Thursday 31 October 2013

Want To Succeed In Self-Publishing? by Laurel Garver #Indiestructible

Laurel Garver
One of the biggest questions I faced when considering publishing paths is “Is self-publishing the right path for me?” Hearing from agents “this is good, but…” (too niche market, crosses genres, etc.) doesn’t automatically mean one’s only option is to go it alone. In my journey, I’ve met many who have found a great home for their stories with small presses.

My desire to strike out on my own had more to do with my desire for autonomy and my existing experience in magazine publishing—two things that gave me a certain edge in taking on being my own publisher.

When I was invited to contribute to Indiestructible, I knew that “is it right for ME?” was the question I felt most qualified to talk about. Indie publishing can be overwhelming and disheartening if you lack a key thing: entrepreneurial drive. Having experience with either design or marketing or basic business skills is a bonus, but many of these areas can be outsourced.

What can’t be outsourced is vision. You have to have it for yourself. No one is going to build the right one for you and your work if you don’t have one. A publicist can only get you so far. Even he or she will ask you to build a long-term plan—one built from your vision for your work.

My article “Five Essentials to Succeed in Self-Publishing” teases out what comprises an entrepreneurial spirit. These include being:
  • Passionate
  • Resource-Minded
  • Eager to Learn
  • Goal-directed
  • Creative

Other contributors to this collection share personal stories about learning to dig deep and develop “the entrepreneur within” so that their stories had a chance in the world. Indiestructible is sure to be an inspiring and eye-opening resource for anyone considering the indie path.

What questions arise for you as you consider the question “which publishing path is right for ME?”

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Contributing authors:

About Laurel Garver:

Laurel Garver is a magazine editor, poet, and writer of faith-based fiction. She enjoys quirky independent films, British TV, and geeking out about Harry Potter and Dr. Who. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and daughter. Learn more about her books at her website.

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  1. I'm not sure I have vision... And I KNOW I am reluctant to take on pieces of it... I am slow to warm up on technology. But I fell in love with serials, and this is the only way I know to do those, so there you have it...

    Best of luck to you Laurel! And thanks for hosting, Jessica!

  2. This is such a great book. In fact, I was just telling a writer friend that she needs to buy it!

  3. A question that I think of? (who can I get to do the social media part) I do have some options in mind when and if I decide to go self pubbed. I like to see others succeed and wish all of you the best. I keep it in my back pocket as I keep submitting.
    Best of luck, Laurel!

  4. I think every writer asks themselves at some point or another "Is this the right path for me?" Laurel provides a great analysis of this.

  5. I originally started by sending my stuff to publishers. A few years later, and a few hundred rejections (plus one "Well, let us think about it, no, never mind") later, indie publishing became possible with places like Lulu and such, so I self-published a couple of things because I could. By then I was doing more writing for blogs than for books, anyway.

    With the Kindle, it became so easy, and so possible to actually make some money, that I gave up on 'real' publishing altogether, aside from one tiny side project.

    So I didn't really choose this path so much as have it chosen for me by everyone in publishing. That said, I enjoy seeing my stuff in print and having people read it, so that's nice for me.

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