Saturday 20 October 2012


Today is the birthday of Lenny Lee, an absolute light in the lives of many bloggers.

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He's 13 today!

I've known Lenny since he was ten, and I can't tell you how much I adore this young man. He is full of wisdom and smiles, and has lots of great stories to tell. I'm sure he'd love it if you dropped by his blog and wished him a happy birthday!

Lenny, keep your eye on the post! I've sent you a little package :-) Happy birthday, sugar!


  1. Lenny's so amazing.

    Happy Birthday Lenny!

  2. What a cool new look here, Jessica. Who designed it???

    Happy birthday to Lenny. I'm sure he'll love his birthday present.

  3. True, I met him when he was ten, too. How can he be growing up so fast? The next thing we know ... he'll be dating ...

  4. Such a great idea,and I've wished him well on his blog and on Susan K. Quinn's blog.

    'Tis a beautiful thing to do. And it encourages him to read and as a result, to think.

    I commend all of you who joined in this little treat for a friend.

  5. Hi Jessica and Yay Lenny!

    I also have had the great pleasure of knowing my favourite human friend, Lenny, since he was ten. As you note, my human friend, Lenny has wisdom and smiles to share amongst. An inspirational young man and a pleasure to know him.

    I thank you for your pawsting, sorry, posting Jessica. And Lenny, a most wonderful birthday to you! :)

    Pawsitive wishes, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, now promoted to superstar status! :)

  6. I love your new blog layout, very pretty and neat :) Happy Birthday Lenny!

  7. Loving all the Lenny love! He so deserves it all :)

  8. hi miss jessica!

    WOW! thanks to one of my most favorite bloggers for such a fantastastical birthday post. im having a really nice day and i got lots of cool presents. but the best presents are all the cool birthday wishes from my special blogger friends.:)

    ...loads of love and big gigantical hugs from lenny

  9. Lenny sure does bring a lot of sunshine to the blogosphere! Happy Birthday, Lenny!

  10. Lenny certainly is filled with wisdom and sunshine!


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