Monday, 4 October 2010

What do you think about a ceremony to pledge unconditional companionship between friends?

An old friend of mine in Australia is homeless, with two dogs and a few birds in cages. What a sticky situation to be in. Who wants a room mate with so many animals, right? Well seriously, people, get over yourselves. SHE NEEDS HELP! Her family have disowned her. Her friends fell off the face of the Earth as soon as she reached out for assistance. What kind of world do we live in?
If I were in Australia I would have told her to stay with me until she cleaned herself up. But I'm not. Thank GOODNESS my best friend is a social worker, and lives in the same city as her. So I've gotten them in touch, and my best friend is seeking shelter for this woman and her pets as we speak. THANKFULLY.
I am furious. Sometimes I think friends should undergo some sort of ceremony to pledge an unconditional companionship to each other. "In sickness and in health." Right? And I don't even believe in marriage! But, seriously, what's the point in being someone's friend if you're only going to be there when they are happy and well? Makes me sick. Doesn't it make you sick?
Have you ever witnessed such heartless behaviour? How did it make you feel? I, for one, would like to give these 'friends' of hers a good hard punch in the face.


  1. I'm only friends with people I trust, and I strive to return that trust absolutely. Yeah, I might have trust issues. So I have very few friends, but those I do have I could count on in need and vice versa... An oath, or a pledge would be redundant. Besides, oaths and pledges are only as good as the people who keep them.
    Not piss vinegar or anything, but I've found most people, when put to the crunch, to be dishonest, cowardly, untrustworthy, and miserly. Luckily there are exceptions who strive to do what needs to be done.

  2. Sadly, a lot of people are like that; willing to help with the smaller stuff but when pressed hard, they'll turn away from the problem. But I try as hard as I can not to act like that, and I know there are other people who do the same thing.

  3. Glad you knew someone who could help her.
    People don't realize that when it comes to true friends, we each possess so few.

  4. Hi,

    Sad case, and the sad fact of life is that many people we call friends might turn our as mere acquaintances if the chips were ever down!


  5. I have to agree with Alex and Francine -- we each have so few friend; those we think are friends just aren't. Glad you knew someone in Australia who could help her.

  6. It's at that point in your life that you realize who your friends really are. Having her family disown her is an awful thing but that is where the friends should play an even bigger role. Sometimes you must make your own family!

    I would have taken her in and my husband would not have objected.

  7. I take friendship very seriously, It's lovely to know one has someone to call on in an emeergency.
    How can some people be so heartless?

    There is a little something on my latest blog for you.


  8. I have discovered, unfortunately, that if we have 1 or 2 true good friends in our lives then we are blessed and lucky indeed. We may have many acquaintances, people we hang out with and call friends but they are not the same as true friends.

    True friends are few and precious. Your homeless friend is blessed indeed to have you. That you can help her from such a long way away is wonderful.

  9. This is sad. But her having the pets doesn't help. There's no way I could open my home to two dogs and some birds. They would have to go somewhere else. But my friend would be welcome to stay, as long as she wasn't a risk to my kids. If we're talking a problem with drugs or alcohol, then she would have to go elsewhere (but I would help her with that if I can). While I would be happy to help a friend, my kids' safety always comes first.

  10. That's awful! Real friends are so hard to find - and keep.

  11. I think when you're in trouble, you learn who your true friends are. I'm sorr your friend is going through such a terrible time and I'm glad she had you to help! You are an awesome friend.

  12. Each of us has to be in a situation before we know what we would do in it. Sometimes the surface scenario does not give the full picture.

    I am just happy your best friend was close enough and in a position to help. When my home burned to the ground, I found out just how frightening it could be to be homeless and friendless.

    My prayers are with the homeless woman and the pets she desparately wants not to lose. Roland

  13. I'm glad your friend is has someone to help her out now.

    I have a small circle of friends who I know I can rely on for anything. I can't understand why some friends would fall off the face of the earth when someone needs them.
    To me friendship means being there through everything!

  14. How wonderful of you to reach out and help your friend.

    I look at homeless people and wonder how they got there. Where's their family? Their friends? Would a warm, clean bed and medication make the difference? As a society, we have failed if people live on the streets.

    Nobody has a baby and thinks, someday this sweet thing will be battling the streets - the people and the elements.

  15. Lucky you could still help her from across the sea! There aren't many like you out there...Did you see "The Blind Side"? It was a nice take on the subject.

  16. Lucky you could still help her from across the sea! There aren't many like you out there...Did you see "The Blind Side"? It was a nice take on the subject.

  17. As I get older I've come to realise that sometimes friendship can be just as or if not more important than family. I'm so pleased you knew someone who could help her.

  18. You know what, hon, there is so much meism in the world. It can be hard to swallow. The thing is, though, that there are those people out there who aren't all about themselves. Focus on those folks.

  19. hi miss jessica! wow you got a lot stirred up with that post. i feel real bad for that lady and im happy you got her some help. my brother gets lots of homeless people where he works in mental health and its real sad. you gotta have just the right heart to do help them and its real hard work. i gotta say for me i could only know my own heart and whats in it. so i cant never be a judge of someone. some times people care but get real scared of helping. for me and my family we got taught from mom about caring for others and not just caring but doing what we could to help. some times just a hug is real big. you got a big heart miss jessica!
    ...hugs from lenny

  20. I love being surprised by people in good ways but this whole situation sucks! Madness.

  21. She must be incredibly grateful to have a friend like you there to help her out.

    It is discouraging how people can treat their "friends." Sorry to hear you got a reminder of that.

  22. That just makes me so sad. I can't believe no one would help her. Thank goodness you knew someone who could.

  23. Kudos to you for being a "real" friend to her!!! And Lenny Lee above in the comments said it best, "You have a big heart Miss Jessica" How sweet!

  24. I've seen some of these 'fair weather friends' who will be there up until the moment when you need them and then leave nothing but a cloud of dust as they head for the hills.

    A friendship ceremony sounds pretty cool; the only problem i'd have with that is that my support would feel like an obligation, even if I was there of my own accord.

    I'm glad your friend is getting the help she needs. let's hope she's back on her feet soon :)


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