Tuesday 13 April 2010

Part K: Kool Kaleidoscopes and Kabbage Patch Kids

Kan you remember those kool thangs kalled kaleidoscopes? Those krazy koloured cylinders filled with kristalized somethingerathers that we used to kling onto for entertainment like no tomorrow, and skream with delight as we turned them round and round to watch them move?

What ever happened to the simple things in life? Now we go about glued to komputer skreens all day. I miss running about the back yard in my dress ups - kabbage patch kid kradled in one arm, kaleidoscope in the other, skipping and chanting Hickory Dickory Dock at the top on my lungs.

I want to klimb the fig tree in my back yard again, and pretend I'm King of the Kastle, and kreep out the kitchen window to jump into my neighbor's flower bed for the sheer thrill of possibly getting kaught. I want to hunt down all the kreepy krawlies and watch them fry under a magnifying glass and not feel sorry for the little buggers. I want to eat chokolate and kandy every day, kouliflower covered in melted full fat cheese and kream, and not worry about kounting kalories. I want to take up kalisthenics, karate, kung-fu fighting and not krouch over nursing aching muscles afterwards.

Kan I, kan I, kan I, pretty please with a cherry on top? I'll be your best friend.


  1. Sure, you kan do those things! One of the great things about having kids is it gives you the chance to do all that again. Yesterday, I played in the pool with my daughter. There were other moms in the pool, but only with their very young children, and then, mostly to walk alongside them. That's not me. Nope, I had on my goggles and we played shark attack, and then we went to the current river thing and I was her seahorse. lol. I'm sure other moms thought I was weird, but I don't care.

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  3. Only if I kan too! I laughed out loud at this. Thanks for the fun post!!

    PS - sorry for the double commenting - something funky happened with my first one.

  4. Oh yes I remember those. Today has been a day remembering things I hadn't thought about in some time like like lightening bugs.

  5. You bet you kan, AA! And what's more ... I bet it would make your neighbor's day to katch you karrying on like that in your back yard too! Just be kareful in kase they kall the nice young men in the klean white koats who are koming to take you away ... ha ha ... hee hee ... ho ho ... to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time ... (oh dear ... showing my age again!)

  6. Those were the days weren't they? I miss them just like you do. And as always wonderful use of the daily letter.

  7. Love, love, LOVE this post! From the gorgeous colorful image to the abundance of K's, I was enchanted. On a silly side note, in the nearby town of Cleveland, Georgia there is the official Cabbage Patch Hospital, from where every Cabbage Patch Kid is (supposedly) born. You can tour the maternity ward and even adopt a custom made doll (prices for the most expensive choices reach into the thousands of dollars!).

    Hope you're having fun, running wild and carefree with your inner little girl!

  8. I still have my Cabbage patch doll!

  9. You're so funny:)
    (and kewl, krazy, killer, kreative...shall I go on?)

  10. I loved kaleidoscopes! I wish I stil had a couple of them now.

    I do still have my cabbage patch dolls though, don't tell.

  11. Hi Jessica! I know what you mean about the good ole days. The kinds of toys that kids used to play with back then? I've done some studying on that and wrote a post on it.
    I wonder just how far it'll go. What do you think??

  12. Mary: If I didn't live six stories high in a filthy poluted city, I would do exactly what you did. :)

    Lisa: I'm glad I made you laugh. :) I love to laugh. No probs about the double comment.

    Wanda: Lightening bugs? Do you mean fire flies?

    Beth: hahaha. whit jackets, hahaha, yes I think I should put myself in one sometimes.

    Majorie: Thanks!

    Nicole: Thank you! And Really? I wanna come to Georgia!

    Sugar and Trudy: I gave mine up for the Salvation Army when I moved :(

    Candyland: Thank you. *blush*

    Elizabeth: Cool. I'll check it out. :)

    CC: I hope in a good way!

    Yvonne: No problem!

  13. Kewl post. The good thing about having kids is that you kan do all those things while pretending to teach your kids how to do it right!

    I didn't have a kabbage patch doll, but I did have a kolourful kaleidoscope.

  14. Klapping loudly, well done on a kracking post!

  15. Love it! My daughter made a kaleidoscope in art as a kid and it was fascinating how easy it actually was (mirrors and beads, toilet paper tube, wax paper...) the things you learn when you actually stop to THINK about it!

    I agree that much of childhood is getting lost. My son is pretty good--finds trees to climb or ponds to explore, but my daughter is all caught up in the text wave...

  16. Kaleidoscopes use to give me a headache, but hot damn I miss my cabbage patch kids! *sigh*

    For the record, I'm planning on having my name tattoo'ed across my future children's butts, so there'll never be confusion about who they belong to!

  17. AlliAllo ~
    "Kaleidoscopes" - oh, yeah! I dig 'em. I have two unique types of them and one of the two could make me a mazillion dollars. I have this idea about how to use it to create these really cool, unusual artistic products. All I need is to find a good photographer, some start-up money, and a whole lot more ambition than I've ever possessed. That's all. And then I'll be a mazillionaire!

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMe

  18. Your post reminded me of the song, "Say say oh playmate, come out and play with me, and bring your dollies three, climb up my apple tree..." Remember that? I'd forgotten all about it until my daughter came home singing it. It brought tears to my eyes hearing her sing it. It's like tradition being passed down through the generations. Same with cabbage patch dolls and kaleidoscopes. Nowadays everything needs batteries. Aahhh, the good ole days of being unplugged and climbing trees and riding bikes... *sigh*


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