Tuesday 20 April 2010

Part Q: Quality Q Post

The question is: Can I quench your thirst for alliteration using Qs? Well, it is quite a quest, so please appreciate the quality, rather than quantity of words, as I quiver in quandary in my quiescent quarters.

Did you know that 'book' in Scottish is called a 'quair'? How quaint! From now on I shall say 'quair' instead of 'book' because I love it's quirkiness. Excuse the quailing relevance of this post, but it is a quantum leap, is it not? At least it makes sense, and is not a simple quiz on Q words for you to fill in?

I am a quotidian blogger, I could not possibly quit, nor write about queries (which no doubt will be common), nor quote from others, nor could I quaff liquor to qualify for exemption. No way Hose!

Here's for a laugh:
Me, two years old on Dad's shoulders, approaching tree branch.

Mum: Jessica, duck.
Me: Quack! Quack!
My head: BANG!

Now for your information:
quandary = state of difficulty
quiescent = calm
quarters = place
quailing = fading
quantum = large
quotidian = everyday
quaff = gulp in large amounts

So ... did I qualify for the Q award? It only took me three-quarters of an hour ...

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Also if you aren't participating in the A to Z April Challenge, pop over to Lee @ Tossing It Out, for his special Q post. This will be interesting ...


  1. This was hilarious, thank you for the laugh! I especially enjoyed the story at the end. :) Did you know quest is one of my favorite words? I don't know why, I just like how it sounds... as well as the imagery of white knights, heroes, and fairytales it brings with it.

  2. This is excellent, I wonder how others will get on with "Q"?


  3. LOL - love it. I probably won't know which Q word to post about until I start writing, but at least you've provided me with a few to consider. And quandary is one of my favourite words - don't know why, just like the sound of it :-)

  4. That was quite the quantity of quality Qs.
    Thanks for the reference to my Q Day Tuesday will will post at 3:30 AM EDT.
    Among other things, I will be Quoting from others.

    May 3rd A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post

  5. Well done with Q which seems to have quite a few in a quagmire for material!

    Cute 2-year-old you story, too!

  6. Very good and very entertaining. Very original also.

  7. lol quack quack!! ow I can just see it! :o) brilliant post

  8. You have great Q's... I have a few up my sleeves but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to judge on how well I did!

  9. You know, it's funny that quantum means large, because quantum physics deals with very, very tiny particles. lol. Speaking of quantum physics, I loved Quantum Leap. Wish that show would get re-made instead of stupid ones like the Bionic Woman.

  10. Fun Q post. I too am often tempted to quack when someone says "Duck!" :)

  11. Oh you definitely qualify for the Q Award! That was most quixotic! (Okay, that may not be 100% accurate, but it was the first "q" word that popped into my head.)

    Awesome job!!!

  12. You are doing so well! I enjoyed your alliteration post with Q! Thanks for adding the definitions to some of those words... ;-D I needed it!

  13. I think you hit every q word in the dictionary. Bravo! And I knew I signed up for another blog fest over the weekend; now I remember it was here! Thanks so much.

    I'll link it on my blog in a day or so.


  14. If I had my say, you would definitely get the Q award. Here I am struggling to find one Q word, and you write an entire blog post with them!

    And yes, I am often tempted to say quack, quack when someone asks me to duck.

    ~ Rayna

  15. Bethany: Thank you. I'm glad I amde you laugh.

    Yvonne: I know! This is going to be interesting ...

    Charmaine: That is a very odd favourite word I must say. LOL Good luck with your post!

    Lee: No problemo!

    Lisa: Thanks! What does quagmire mean? LOL

    GRegg: Thanks!

    Niki: Thanks Niki!

    Jen: Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

    Mary: hmmm, does it? Maybe I got it wrong. LOL

    Cheri: hahaha! If only I was smart enough to have done it on purpose :)

    Holly: LOL great word. Let's call Collins and tell them to include it in their next edition!

    Tori: thanks Tori! I needed them too! That's why it took me so long to write the post! LOL

    Donna: Thanks! Yes, thanks for signing up! Looking forward to reading your entry :)

    Rayna: Yay! I got the award! LOL You're a good writer. You'll come up with something ;)

  16. Good Stuff. I think 'Q' is my fetish letter. It makes any word look good.

  17. Blogger ate my post, because I'm POSITIVE I wrote about how much I loved the duck story!

    *Shakes fist*

    Darn you, blogger. Darn you!

  18. Oh, this was TRULY an admirable feat! Well done!!! I hadn't heard of a goodly portion of these words, but you even used them in context well enough that I caught them all! (though quaff I know... of course...)

  19. HA! Oh, man. Thanks for a post that made me laugh :D

  20. You are Quite Quirky and not at all Questionable...Great post :)

  21. I believe you did quite well!

  22. That's a lot of q's...I'd say you passed with flying colors!

  23. Quite a quirky yet quality post! Today, I crown you the Queen of Qs. Here's your tiara, now duck.

  24. Awesome! I'm impressed. Also, I'm rarely quiescent. :)

  25. Holy "Q" Words, Batman! Yeah you did really good. I went with the easy "q" word.

  26. Creepy: LOL I really like that. 'fetish letter' hmm ...

    Tracy: LOL, yes duck story short and sweet :)

    Hart: Oh really? that's great!

    Zoe: glad I could make you laugh :)

    Shannon: Thanks :)

    Bry: Thank you :)

    Trudy: or flying qolors! ;)

    Nicole: LOL

    Jill: rarely quiescent? Why is that?

    Majorie: LOL I'll be round to check out your q poem later tonight :)

  27. Perfection! Love it! (Also, signed up for blog fest!)


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