Monday 19 April 2010

Part P: Psychosomatic Axis

Friends, I'm all out of alliteration motivation today. Please forgive me. I'm not wonder woman, and I have a very busy work week. I'm afraid I won't be able to make it to many of your blogs to read and comment either this week - so I apologize for that. You know I'd love to!

So I've decided to post a poem called Psychosomatic Axis, (there you go, that was three Ps), which I had submitted to a literary magazine for publication (another one), and have just this morning been rejected - ah never mind. For those of you who may suffer from alliteration withdrawal, here's something to keep you going until tomorrow:

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers;
A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked;
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers
Where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?


Somewhere in this orb
The psychosomatic gravity has slipped
Its Axis
This flaw
This long alleged defect
In our planet’s subsistence
Means billions of minds question choices made
In life
And the self-respect of earthlings
Has plummeted
To an unprecedented Low. Lower. Lowest.

So we introduced new street bins
Recycling bins
Emotional recoup
Instead of Glass. Plastic. Paper.
We have childhood … adulthood … maturity …

Disposal of one’s beloved childhood toy
In the childhood bin
Is immediately – rejuvenated … revitalized … re-energized …
Back into their psychological disposition
In what is now considered a socially acceptable form
From this moment forward
Squander no more
‘Waste’ removed from dictionary
No more misplaced righteousness
No more rolling dice

The adulthood bin is brimming
With belongings people bought
When they thought …
They had grown up …
It harks back unbefitting memories
Which are morphed …
Into a flesh that is apposite
To one’s cerebral shape
Mechanically like a candy machine
Put possession in the slot
Instead of a coin
And … ding dong the witch is dead
Resulting in the individual circumventing the chagrin
Of owning such an incompatible item
Which then alleviates the regret
The misplacing of youth

Is the maturity bin
Such ignominy
Possessions planted into it
Aren’t recycled
They’re swallowed
Like in a Big. Black. Hole.
It unleashes the past
No more misgivings
No more ‘What ifs’
And all its contents facilitate
Repairing the psychosomatic axis itself
Rather than each individual’s

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  1. Excellent if I may say so, I think you have summed up what the world is like today.

    Don'r work too hard.

  2. Awesome poem! Sorry about the rejection :/
    Chin up, buttercup!

  3. Thanks for sharing! And good luck getting all your work done this week.

  4. Enjoy your productive break from blogging. You'll be missed. :)

  5. So sorry about the rejection, I would have accepted it...wonderful writeup and dont worry about this week just do what you gotta do!

  6. Thanks guys, I won't be too far away. I'll be popping in now and again - leaving my mark in dribs and drabs. But not to the crazy extent that I usually can manage! Ah well, the woes of having to earn money ...

  7. Oh, I liked that! Sorry about the rejection--they seem to come all too frequently, it seems. And no worries on scarcity... I will be there myself if a couple weeks.

  8. I'm always amazed when beautiful writing is turned down -- I hope you submit this elsewhere. It's wonderful!

    Hope your busy work week flies by!

  9. That was awesome! I really loved this poem. Thank you so much for sharing! You should check out for a market that would fit this great piece!

  10. Thanks Hart and Nicole - yeah I'll submit elsewhere :)

    B: Thanks so much for the link! (and the compliment!)

  11. I understand that it's hard to keep up with busy work schedule. Very nice poem.

  12. AlliAllo ~
    Don't think of it as a "rejection." Try to keep it in a realistic perspective. Think of it as a slap to the face or a knee to the gut.

    And don't think of it as positive criticism from which you can improve and grow. Think of it as an excellent reason to set your sights on "getting even."

    I'm hopeful this was helpful.

    Incidentally, I like your new profile photo about 90% better than your old one. (That's about how much more of your face it shows, right?)

    Well, seriously, I didn't care for the old one. This one is much more pleasant.

    Yak Later...
    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMe

  13. Great poem! I hate rejections - even when other people get them. I thought of you when I was writing up my post for today because I accidentally alliterated - I just did it again. Hope you have a great week despite the busyness of real life (always gets in the way, doesn't it?)

  14. That. Poem. Was. Wow. Just thought you ought to know.

  15. "Hmmm ... so .. what was it, then, the profile pic that made you decide to finally follow me?"

    Yeah. I hadn't realized you were so hot looking. Dang! You shoulda said something!

    Ha!-Ha! No, no, no!

    It was because you already had 80 "Followers" and I didn't want you to get all egotistical. There's nothing worse than an Alliterative Allomorph who's gotten too big for her britches.

    Ha! No, no, that's not it either.

    Ya wanna know the truth?
    It's because (pardon me for stating facts but...) Blogland seems to be 93% (plus or minus margin 2%) comprised of "Women Writing Fiction." And therefore the vast majority of what they blog about is their current manuscripts, their new characters, their new chapters, their search for an agent, their manuscript submissions, and the book they just finished reading titled "Lust In The Lowlands" by Jane K. Doe.

    To be honest and blunt about it: I don't give a darn about any of that! I don't care about her current manuscript, her new characters, her new chapters, her search for an agent, her manuscript submissions, or "Lust In The Lowlands" by Jane K. Doe.

    It took me about 2 weeks to conclude that you address a sufficient number of other topics to make "Following" your Blog worthwhile. You are certainly a good writer and I'm finding your "stuffs" (my word) here holding my interest.

    But please understand that if, over time, I find that there's too much of that other stuffs and not enough of the stuffs that interests me, I will probably stop Following. Should that happen, please don't take it personally. It won't mean that I don't respect your writing talent or that I dislike you or anything of the sort. It'll just mean I'm not greatly interested in enough of what you're writing ABOUT.

    And, please, feel free to "Un-Follow" me should you become disinterested in my Blog at any point. I don't take that sort of thing personally. In fact, I'm always a bit surprised when ANYONE feels they can relate to me well enough to Follow my Blog(s) for any length of time.

    In the past, I've found that a number of readers have enjoyed what I write until that day comes when I write something "controversial", something they don't like, something about abortion, Feminism, Reincarnation, etc. Then suddenly they drop me like a hot potato. The truth? I couldn't care less. I'm going to think what I think and write what I write and if that leaves me with just one "Follower", so be it!

    As I've mentioned before, I hate the whole quid pro quo attitude in Blogland and I refuse to play by those rules. I am NOT Following your Blog because you're Following mine (or even because you changed your profile photo); I'm Following your Blog only because it interests me... up to this point and at this time.

    I thank you again for the nice comments you left for me on my Blog, and I wish you good luck with all your projects, AlliAllo.

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" Stephen

  16. Sorry about the rejection - I loved your poem! Hang in there, and good luck with your work load. ;-)

  17. We'll miss you but we understand. :D Don't work too hard!

  18. Wanda, Keirah, Majorie, Shannon: Thanks so much :)

    Stephen: Answering on your blog :)

  19. Mel: Thanks! I won't be too distant :)

  20. A literary magazine's loss becomes the gain of the followers of the Alliterative Allomorph's entries in the Blogging From A to Z Challenge. Cool Daddy-o! Worthy of a coffee house poetry slam. I dig it, chicky-cat.

    May 3rd A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post

  21. Wonderful poem!! Sorry about the rejection... they suck!!! I haven't gotten one yet but I can only imagine how awful it feels!! Hang in there and keep your chin up!

    You'll be missed but take care of you!!

  22. I agree, move forward and get even, good one! Rejection is gut wrenching, but learn and move onward!

    Check in when you can; everyone understands!


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