Monday 5 April 2010

The Deity Despoina - Daughter of Demeter

Poseidon, one of the most dominant deities in Greek mythology, was the leading dynast of the seas. A daunting, disorderly, and dynamic divinity, he was associated with natural disasters. When displeased, he could derange the sea to a dander. But he could also hush the disobedient waters with just a glance and his calm demeanor.

After deluding his sister Demeter, while disguised as a horse, he had duo descendants: the deific dragoon Arion, and a daughter, Despoina.

Despoina was devoted by many in a distinguished sanctuary west to the town Megalopolis. Pausanias left a description of this deistic den, which today contains only the dilapidated debris of the temple developed in 180 BCE. The door of the den was decorated with reliefs from palid marble. There was also a diminutive desk with an inscription of district decrees.

The Altars of both deities - Despoina and Demeter - were deposited in front of the dorian temple of Despoina. The remains of it are today in the Archeological Museum of Athens. Despoina and Demeter are seated on their throne. Below them were depicted some Kourites and Korybantes, supposedly the first people of the land.

Do you know of any dangerous or delightful deities from your district?


  1. There is a little something for you on my blog.

    ~ Rayna

  2. I don't know...Texas doesn't seem big on deities. Maybe Davy Crockett, he has a song about him.

    Straight From Hel

  3. Dear Jessica,
    No local deities in Tennessee. We do have a song called Rocky Top that UT fans sing at the tops of their lungs. I guess you could say that University of TN is about as close as we would get to an earthly deity> A lot of people here seem to worship the football and basketball teams. Ha.
    Best regards to you and thanks for following my blog. Ruby

  4. That was great! No deities in my neck of the woods...our complex is too new and cookie cutter. Thanks for you visit!

  5. My daughter thinks she's a princess, does that count? Great post and love how you used so many D words. lol

  6. We have no Deities in our district but the area where I live was 200 years ago the home to Percy Shelly son of the poet Percy Shelly and Mary Shelly who wrote Frankinstien.
    He lived in a Manor just 2 mins walk from me where he entertained the likes of Lord Byron, and Robert Louis Stevenson.The land where my home is built was also his land.
    Very interesting topic.

  7. Yvonne! I LOVE Mary Shelley's Frankensein. I was obsessed with her in high school :)

  8. Do love your creativity. Deities don't dare dangle around in the districts down here :).

  9. Nope! Montana is saadly lacking in the deity department (as far as I know, anyway). You are lucky to be in a place so rich in culture and history. :-)

  10. Do Footy players (AFL type) count??
    Lots of them here - seasons just begun lol

  11. Gosh, living in Cyprus where do I start? :0

    Great post for D, Jessica!


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