Monday 23 August 2010

You want the BAD or the GOOD news first?

Air ya gun? Who can guess what that means? Say it out loud ... think thick Australian accent ... figured it out yet?

Air ya gun? = How are you going?

Ok. Now that I got that out in the open, what would you like to hear first? The BAD or the GOOD news? Well, I could start with the good, to brighten up your Monday, but then the bad might leave you in a bad mood. So let's start with the bad, and end with the good shall we?

The BAD news is:
I stubbed my toe when I got out of bed.
Due to stubbing my toe I dropped my mobile phone.
Due to dropping my mobile phone I woke up my beloved and he got snarky.
I dropped the soap in the shower this morning.
On my way back up from picking up the soap I banged my head on the wall because I lost balance (sorry folks, I am NOT a morning person, but I'm trying to juggle so many things at the moment that getting up early creates more time for me to be clumsy and waste it)
The ice flew across the kitchen as I was trying to put it in my iced coffee this morning.
The wind was so strong on the balcony that it toppled a chair over on my way out and whacked my leg. It hurts. Mummy, I need a bandaid. Preferably with fairies on it.
Guess what happened to my coffee when the chair banged my leg? Yep. You guessed it. I dropped it. Thank goodness I was using a plastic cup. See, this is when the day started to shine a little more brightly. Then ...

Came the GOOD news:
I got talking to the wonderful Elizabeth Mueller on gmail.
She is kindly donating a RUNNER-UP PRIZE FOR THE WRITING SHOW CONTEST!!!!! (I have updated the contest post with this info too) How COOOOOOL is that?????

A $15 Barnes and Noble gift card.
An illustration, drawn by the wonderfully talented Elizabeth! All you have to do is provide her with a summary of your WIP and she'll illustrate a mock cover of it for you! How awesome is that?

Happy Monday everyone! Mine is beginning to look up! :o)


  1. You have had a hard day. Are you sure you can't crawl back into bed and not get out till tomorrow?
    But then the good news is more than worth it, I think.

  2. Sounds like one brutal day!!! Never a good thing... at least you know the next day you can try and recover from it, lol!!!

    How amazing of Elizabeth! That is super nice and oh so sweet!!! Great things happening over here!! Great things!!

  3. I am thinking you should wear a suit of armor today for extra protection.

  4. Yikes what a day! I hope your toe gets better as well as the rest of your day. The good news seemed to help. :)

  5. Ouch. Being a clumsy gal myself I share your pain. Here's hoping to good luck tomorrow. :)

  6. Rough morning, huh Jess?? Me too. The security on my laptop ran out. Need to update, but I have to wait. Ugg. Using the old ancient laptop.

    Great addition to the contest!

  7. Why don't you go back to bed, get up and start all over again Jessica,
    I think we all get days like that now and again , when I do I take a deep breath and say to myself right things from now are going to get better......whether they do or not is a different matter,

    Hope the rest of the day is GREAT

    Take care.


  8. Glad your day is turning around. After the stubbed toe, I would've wanted to crawl back into bed.

  9. I woke up aching (widespread rheumatism acting up), found out that one of the cats at the farm is likely going to pass away today (he's been suffering kidney failure, so this isn't entirely unexpected, but upsetting just the same) then found out I'm a hundred bucks overdrawn, most of which is in overdraft fees, the second one of which was caused by the first being posted before a check... conveniently for the bank... netting me a second overdraft fee...

    Did I mention that today is the first day of my vacation?

    Send me some of your good Monday juju Jessica I'm in bad need of it!!!

  10. hi miss jessica! wow what a bad morning. when it gets that bad it could only go one way and thats better and its already getting better cause of that prize miss elizabeth is giving. i hope the rest of your day is real good.
    ...hugs from lenny

  11. Wow that is really freaking cool! The good news, not the bad.

  12. You poor, clumsy thing. I hope once you're really awake that you won't be so accident prone.

    I was sure your bad news would have to do with the Australian elections. Fortunately, Hitler just updated me on it, so I'm in the know. *cough* (seriously--YouTube is a fabulous resource for international politics)

  13. It sounds like you got up too early!! I have those kinds of moments at night sometimes then I know it's time for bed. Me in the kitchen after 9 pm is not a pretty sight.

  14. Ow! Poor you and your toe!
    BTW, I went to the Writing Show site and donated. Thanks for letting me know about that site!

  15. Well that wasn't a good day at all! The good news was a great improvement I must say!

  16. Geez Jess!!! Sounds like everday here in Candyland, lol.

  17. After that kind of morning, it could only get better!

  18. So glad to hear that your day is looking up thanks to good and supportive friends! Tell u what thought, it sounds like you need to be careful moving about this Monday and you might even want to put on a helmet :)

  19. LOL! Did you make up all that morning action??? If not, girl! Nothing but good times ahead today~

    And what a cool runner-up prize. Rock on~ ;o)

  20. Well. It is now half past 7 at night. I worked a straigh ELEVEN hours. Whoof. I'm tired. Now I'm making dinner. I'll scoff that down snip snap because I'm off to meet a friend I haven't seen in a while for a drink. Phew! Finally I'll be able to relax. So sorry I didn't make it round to your blogs!!!!

  21. Crikey! What a day! At least you got some good stuff in there. :)

  22. Oh no! Did this happen before or after you and I talked last morning? I'm so sorry to hear that. Ugh...

    I woke up with vertigo, but I'm keeping low!

    *hugs* You're so sweet. I really look forward to this, too, Jessica dear! ;)

  23. Oh yeah, I’m glad you started with the bad news first. Yikes and ouch!

  24. LOL; wow, so glad your morning is picking up. Awesome news about the contest. I'll have to remember to come back and collect the link for my blog.

    Thanks for stopping by this morning in the midst of your crisis. You rock Jessica.

    BTW; love the new pix.


  25. OMG. Here I thought I was the only one with those dark cloud kinda mornings. I'm definitely not a morning person. I could stay up all night, go to sleep at 6 or 7 am and sleep until late afternoon/early evening and be happy as a three year old with McDonald's chicken nuggets. *sigh* But, three kids don't agree with that schedule. Ah, the day they move out. :D Glad to see things started going better for ya. :D

    That was super sweet of Elizabeth. But just from the short time I've "known" her, I've noticed that she is a super sweet, caring, giving person. :D

  26. Just think of it as perhaps getting all your bad luck out of the way for the rest of the week.

    Ah, it's a good thought at least.

    Elizabeth was one of my first friends I made here in the blogverse. She is a sweet, amazing person. Bravo to her. And to you for fighting for your friends at THE WRITING SHOW.

    Have a better week. Roland


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