Wednesday 22 October 2014

The Artist Unleashed: DON’T MISS YOUR BIG MOMENT! (WHY YOU NEED A WEBSITE), by Lori Culwell

In case you haven’t noticed, Facebook has built a neat little widget called “Trending” that now appears on the right hand side of your news feed. This widget is supposed to act like Google Trends, informing you of the news that is popular around the world (or at least around the internet) at that moment.

Why am I telling you this?

Because, as a writer, there is going to come a time when you (the writer) will have the opportunity to be a part of a trending news topic. During this moment in time, assuming that reporters can find you and that your network is set up properly, you (and your work) will be ...

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  1. I agree with Karen. I've got a couple of those things covered, but never set up a mail service or a newsletter.
    Still waiting for teleportation to be trending...

  2. I have a newsletter list, but nothing to say :-( I'm also mentally restructuring my website at this very moment!

  3. I ignore most things on FB except posts by my friends and family. Of course, I haven't figured out all the benefits of FB either.

  4. Hi Jess and Lori - as the others have said .. some great advice, while being informative and so useful to think about and then act upon ...

    I've bookmarked this for further reference ..... cheers Hilary