Saturday 17 April 2010

Part O: Oikology

Ever heard of this term? Me neither. It ostensibly means 'the science of housekeeping'. Now before I go on, I'd like to point out that this word most likely comes from the Greek word 'Oikogenia', which means family. So now the offal's gonna hit the fan. What is it with these Greeks who obsessively insist on everything originating from the Greek language? No, I should be outraged at the people who invented English. What were they thinking going to the Greeks to steal words? Didn't they have minds of their own?

Anyway, back to the point ordained. How is housekeeping a science? Is that the fault of the Greeks too? An oversight? Aren't they overjoyed enough having been one of the first civilizations to originally use coins? To invent mathematical theories? To make an ever-lasting public event out of getting exercise - something we like to call the Olympics? To write plays and perform them for an audience? To trial criminal offenders by jury?

You'd think they'd invented enough, to leave housekeeping alone. That does it. I'm not smart enough to do housekeeping anymore. I failed science in high school. It looks like my fiance will have to take over. I suppose though, if I told him it was a science - he'd be more obtusely obedient? Whatcha reckon?

On a side note: How did Greece get into such a shocking economical state when they actually invented the term 'money'? Crikey people - ask your ancestors how to fix it! Start reading up on history folks!

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  1. Something else I learnt today.
    So interesting and I never thought I would read a blog about housekeeping. But you have done justice to it.

    Enjoy your week -end.


  2. Yes, if houskeeping is a science and I'm not good at science does that also mean I am not good at houskeeping? The answer is yes. I'll leave it to the hubby.

  3. I hate housekeeping! Remember when they offered home economics in high school? And to think they actually offered it as a major at some colleges back in the 50s! Wouldn't it be something if they brought it back as an Oikology major, just to make it sound more legitimate.

  4. I would get a big fat F in that subject. lol.

  5. Now that explains why I don't too well at it.

  6. I never did like science ... or Greek ... or housekeeping for that matter! But I did enjoy your post! :)

  7. Well, I learned several new things, just from this post! Very cute and very informative. :)

  8. Jessica! Wonderful O post! I wish I hadn't chickened out to participate on this Alphabet postings. *sigh...

    I've always wondered why whoever invented the English language used Greek? Hmmmm... something to think about, hu?

  9. Yvonne: Glad I could turn housekeeping into something interesting to read :)

    Majorie: That's what I reckon!

    Keirah: Oh yeah, I despised economics. I always burned my stuff ...

    Mary: I DID get a big fat F ... LOL

    Wanda: hehehe, me too :)

    Beth: Thanks!

    Lisa: I'm glad you liked it.

    Elizabeth: Yes that is a pretty interesting thought isn't it? I really wonder why it is ... Hmmm. I might do some investigating ...

  10. DH loves science so I shall point it out!

    We are waiting for the financial knock on effect from Greece, over here in Cyprus. It is crazy how they cannot control their funds when, as you say they invented money.

  11. *gigglesnort* I love your questioning the legitimacy of housekeeping as a science. I think it's SURELY a conspiracy. Housekeeping is the EVIL ENEMY!

  12. Oh, thank you so much for this post! It really explains so much, I was awful with science in school too, which explains the whole lack of any type of housekeeping skill! You'll have to be sure to stop by on Monday for my 'P' post which should display this lack of skill quite Obviously!

    Great post!

  13. I do find housekeeping somewhat akin to rocket science...maybe that's why I'm so horrible at it :)

  14. Interesting post. I did not know that word.

  15. LOL. where do you find this stuff??

    it's deliciously ridiculous!


  16. Oikology! If that's a science it's one I need to become more familiar with, given the current state of my flat.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  17. Awesome O!!! I found you thanks to the A to Z Challenge, yes I'm a little late jumping over but I'm glad I did, now I can tell my husband he'll have to do the cleaning!!! Hehe!

  18. So that's why I avoid housecleaning? Because its a science and I'm lousy at science. Whew! And here I thought I was just lazy.

    I've been reading through your last few posts and really enjoying your style.


  19. Great one! I think I'm going to try that one on my husband... although I'm great at science... housekeeping not so much! Fun post!


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