Thursday 19 August 2010

Guess that character blogfest - Day One

Ok, the day has come for the Guess That Character Blogfest! Whoo-hoo! Please make your way over to see the other participants' entries and guess what their characters look like too. Just go to the link in my side bar to find our wonderful host, Jen @ Unedited, and the other participants' links.
So, the deal is, you have to read this excerpt and guess what the character looks like, and tomorrow I will reveal what she does look like.
But there's a little twist on this for you today. Of course! I have to plug ths contest of mine till it wears me out! It's had about 150 page views, folks, but only two people have entered:
Roland and Leigh. Thanks for your donations guys!

So, what's going on people? Seriously, how could you pass up these prizes?

Anyway, back to the task at hand here. Whoever has the closest guess, receives a little prize ...

Here's the excerpt:
On Ivy's way to band rehearsal she stops in front of Crossroads Trading Co. and spots a full-length, long-sleeved, low-cut, slinky black dress in the window. She envisions herself wearing it at a congratulatory event for a unique archaeological find; making a speech, thanking her students for their assistance on the site … Without my wonderful students I would never have had the opportunity to find this part of the skull of Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, in east China's Jiangsu Province … 

Ivy grabs her drumsticks out of her bag and stares at them as though they are about to lash out at her for not treating them with respect. They’re tattered and splintery; in need of a good layer of StickShield. Bugger it. She throws them in the trashcan nearby instead. I need to get myself together. Letting my anger out on a stranger’s drum kit isn’t helping.

So, whatcha reckon Ivy looks like? Please comment and let me know! For the person whose guess is the closest, I will give you five free entries into THE WRITING SHOW CONTEST, with no strings attached, and donate $5 dollars on your behalf. If you aren't a writer, you can have the choice of either me donating on your behalf for a very good cause (see contest link), or passing over the prize to a friend of yours who is a writer. Of course, you will also receive the free e-book that comes with entering. Good luck!


  1. Drummer : suggests long, supple, strong fingers.

    Eyes : intelligent since she is drawn to a career in archaeology. Slightly dreamy, reflective of her fantasies of distinctive honors and applause.

    Hair : long, slightly unkempt in keeping with the condition of her drumsticks and hurried manner of living, always late, always pulling aside to daydream.

    Lips : thin and prone to be chewed in anxiety and worry -- same goes for her nails.

    Height : Somewhat tall as she envisions herself in a long gown with no hesitation about the length.

    Face : Wide forehead to reflect her intelligence and imagination. High cheekboned and long face.

    Weight : Somewhat slender since she is always rushed, too rushed to eat well.

    How did I do?

  2. Tall, slim but not without a couple of love handles. Reddish brown hair, blue/ grey hair. Clumsy in real life, but very graceful when it comes to the things that matter to her.

    Can't wait to see what she really looks like.

  3. Dark hair, wears glasses, tall and slim!

  4. Hi,

    Oh now, tricky one is this:

    Hmm, given she's a drummer, her arms well-honed, strong wrists, medium build, 5' 5" shoulder-length blonde hair (scraped into pony/pig tail), pear-shaped face, rosy glow, purt lips from too much indepth concentration, hazel eyes.


  5. She is tall, has tattoos on her left arm, a rounded face. She is a little overweight, but her weight clings to her in the right places.

    She has crow's feet and the beginnings of wrinkles on her forehead..

  6. Wow, I'm impressed with Roland's level of detail!

    I'm going to say slender and small-boned with wispy black hair an da delicate kind of face.

  7. I'm seeing a really pretty girl inside a t-shirt and denim shorts. Styled dark hair, curled probably, and dark eyes that are very skilled at both sparkling and sulking.

  8. First off I think Ivy is a fantastic name! Thank you so much for playing and I can't wait to see the big reveal!

    My Guess: Ivy has dark reddish-brown hair, light green eyes, shorter in height but still rather petite all around. Her skin is perfect with a hint of a tan and she has great cheek bones.

    Hmmm wonder how close I am! Guess I'll have to wait and see!

  9. Wow, those are some detailed guesses! I was just going to guess strong arms and a big butt.

  10. She has long, straight, naturally light blonde hair. She has evenly tanned skin, clear green eyes, and a thin but curvy figure.

  11. Long, brown hair which is sort of unkept, hazel eyes. Tall, thin build.
    Great job!

  12. I'm seeing someone most at home in cut off's or khaki shorts. Simple, plain t-shirts. Minimal make-up. Dark blonde hair streaked lighter by hours in the sun. Usually pulled back into a pony tail. Probably a ball cap or other hat. Clear blue eyes that will pop if she were to play them up with make up.

    She's smart, and comfortable in her own skin.

  13. hmn, I'm thinking dark brown hair and light eyes with a creamy complexion. Likes the color black:) I'm on my way to check out your contest!

  14. I think medium height with a petite build and delicate hands...a look which plays against what people think of a drummer. I'm picturing blonde hair and hazel eyes.

  15. For some reason I see a young Winona Ryder as the character. Compact, feisty, energetic, and short black hair. :)

  16. Short and petite with cropped dark hair and intelligent green eyes.

  17. I didn't read the other comments because I was afraid they'd mess up my vision :)

    Tall, slim - because of the dress

    Short brown hair with streaks of blonde - because of the profession

    Long fingers - musician's hands :)

  18. I'm thinking tall and simply dressed. Every hair in place, minimal makeup. She just wants to make it for her hard work...but the road is hard. And her one release is taking out those pressed-down frustrations on borrowed drums. She wears practical clothes--a bit unflattering, but she longs to have reason to dress up.

    Fun! Checking out your contest now...

    You can check out my blogfest entry here.

    Guess the Character Blogfest on SouthernCityMysteries

  19. Hmm... I'm picturing blond with short, tousled hair. Leanly built, grey eyes. Probably dressed a bit rocker-ish. Pretty, but a little rough around the edges. She's likely someone who's been trying to fit a particular mold (musician, drummer) but is wondering if there's something else, something maybe better.

  20. hi miss jessica! cause of that dress i think shes tall and thin and has a nice tan on her skin. shes got short blonde hair and blue eyes. shes got strong hands cause of being a drummer. right now cause she was going to band shes wearing shorts and a tee shirt and the tee shirt has a rock band on it. i think she mixed up on what she wants in her life.
    ...smiles from lenny

  21. i pictured Khrystyne Haje- Simone from Head of the Class (way back when...) long curly red hair, thin, fairy-like bone structure, earthy,and natural

  22. Long brown hair, in a pony tail, sun-streaked from being out on the digs. Green eyes. Tall and slender.

    Fun snippet!

  23. I'd say early- mid thirties. Dark brown hair- long atleast past her shoulders. Slim but not to skinny, glasses, light brown eyes.

  24. Nerdy, dark-haired, blue or green eyes, tattooed, of average height. (heck I'm coming up with this description out of my butt :)

  25. OOOh, I like the premise of your story!! I say dark brown pixie cut, large expressive blue eyes, short and petite build.

  26. I'm seeing a tall slender, lovely woman with auburn hair. She has elegant, features and high cheeck bones.

  27. I'm kind of seeing the "pretty nerd" character here. Like an Ellen Paige type. Glasses, brown hair, somewhat unremarkable and plain at first glance, but who becomes prettier the longer you look at her. Maybe her personality sort of seeps out of her and colors her entire physical appearance. Determined expression that tends to be a little dreamy.

    And I love the name Ivy, too!

  28. I'm picturing her w/long straight light brown hair... medium height and slim... but she's a drummer. Long hair is not a good choice for drummers.

    Still, I'm going w/it. Great writing, and I'm SO getting that MS critique!!!

    mwa hahahahaha ha~ ;p

  29. An archeology professor who takes drum lessons ??? That's an interesting combination and I'm having trouble pinning her down. Let's see: She'd *like* to look good in that black slinky dress while announcing her uber-intellectual discovery. She'd *like* to be gorgeous and tall with the bust and legs to carry off that dress -- so I'm guessing she's the opposite.

    Ivy is around five feet tall and often overlooked in a crowd. (Like me) she often gets stepped on by taller people. She has dark brown hair,which she never knows how to make stylish, so she usually wears it in a short ponytail. She tends to wear jeans and a sweater, which is convenient for drum lessons and the classroom. No student has ever hit on her -- for which she ought to be grateful, but actually it makes her kind of sad.

  30. I imagine medium-tall, in her early thirties or late twenties, slim but toned,large and expressive brown eyes, dark eyebrows and eyelashes, between light and medium complexion, good skin, nice cheekbones, full lips...she's wearing black leggings beneath shorts, a tank top and overblouse, sturdy but fashionable sandals.

    And, Jessica, we were in Delphi around 17 July. Took the overnite ferry from Venice to Patra, spent several days at the Achia Beach Hotel (Delphi from there), then wandered down to Pelponnese, really enjoyed the Hotel Naverone and lingered there for over a week. Eventually returned the rental car to Patra (after crossing the mountains, Cornith Canal, etc.), rode the bus to Athens and spent three glorious days enjoying the sights. Wasn't our first trip, but our first trip since the Olympics and, wow, all spruced up, beautiful.

    While in Athens, I did think of you, that you lived somewhere there...and what a small world it was.

  31. She's average height, with mostly brown eyes, but they hae a glint of green, she is not voluptuous, but she's no stick either. Her hips are a smidge bigger than her chest.

    Her hair is a deep blond, almost brown, she is very tan (she loves exploring and all the time in the sun gives her a perfect glow).

  32. Dark hair, in a hip bob cut. Sometimes wears glasses (reading/work). Thin, cute, smart.

    Love the name Ivy. :)

  33. I see her thin, medium height, with wild, untamed kinky-curly hair. She has the kind of hair that even looks unruly gathered up in a ponytail, like it's trying to escape. She's young, early twenties, and wears over-sized shirts over leggings, and chunky boots that reach her knees.

    I'm off to contribute to The Writing Show!! And, I wanted you to know I mailed off your prizes (finally!) yesterday. They should come to you in five to ten days. I used the first address you gave me, not your mum's. That all right?

    Hope all's well!!
    ((hugs)) Nicole

  34. Sleek, dark hair with heavy bangs. Dark eyes with heavy makeup. Otherwise plainly dressed. Petite but busty. Pale, soft skin. A youthful, shy-looking face but good posture and strong, confident arms and hands.

  35. I know this will never match up, but I just had to give this description to someone, and Ivy seemed to fit. Black hair with one silver white (natural) streak. Beautiful skin that doesn't even need makeup. A few crowsfeet around her eyes from working outside so much.

    I will enter the contest, I promise! Even though I never listen to radio or podcasts - but I should - will have to look up the writing show and see if it airs locally.

  36. Ivy seems to me to be a brunette with a slender build of average height, and with equally dark eyes and long fingers.

    And I will be entering the contest, just not yet. :]

  37. I see tall and slim. Creative. A individual and intelligent. Dark hair or red, Betty page cut or long. I think she is a dreamer and a spur of the moment kinda gal.

  38. I'm picturing short black hair, styled into messy spikes. Leanly muscled in her upper body. Green or hazel eyes with lots of liner. Red lipstick. An intelligent, thoughtful look on her face. Young, but not a teenager. 20-something, maybe edging toward 30. She likes to wear dresses with boots.

  39. Oh super fun excerpt!!

    Ivy is tall and slim and very curvy. She has green eyes and sleek red hair.

    She is stylish yet ecclectic!!

    I love her

  40. I think Ivy has auburn hair and green eyes, and a nice complexion. She is studious (maybe she wears rectangular glasses) but feminine at the same time. I'd imagine her being neatly dressed in a white blouse and a pencil skirt.

  41. I'm guessing she's about 5'4", short dyed black hair, blue eyes, petite frame, wears Converse and jeans and she's very ambitious.

    This one was hard. I can't wait to what she looks like tomorrow. :D

  42. I'm picturing someone with dark, sleek hair pulled back into a ponytail, gray or green eyes, slender, and very poised.

    This is so much fun! Great snippet! :D

  43. Cool! I'm thinking Ivy has wavy hair--probably because the first few words were Ivy and way together. LOL! Also, she's probably curvy and olive-skinned. :o)

    Now I'm off to check out your contest.

    Have a great day, Jessica!

  44. I have no guess, but I'm having a lot of fun reading everyone's suggestions. :)

  45. I love the name Ivy! I'm thinking she's tall and maybe a little lanky. Short cropped black hair with hot pink tips. Green eyes with a creamy complexion. She sounds fantastic! Great snippet!

  46. Hi Jessica!!!

    I imagine her with a well-toned figure. Willowy, short spikey black hair and brown eyes. :)

    Great entry, I loved it!! :)

  47. I'm going against the crowd and saying short and pixie like. Petite frame and face, wispy hair, shining eyes, and a dainty smile.

  48. Congrats to the winners! I love your pictures - I can totally see either of them as this character.


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