Thursday 14 October 2010

My Word Play Answers

If you weren't around yesterday, have a quick read of this and then come back! For those of you who participated, thanks so much, it was great fun! Some of you had some very interesting ideas. Lenny suggested a REALLY CLEVER option for Water and Table which blew my mind: H2O on the table of elements. How cool is that? And Matt went all out and wrote me full metaphorical sentences! Some of you even chose the same as me. But the ones that NO ONE got the same as me were Book and Therapist, Party and Man, Sidewalk and Grey Wool, Chinese meal and Sex. Shows how differently our creative minds work, huh???
Hart, you cracked me up big time with your answers! Thanks so much for the laugh!!!!

OK. Here're mine:

Photos and Nail Polish: They both have a glossy or matt finish.
Book and Therapist: They both give you the opportunity to turn a new leaf.
Drugs and Mountains: They both get you high.
Bees and Tattoos: They both sting.
Cappuccino and Shampoo: They both foam.
Water and Table: They both have a surface.
Party and Man: They both have nuts you can nibble on at your leisure. (hehehahaha)
Sidewalk and Grey Wool: They are both made from asphalt / ash felt.
Human body and Leaf: They both have veins.
Chinese meal and Sex: They shouldn't end until you get your 'cookie'!
PS: Here's one from my sister. Magician and Brothel: One has a stunning array of stunts, the other a stunning array of ... *ahem*.

So how did you go? How many of your answers matched mine? You got any random objects to test me with?


  1. Oh no! I forgot to come back to *think*.
    BAD CANDY! These were very smart! Makes me feel a little better bc I wouldn't have guessed them anyway. I'd have stared at the screen for a long time...

  2. I wouldn't have got these answers even spending quite a time looking at the questions,
    Very clever.


  3. I got a couple. Still laughing at Hart's answers though.

  4. You were awesome!!! You weren't kidding I think we really did only have one that matched! It's awesome to see how everyones mind worked!

    This was fun! Another one! Another one!

  5. What fun! It reminds me of one of the categories on Jeopardy. My husband is awesome at this sort of thing...I'm a little slower but I eventually come up with something!

  6. Crap! I was mulling them over yesterday when work blasted me with, well, work and I didn't come back. Now I'm going to read all of the great answers. Nice!

  7. hi miss jessica! me and you did one match on that nail polish stuff. i didnt get any thing else but that water one. that was pretty hard but it was fun. i hope you could do it again. maybe i could let my brothers and my sister see it and try it too.
    ...hugs from lenny
    p.s. hi holly!

  8. omg--beyond pissed that I missed this! Look a rhyme...

    You guys aren't supposed to do supercool fun stuff when I'm away~ ;o) <3 it

  9. Well I didn't guess right, but my brain was't working yesterday. lol.

  10. Your similarities are amazing Jess! I'm flattered that you thought my sentences were cool.

  11. Looks like I missed a fun exercise! I've got to go back and read your previous post.

  12. We matched on five of them - pretty good, huh?! Your party and man answer = ROFL!! :-)

  13. Oops. I didn't know we were supposed to do all of the answers. I just picked one. ;) Your sister's answer was pretty funny!

  14. My brain wasn't capable yesterday, but I love the connections! :)

  15. Those are some cool metaphors! I didn't think of any . . . darn. :P

  16. I love that fortune cookie picture. I would die laughing if I opened a cookie and it said that. Die!

  17. These were so clever! Also, I too love that fortune cookie picture.


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