Tuesday 11 October 2011

Call for photograph donations for rock video clip ...

I have to make a YouTube video for one of my songs for the Greek press to link to. They don't want to use the book trailer, they want to use a song that they believe is 'hit worthy'.

The song has a very typical rock beat, is about 2 minutes long, starts off kinda quirky with plucky guitars, then gets heavier and distorted, and stops abruptly. It was my idea of a joke, actually, when I was writing it, but as it turns out, 'they' don't think it's a joke at all ...

I was kinda thinking of a theme along the lines of rock stars drinking wine, laughing, then arguing, laughing, then arguing, but I guess that might be a little difficult and over-ambitious, yeah? Anyway, if you're a photographer and want some exposure (you'll get credited at end of video) please get in touch with me and pitch me your vision! :o)

These are the lyrics:

Love is a Bitch of a Wine (Whine)

How many times have you tasted this wine?
Can you add them up and
compare kisses to affectionate touches?

Because love is a bitch of a wine.
Yes, love is a bitch of a whine.

Do you believe we haven’t kissed with our tongues?
In almost a year?
Put your glass down and plant your butt here.


It’s a long way down the road.
For a beer so let’s stay here and drink all our fears.

Because love is a bitch of a wine.

POST UPDATE! ... VIDEO NOW LIVE! (ended up just doing it myself ...)


  1. Sounds good to me Jessica, Good luck with the You Tube video.


  2. Cool sounding project, Jessica. Unfortunately I have nothing that would fit. :(

  3. Well if I were a photographer I'd probably give it try. Good luck!

  4. Cool idea. I'm sure you'll get someone to step up to the plate. Good luck!

  5. I can't take a decent photo to save my life, but this sounds awesome, Jess!

  6. I'm not much of a photographer. I can mention this in my post tomorrow if you like.

  7. Wow! That was really good! I couldn't keep my eyes off the video to see what the glasses were going to do next. I thought they really expressed the lyrics. Very, very creative. Oh, and LOve the song.

  8. I wish I were more of a photographer. But the song is great! I can't wait to see the finished project. ;)

  9. Love what you did! This song is so cool and catchy. It's stuck in my head and I like it. :)

  10. Well how freaking clever is THAT!!!!!!!!! You are made of awesome, m'dear. :)

  11. The video is cute. I love the details of the glasses getting together.

    You voice is beautiful and melody IS indeed quite catchy.

  12. Hi Jessica .. well done .. clever - and I loved your voice ..as Holly says .. it is beautiful and melodic .. and catchy .. great - Hilary

  13. Great song, Jess. Wish I had some talent with a camera.

  14. Like the video and love the song. Very nicely done, Jess :D

  15. this happened so fast, I missed the whole thing. But I really like that song. And cool vid~ :o) <3


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