Tuesday 8 March 2011

Last night I (almost) got decapitated (+ The Lie Revealed)

It seems I got many of you stumped yesterday! The embedded lie was number FIVE. No, I can't read sheet music, but I can't read guitar tabs either. I could probably very easily learn, but I'm lazy. I play everything by ear. So the lucky winner is Bz! Congrats! Email me your address and I'll get you your aqua notepad and pencil shipped out to you asap.

And now for the story. Of last night. Crazy sudden snow storm. Lots of wind. Balcony tents broken. Chairs pushed all the way up against the barrier. We also lost a cushion. It probably flew into someone else's balcony, or into the street somewhere ...

(PS: a couple of years ago in the middle of summer a huge gust of wind lifted our massive sun umbrella - you know, the ones that cover an entire table and four chairs kinda big - and went floating down the street and into the rear of the super market. We didn't see this happen, but some lady over the road did. Her voice filled the street: UMBRELLAHHHHHHH. What? Mary Poppins is real? Anyway, back to the story...)

... so, um, I got up at 3 or 4 am to see what the damage was and it had started to snow (it's still snowing - in March!), and proceeded to wind the tents up. They were banging and flapping about. Metal screeching on metal. I thought I had it under control. I loosened the metal hooks (the two that hadn't snapped), to wind it up, but just as I did so, a massive gust of wind lifted the tents from underneath and slammed them down again so fast I thought END OF ME. I saw myself being swung off my balcony with three meters of thick flapping tarpaulin. But thankfully my reflexes were working (miracle for so early in the morning) and I dropped my body to the ground (well, I kinda just did a very low duck) and the tarp missed my head by inches. Phew! So yeah, being a little melodramatic here, but, um ... good story, no?

So what's the weather like in your town? Is it out of the ordinary? Or is it abiding by its designated season?


  1. OMGosh...I'm a bad blogging bud. I almost chose that one. LOL

    Weather, really...you don't want to know. Snow, snow, oh and yesterday it rained so hard an gave everything a nice crusty topping. Yay....

  2. Thanks for that. At least the snow has gone! Where are my woolly drawers!

  3. Crap. I was right, but I wasn't first. I was actually wrong though. Even though I picked the right number, I picked it because I figured you could read sheet music. Oh well.

  4. Eek! Scary! The weather here is shaping up in typical fashion, which means one day it's in the 70's and the next it's in the 50's. Of course that means we've already had a few tornado incidents, tons of rain, and thunderstorms. Ahh, spring...

  5. Lingering snow. Which, sadly, is all too common.

    And it was a good story. Reminds me of how I accidentally walked out into a tornado this year...

  6. Congrats to the winner, I thought you could read sheet music.


  7. Yikes! Glad you are okay. Weather here is wonderfully spring-like. I don't read music either, but I can read those guitar tabs, though I don't play much anymore.

  8. Yow! What a storm!
    And I have to go back and read yesterday's post since I missed it. I bet I can pick the lie! :)

  9. That's an incredible story. Right now we are still in winter conditions, but I'm hopeful that spring is just around the corner.

  10. Yikes! That does make for a good story! The weather has been oddly sunny and bright here in London. Lovin' it!

  11. Yes, that makes for a great story but a scary life experience! The weather here is all weird too, but it looks semi-warm today.

  12. It's cool and sunny here - nothing like that! Glad you're still with us. And I really need to teach you how to play the guitar.

  13. Goodness!! Lucky you ducked in time! It would SUCK to get killed before you saw your book in print!!!

    The weather here in Pennsylvania is fluctuating between bitter cold with gusty winds, unseasonably warm and melty, plus rainy, sleety, with random snow flurries and an occasional mid-winter thunderstorm.

  14. I swear I almost went with that one! Damn.
    Uh...I'm REALLY glad you were not decapitated. Nice reflexes, sugar.
    Weather here? Cold. Very very cold. I have three feet of snow on my lawn, and I suspect I won't be looking at grass for several months. Heck, we might just skip spring and head on right over to next winter.

  15. It's actually very up and down in temperature here. It's ridiculous. One day it is in the 60s and the next it's in the 80s. And I'm glad you weren't actually decapitated. :-)

  16. Hi, Jessica! Stopping by your blog for the first time. Glad you're okay. :) It's supposed to be summer in this part of the world, but the weather is bi-polar lately. I leave the house in shorts and come home huddled under an umbrella. Go figure.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts! :D


  17. Hmmmm .... I just noticed those tow bottles of wine or related drink on your banner. Can't believe I've never seen them before. Darn, now I forgot what your post was about.

  18. So whaddaya think? Global warming?
    Weather here in Los Angeles is nice again--back to normal. I'm not cold like I was a couple weeks ago.

    Tossing It Out

  19. Yikes! That's so scary! Glad you're okay. :)

  20. OMG, I was totally right!!! *happy dance*

    And the weather here is awful. You got that? A.W.F.U.L. Winter needs to die.

  21. That is some pretty crazy wind. Oh, and 5 was totally my second choice.


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