Monday 16 August 2010

Highway to Home (my version of ACDC's Highway to Hell)

Living hard, on my knees
Season ticket on a one-way ride
Asking nothing, please let me free
Can't take no more in my stride
I need reason, I need rhyme
So many things I would rather do
Going down, no more party time
My friends are gonna be there too
I'm on the highway to home
Large stop signs, speed limits
Everybody's gonna slow me down
Like a training wheel, hard to spin it
Everybody's gonna mess me round
Hey Satan, didn't I payed my dues?
Playing in a rocking band?
Hey Momma, look at me
I'm on my way to workaholic land
I'm on the highway to home
(Please stop me)
And I'm going down, all the way down
I'm on the highway to home

As soon as I've caught routinitus again, I'll be right back with ya - all plugged in and ready to roar. Infected injection is scheduled for this Wednesday morning. You DON'T want to MISS Wednesday's post as I'm announcing a CONTEST. Not you're typical contest, this one. This one offers amazing opportunities for aspiring, published, and self-published authors. See you all then!


  1. You really do rock, momma! Thanks for the wake-up call.

  2. Hope you are having fun. BTW--You rock. I'm intrigued by your contest.
    Take care.

  3. Wonderful Jessica, just wonderful.


  4. YAY! Can't wait to have you back full-time again.

  5. That was great - and welcome back!!

  6. You just put a new spin on an old classic!

  7. You're so awesome Jessica!!! I'm excited to hear about this super interesting contest...

  8. hi miss jessica! wowee im happy to see you!
    ...hugs from lenny

  9. Yay! Can't wait to hear more about the contest!


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