Tuesday 4 October 2011

Houses flooding ~ houses burning down ~ houses flooding ~ houses burning down ...

So for two nights in a row I keep having this weird monotonous dream. Over and over ~

houses flooding
houses burning down

I wake up, I roll over onto my side, fall back to sleep ~

houses flooding
houses burning down

I wake up, I roll onto my back, fall back to sleep ~

houses flooding
houses burning down

I wake up, curse, fall back to sleep ~

houses flooding
houses burning down

I open one eye, "Ckufen ckuf, just wake up already!" doze ~

houses flooding (trucks honking in background, in reality)
houses burning down (Holly my dog whining to be let outside, in reality)

ARGH! I'm BORED! WAKE UP! ... I get up. I make coffee. I blog about houses flooding and houses burning down ...

So ... who's an expert in dreams? Anyone want to analyze? Feel free ... I'm totally intrigued ...

PS: Angela Felsted, you won Michelle's book! Drop me an email with your address. Thanks!


  1. I haven't a clue what it means, but just for safety's sake, maybe you should check the plumbing and electricity at your place. Or stop watching the news.

    Better dreams tonight.

  2. All I know is that people in your dreams are supposed to represent different aspects of your Self. I'm not sure what buildings stand for.

  3. Arlee Bird of Tossing It Out did a great job on the last weirdo phsyco dream I had.

  4. I think it means that you shouldn't drop your toaster in the tub while the water is still running.

    Yes, I'm a master of astrology.

  5. Congrats to Angela!!

    That pic is totally smokin'!!

    Flooding & burning I think has something to do with unrest. You might be subconsciously anxious about a change or the possibility of change. There's something else, though. Try Google. :)

  6. Um, I think you watch the news too much. I'm no dream reader but it's probably something you heard happening because there are a lot of floods and fires right now.

  7. Having read and studied a bit of Jungian psychology...Matt's right about people representing different aspects of the self. Houses usually stand for the body or for your life.

    Houses flooding, houses burning down.

    It doesn't mean your body is ill or dying. More likely it means that there are changes occurring in your life that are or will be or could be dramatic. The dream could also be related to Greece's economic situation. If the situation has been bothering you, picking at the back of your brain, been a source of worry, if it's the primary talk of conversation, then the dream might well be an apt metaphor of the old way being destroyed to make way for the new.

    Houses flooding, houses burning down. It's all about change.

  8. Dreams can be very bizarre but appear entirely logical at the time. My son hates being ill - not just for the obvious reasons but because he always has such boring dreams.
    Well, I guess if you hadn't got up to let Holly out you might have had a flood of sorts;-)

  9. Sounds like an exhausting night!

  10. That is a weird one.

    I am with Clarissa--maybe too much news and political turmoil out your way.

  11. In my own life, I find the dreams which are the most repetitive and vivid are the result of feelings and stressors left over from the day which I repressed or had to suppress due to a lack of awareness or a lack of time to deal with them. Then these things burn brightly through the night because they were unresolved in my waking hours. This is one of the ways your brain lets you know if there is something you need to work through and haven't been aware of/or haven't wanted to face, its effects on you. Not only is it likely something in your life or in your environment is bothering you, it is also likely that whatever it is is affecting you on a more profound level than you realize or want to admit. At times like this I like to do a mental catalogue: is there something stressful in my life I am trying to push down? A feeling of powerlessness? Victimization? Loss?

    If there is something, take some time to journal or draw it out. Sometimes by drawing out the dream, and then drawing a more positive image to replace it, you can cease the dreams (this is a tactic we use with kids at the clinic sometimes and it seems to help) and replace them with dreams which are more benign.

    I would only really worry about it if your dreams have a habit of coming true- then I'd stock the emergency supply kit and pray:).

  12. No way, I won! That's awesome! As far as your dream goes, I'm not expert but would guess the house is you. Are you feeling overwhelmed?

  13. Maybe just nervous about your upcoming book and CD release?

  14. That is weird. I hate dreaming the same thing over and over. But, hey you got a blog post out of it. Hope you're doing well!

  15. Here's my pop psych analysis. Flooding means overwhelmed. Burning means hmmm that's tougher...maybe a desire to rid yourself of excess baggage??

  16. LOL! shew. That sux. But it sounds like you've gotten the answer to your question, yes? Totally change anxiety, I'd say. I was battling youngest child w/stomach bug. :p <3

  17. My interpretation? Houses are things we put a lot of energy into building. They're our support, we need them to live. They're very personal and an intricate part of our lives. The houses represent your upcoming book, because you've put blood, sweat and tears into it, and it's near and dear to your heart.

    The flooding and burning is the fear of what will happen when your baby is out there. Terrifying, right?

    Just my initial reaction.
    Don't forget, it's just a dream!

  18. AlliAllo ~
    I only scanned the previous comments, so I'm not sure to what degree this may or may not have already been addressed, but...

    Someone did mention that in dream symbology, houses represent your life. That is CORRECT. The house is where you LIVE, and hence, it represents your current living conditions. And I don't mean your housekeeping ability - it has nothing to do with a sink that needs to be scrubbed or a floor that needs to be swept.

    You ARE your HOUSE because the HOUSE is where you LIVE. The house is your current personal state of being. In some cases the house in your dream might be referring to your physical condition. (A dream that the walls are crumbling? The plumbing is leaking? You might want to have a doctor perform a physical evaluation on you.)

    Or the house might be referring to your mental or spiritual state.

    In the case of THIS dream that you've reported here, I strongly sense that you'll find the answer to it FULLY explained by everything you wrote in your Wednesday, 5 October 2011 post.

    Go back and reread that one, but while doing so, think of it in terms of the writing and music careers being the houses represented symbolically in the dream. Are you afraid that the Writing house is being inundated? Are you afraid that the Music house may burn down? Or vice versa?

    The HOUSES you are concerned about being flooded or burning down are the two career paths you have on your mind and are concerned about at the present time.

    The anxiety you feel about the possible conflict between your interest in both writing and music-making is being represented symbolically in the dream you described here.

    That's my take on it and I'm sticking with it.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  19. Can it be an idea for a new book?
    I get vivid dreams which I don't like but not the same over and over again.
    Hope the dream stops,


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