Wednesday 3 October 2012

The Artist Unleashed: FROM TOLKIEN TO TURKEY, by Deniz Bevan

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  1. Love your mind. My first book traveled the spiritual realms. It felt like I went on a supernatural journey. A year after I wrote the manuscript, I read it again and I thought, did I actually write this? I could hardly remember how I did it.

  2. My study abroad experience in England drove me to write about it, but there are so many other places that interest me too.

    I'm really intrigued by your use of Turkish culture and setting. So many of my family and friends have been there (and come from there). The history of the region is just fascinating.

  3. That's always fun, Em - like reading a book by another author!

    It's true, Laurel; now that I've started writing in that setting, I can't seem to stop!

  4. I'd have to build a spaceship first!

  5. Mine don't travel, but if they did, I'd make them go to Australia. Which would of course entail me going there for *research*

  6. Ooh, I'll go with you, Alex!
    And you, Jenn. How can I say no? :-)

  7. Hi Deniz ..I hadn't realised you had a Turkish background - so much culture to imbue into your stories .. yes I have plenty of places to go ... the world in general! I may toddle round parts of the UK first catching up with family and friends ...

    Cheers Hilary

  8. Thanks Hilary!
    I'd love to see more of the UK too! I haven't even been to the Cotswolds yet.


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