Friday 30 April 2010

Guess Blog Post for Matthew Rush Today!

Hey everyone,

I'm doing a guest blog post over at Matthew Rush's The Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment today.

Would love it if you all could check it out! :)



  1. I'll see you over there in just a few...working down my list...not sure what order it's in, not alphabetical......


  2. Yay!!! Matthew's blog is on my list to visit, but I'll visit early to ensure I see your guest post!

  3. Jessica, just coming over from Matt's blog. Loved your query letter -- I thought it was strong on many levels. I couldn't agree more with you when you said agents should always solicit the first couple chapters with the query. The quality of the fiction should weigh heavier than the strength of a query letter.

    I didn't realize you had a full MS request! My fingers are crossed for you. The waiting must be agony. Hang in there!

    ((hugs)) Nicole

  4. Thanks for sharing, Jessica! Congrats and good luck with the submission!!

  5. I'm off to check it out!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I saw it. Thanks for sharing. You are way braver than I!

  7. Loved how you guys pulled the query apart and addressed each section with information. Great job.

  8. Great job. I really liked your synopsis and your book sounds like something I'd love to read! Good luck with the agent!!

  9. I saw it over there - thanks so much for sharing! And congrats on getting a request!

  10. Love these guest posts. I'm on my way over to check it out right now.

  11. Very cool. On my way over to check it out. :)

  12. Loved your guest blog post. I read where you're thinking of skipping Lilah's last lines blogfest. I hope not.

    I was looking forward to reading your entry. I had to post early due to work. Stroll on by and see what you think, Roland

  13. Jessica! Wow!! You ARE a rock star! I am so very proud of you, girl!! Woot!! :D

  14. Thanks everyone for going over to take a look! I'm chuffed that you all have your fingers crossed for me!!!! :)

    And, gee, I tell ya, my fingers are getting sore ...

  15. I really liked this, it has a great
    lead in quality, I want to hear more!

    Have a wonderful weekend with your partner!

    I will look forward to what you turn out! It has been fun to be part of the challenge and reading so much talent daily! You inspire me~


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