Tuesday 31 August 2010

Are you all 'closet' writers?

You may think this post is going to be about us writers not really thinking that we can be called writers until we're published, but it's not (despite it being very true). This is about hiding in a different closet. The contest closet.

Hello! Guys! Are you in there? I know you're hiding in there somewhere. I know there are more writers out there than I'm seeing who would love to enter my CONTEST. So what's going on, guys? Is it the money that you have to donate? Is five dollars really too much to part with for such a good cause? And what about the prizes? Wouldn't you LOVE to get this kind of publicity for yourself? And 100 dollars worth of books? And a free copy edit of your ms? Really? No one wants them?
Seriously? I'm so sad ... only ELEVEN people have entered my contest. Am I doing something wrong? Guys, please, tell me, what am I doing wrong? I'm not doing this for me. It's not for me AT ALL. I'm giving up so much of my time and money to support THE WRITING SHOW. Please help me out guys.

Pretty please ...


  1. I am one of the several who has not entered the contest, and the only reason is because foreign exchange laws in India are really tight, and I will have to do a fair bit of running around to donate even $5. That's the same reason I wait months to get my hands on a book, instead of ordering it online.

    But I will blog about your contest for sure.

  2. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! Thanks, Rayna! :o)

  3. I'm sorry sweets! i'll try and get on it. Throwing a contest, even for a great cause, is a lot of work and its extra sucky when there aren't a lot of entrants. I remember when I threw the query spoof comp I only had like ten entries (and the prizes were pretty decent I thought). I'd only asked that the entrants write, cause you know, we're all writers and its free so I was surprised by the lack of response.

  4. I haven't entered due to college classes. Its difficult to have time for that many contests and stuff when classes are in swing and I have children. LOL Sorry but if it were during fall break in December or something I'd be able to enter, but my college comes before my writing. priorities...

  5. i've been away and so didn't know you were having a contest (since i use google reader)! I'll go check it out right now

  6. It's awkward for me to get the money over, I have trouble sending my son money to Europe.
    I would enter willingly.
    All the best with the competition.


  7. Aww, hugs. You know I already entered, but I'll blog about it to spread the word for you. :)

  8. Isn't it funny how a blog can have tons of followers but when you ask for something, or put something out there you hope they'll grab on, only a small percent show up? Always a mystery about what gets attention and what doesn't. My excuse? I've been online absent a lot lately :)

  9. Oh I'm sorry! For me, I'm already stacked up with other writing tasks that I almost never enter writing contests. But I have no problem donating the $5 to the cause!

  10. I know it is disheartening to try so hard and see so little visible results. But I see in the above comments that are others are rallying to the cause.

    I have given and am advertising your contest on my blog. Hope the momentum soon builds for your friends. Roland

  11. I haven't entered! I know, I know. I'm bad. The thing is... I'm lazy. And donating money and stuff is bad when I'm already beyond my overdraft.I don't want to get charged! I will try to convince my husband it's for a great cause - 'coz it is!

  12. I'm super behind on my blog hopping (still catching up from WriteOnCon--believe it or not) so I hadn't heard about your contest. I'll have to check it out.

    But I know what you mean. I'm running a contest on my blog this week for some awesome signed books an author donated, and so far I only have like 45 entries--which with how many followers I have is very low. Maybe it's a slow blogging week...

  13. If I can get that diamond out of the case in the mall tonight, then I'll be probably try to enter tomorrow, haha. No, seriously, I haven't entered because I'm sort of in a limbo right now with my writing. I'm moving in a new direction and am trying to figure things out.

  14. Oh Shitake mushrooms! I totally meant to enter....or to give. You don't need to enter me for the prizes. They're awesome, but I'm trying to pay the universe back a little for all the winning I've already done! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a link to click. And thanks for the pop upside the head...I was waiting for payday and then I dropped the ball, tsk tsk.


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