flash fiction you still need to maintain the elements of a well-rounded story. But. Wait. Stop right there. WHY? Why restrict yourself with all these rules if you've got something inside of you dying to be written that doesn't have a beginning middle and end? What if what you want to write is like a vignette, that begins and ends randomly in time without motives or goals driving it forward? What if what you want to express is more of a feeling, an experience, a significant moment in time, as the talented Nicole Ducleroir says. And what if how you want to write it is quite poetic, but cannot really be classed as a prose poem, because it's too long, and cannot really be classed as flash fiction, because it sounds like a prose poem? Huh. In a bit of a tight spot then, aren't we?
I suppose my biggest question here, is: Why isn't there a market for this type of thing? I mean, we can all write whatever we want to write, of course, but then when we want get it published, there isn't anywhere to submit it. Thankfully, I've finally found an anthology publisher who does. Static Movement. But it is certainly the only one I've come across that has accepted such work. I really do wonder why because my vignettes are as much a piece of art as the pieces of art that play by the rules.
What do you think? Do you think there should be more markets out there that publish vignettes? Don't you think we should be given a chance to bend the rules once in a while?

Friday 15 October 2010

I AM a Giddy Goat! ;o)

Ok, it's Friday. This means I like to go into the weekend laughing!
If you like clever dry wit, rather than the 'oh I punched you in the face and you fell on the floor, how exciting, I'd better laugh and applaud so it sounds electronic' humour, then watch this! It's one of my most favourite scenes from one of my most favourite British comedy shows, called The IT Crowd. Enjoy!
After watching this, if you know of any comedies you think I might like, PLEASE DO RECOMMEND! Living in Greece sure has it's drawbacks sometimes ...

And have an awesome weekend!

Thursday 14 October 2010

My Word Play Answers

If you weren't around yesterday, have a quick read of this and then come back! For those of you who participated, thanks so much, it was great fun! Some of you had some very interesting ideas. Lenny suggested a REALLY CLEVER option for Water and Table which blew my mind: H2O on the table of elements. How cool is that? And Matt went all out and wrote me full metaphorical sentences! Some of you even chose the same as me. But the ones that NO ONE got the same as me were Book and Therapist, Party and Man, Sidewalk and Grey Wool, Chinese meal and Sex. Shows how differently our creative minds work, huh???
Hart, you cracked me up big time with your answers! Thanks so much for the laugh!!!!

OK. Here're mine:

Photos and Nail Polish: They both have a glossy or matt finish.
Book and Therapist: They both give you the opportunity to turn a new leaf.
Drugs and Mountains: They both get you high.
Bees and Tattoos: They both sting.
Cappuccino and Shampoo: They both foam.
Water and Table: They both have a surface.
Party and Man: They both have nuts you can nibble on at your leisure. (hehehahaha)
Sidewalk and Grey Wool: They are both made from asphalt / ash felt.
Human body and Leaf: They both have veins.
Chinese meal and Sex: They shouldn't end until you get your 'cookie'!
PS: Here's one from my sister. Magician and Brothel: One has a stunning array of stunts, the other a stunning array of ... *ahem*.

So how did you go? How many of your answers matched mine? You got any random objects to test me with?

Wednesday 13 October 2010

Do you like to play with words? Then try this!

Can you find something common between two completely random objects/things? I find myself having to think like this when I want to create interesting metaphors in my writing. We do, after all, have to steer clear of typical associations and cliches, right? So this is what I do to try and get my brain working in a way it normally doesn't. Take a look at the pairs of objects below, and tell me at least one common thing between them.
Here's an easy one as an example:
Scissors and Grass: They both have blades.

Ok, your turn:
Photos and Nail Polish
Book and Therapist
Drugs and Mountains
Bees and Tattoos
Cappuccino and Shampoo
Water and Table
Party and Man
Sidewalk and Grey Wool
Human body and Leaf
Chinese meal and Sex (ok, I stole this on off a movie I watched last night)

So, can you think of any? Tell me in the comments! My answers will be up tomorrow :o)

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Write a short story, Cure self-disappointment

Yes! Last night, after dinner, I sat on the couch with my little shiny pink (girly) net book, while the (tired, whiny) man watched a (crappy B-grade) movie, and I thrashed out a 1800 word shorty story! Best couple of hours I've spent all week. And it worked wonders on my self-esteem! It did, I tell ya!!!
So this is my advice for today: If you're ever feeling low about not achieving your writing goals, write something that you can complete in one sitting, a short story, a poem, song lyrics, whatever. Believe me, you'll feel better. Because you'll have accomplished something! And that feeling of accomplishment was so worth a night away from my WIP. Because you don't get that quick kick when writing a novel, do you?

So how do you give yourself that much needed creative kick when your WIP isn't progressing as you would like it to?

Monday 11 October 2010

How do you feel when you fail to reach a personal goal?

I'm disappointed in myself. I shouldn't be. Because last week was full of wonderful surprises. But I am, and it's weighing me down. I had TWO FULL WEEKS of NO WORK. I had planned to take advantage of it and write a really substantial amount of my WIP considering I had so much time on my hands. I made a goal of 20 thousand per week, which I could have done had I been focused, and which would have pretty much put me into its denouement. Did I write the 40,000 words I had intended? No. I did not. I only wrote 10,000. TEN!
Ugh. That is really bad! Especially considering I do not have kids. Mr Hubbie is also work-free at the moment so it's not as if I had to constantly do housework and cook either! Bad bad bad bad bad!!!
This is the very reason I don't set myself goals. I always HATE myself afterwards!
Now I've started working again. I don't think it'll reach that 60-hour per week hell I had to endure not too long ago, so hopefully I'll get some writing in here and there. But I'm not setting myself ANY GOALS!
The only way to reach my goals, it seems, is if I don't set any. Stupid, weird, I know, perhaps, but hey, what's a writer like me to do?

How do you feel when you fail to reach a personal goal?

Friday 8 October 2010

HIV testing made to look SEXY? WTF?

First and foremost, THANK YOU to EVERYONE who 'liked' me yesterday. And to EVERYONE who congratulated me on my recent anthology pubs! I APPRECIATE every single little comment and savoured them like lollipops!

Okay, my brain is a little AWOL today. Aside from Blogger changing the layout of the dashboard and not allowing me to scroll down to see more than approx 10 updates (which has totally sent me for a sixa), I saw a very odd commercial (on Greek TV) last night that was urging people to get an HIV test. OK, yes, this is should be a good thing, and it's definitely a step forward in this country, believe me. But after seeing it it left me feeling FURIOUS!
Not only did the music behind the sexy velvety female voice over sound like it belonged on a late night phone sex ad, but the photographs of the 'everyday people' were all NAKED and wrapped in freaking plastic stuff, posing like models, in unique positions with pouted lips. They made it look like going to get a test was going to be like attending a modelling audition for an artsy/abstract edition of playboy magazine. I didn't catch everything the woman said, but a couple of the lines were "Get an HIV test. Do it for your self-esteem. Make yourself feel good." (and imagine that in a phone-sex voice) YIKES! I was totally repulsed.
I'm ALL FOR getting tested and preventing the disease from spreading, but honestly, does it really have to be made to look sexy to appeal to the 'younger generation'? I know that 'sex sells'. But hello? People get HIV from sex, and the result is not pretty. If people go get a test after seeing this add, all their gonna want to do afterwards is go have sex again. And who cares if they have to go back and get another HIV test, right? Because it's sexy, right? And it will boost their self-esteem and make them feel like models, right? Cool! Let's all go get HIV tests, shall we? I'm in need for a little pick-me-up ... Ugh.

What do you think about this? am I overreacting?

Thursday 7 October 2010

Please, a little love, and click the 'like' button?

Howdy! I've just started a professional Facebook Author page. Hehe, now that I will have a couple of my pieces in print it feels worth it. Isn't it funny how we don't feel worthy of calling ourselves 'authors' until we see our precious work in print? It shouldn't be like that, but it is ... never mind. So, it would be an absolute honor if you all could get click happy and 'like' me! Thanks so much! Mwah!

Wednesday 6 October 2010


Oh my God, guys! This morning I woke up to the best email EVAH! For the very very first time I will see my own work in print! Not ELT materials that I've been commissioned to write, but MY OWN WORK!!! I'M SO EXCITED!
The first chapter of my WIP, BITTER LIKE ORANGE PEEL, is going to be included in a print anthology called TRIBUTE TO THE STARS, edited by Chris Batholomew at STATIC MOVEMENT, and published by a small press called Pill Hill Press.

They usually publish horror and fantasy, but this anthology is a little different.
I quote: "This will be a tribute to our favorite movie stars. You will name the star/stars you would like to see play your characters/s in a movie. I will be sending copies of these books to the stars named in the book so only serious submissions will be considered. I've never seen this done and I think it's a great idea."
I've given my characters' roles to Mia Wasikowska and Meryl Streep.
And in the name of Lenny Lee, I say "How cool is that?"

UPDATE (11:16pm): I just got another piece accepted into their Literary Foray Anthology. I can't believe it. What an awesome day!!!

Tuesday 5 October 2010

I like it nice and slow.

HA! No, not talking about sex. But I am talking about the next best thing (aside from chocolate and ice-cream). Writing. I've noticed a typical routine I go through when I write. Sometimes I deviate from it, but most of the time I go through the same process. I work slowly. Perfecting each chapter before I move forward. I can't smash out the first draft of the whole WIP without looking back - no way - it's just not me. I know it is recommended, but I'm not comfortable with that. I do what I'm comfortable with, and so far my comfort zone is working well. So I'm sticking with it.
This is what I do:
1. I smash out the erratic, mish-mash first draft for a complete chapter - usually most of the dialogue between characters is spot on and doesn't change much. If I'm in the swing of the mish-masharena, I'll smash out another mish mash chapter. I've never ever gone on to do the masharena a third time. That would send me in a panic, because there would be too much 'bad' writing to deal with when I sit down to write again.
2. If I'm still in the swing of things, and feeling fresh and alert, I read over what I've written filling it in with descriptions, characterisations, movements etc, on the same day. If not, this is the next day's task.
3. Next I read over again and line edit it. I make my words sing. Make it poetic where it should be, make my characters' emotions jump off the page where they should, make it tense when it should, make sure I've used every single sense possible to describe what I want to describe. That's a motto of mine - make sure each sense is used at least once in each chapter. It'll make your writing richer. Believe me.
4. Ahh. *sigh*. Read over the last chapter(s) I've recently written to get back in the mood, without changing anything because that can be done in the second draft stage, and do the masharena again. (OK. I've now got two songs in my head 'Do the Locomotion' and 'Macarena' - OUCH!)

So what's your process? Have you learned what you're comfortable with? Or are you still struggling with how you think you're 'supposed' to do things?
If you're struggling, forget about how others write. Think about what makes writing a pleasant experience for you. And most importantly, have fun with it!

Monday 4 October 2010

What do you think about a ceremony to pledge unconditional companionship between friends?

An old friend of mine in Australia is homeless, with two dogs and a few birds in cages. What a sticky situation to be in. Who wants a room mate with so many animals, right? Well seriously, people, get over yourselves. SHE NEEDS HELP! Her family have disowned her. Her friends fell off the face of the Earth as soon as she reached out for assistance. What kind of world do we live in?
If I were in Australia I would have told her to stay with me until she cleaned herself up. But I'm not. Thank GOODNESS my best friend is a social worker, and lives in the same city as her. So I've gotten them in touch, and my best friend is seeking shelter for this woman and her pets as we speak. THANKFULLY.
I am furious. Sometimes I think friends should undergo some sort of ceremony to pledge an unconditional companionship to each other. "In sickness and in health." Right? And I don't even believe in marriage! But, seriously, what's the point in being someone's friend if you're only going to be there when they are happy and well? Makes me sick. Doesn't it make you sick?
Have you ever witnessed such heartless behaviour? How did it make you feel? I, for one, would like to give these 'friends' of hers a good hard punch in the face.