Wednesday 20 October 2010


One of my most favourite bloggers of all time is turning ELEVEN today! So please pay him a visit and wish him a happy birthday, would ya?
Lenny Lee I wish you the most happiest birthday ever and know that I'm thinking of you all day and wishing I could be there to give you a great big hug! I know you'll probably read this when you receive my gift in the post, but just in case it doesn't arrive today, here's a little poem I wrote for you ...

One day a doctor said to Mr Lenny Lee,
That he should write a blog, to set his mind free.
So that he did,
Out-growing the kid,
Now we all think we’re his buddy!

Mr Lenny Lee has a special flair.
He writes like a pro, his thoughts he does share.
We “ooh” and “ahh”,
From near and far
We cherish his blog, I swear!

He loves raccoons, dogs, animals galore!
Flying kites, writing, and so much more!
And he always smiles,
We can see it for miles!
Mr Lenny Lee we adore!

So if you ever meet Mr Lenny Lee
Make sure you say “Hi”, and I’m sure you’ll agree,
He’s the sweetest boy,
Not at all coy,
Says I, his friend, the Aussie!



  1. I was just over at Lenny's wishing him a happy birthday - it sounds like he's going to have a great day!

  2. Sounds like he has a great day planned!

  3. What a sweet poem, Jessica!

  4. SO cute!!!! Happy birthday Lenny!

  5. OMG that was awesome Jess! Lenny is the best. Happy Birthday bud!

  6. So I loved reading that the first time. Just as great the second! Nice, Jessica. I hope I get my copy soon. I'm excited to see everyone's work! Happy Birthday to Lenny!!

  7. Great poem, Jessica... Lenny is going to love it!

    Happy Bithday, Lenny!!!

  8. what a great poem! I hope Lenny has a fabulous birthday! (but from the looks of his post today- he should!)

  9. Awe! I love the poem! Lenny is awesome. I hope he has a great b-day. =)

  10. Yay, for Lenny! What a great birthday post, Jessica - he'll love it! :-)

  11. Such a cute poem. This blog love for Lenny is awesome. He's going to be blown away.

  12. What a great poem, Jessica! :)

    Happy birthday to Lenny!

  13. Such a cute poem! Love it.

    All this bloggy love is gonna get me teary eyed. (I'm such a lightweight in that department...ask my daughter)

  14. Aw, what a great poem! Happy birthday to Lenny!

  15. Best Lenny Happy Birthday post Ive seen all day, by far.

  16. Love it!!! And I'm sure Lenny will too :)

  17. Aww, what a great post. It's so awesome to see so much blog love for Lenny!

  18. hi miss jessica! wowee thats the most cool poem ever! i didnt ever have a poem wrote just for me and now i got one for my real special friend. :) my birthday is the best ever cause of all my blogger friends. i got so much love and im putting it in my heart forever.
    ...hugs from lenny

  19. What a nice poem! Happy Birthday to Lenny!


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