Wednesday 14 December 2011

Let's put our hands together for female Aussie authors!!!

2012 Book ChallengeToday I'd like to introduce to you the Australian Women Writers 2012 National Year of Reading Challenge, which has been created in order "to help counteract the gender bias in reviewing and social media newsfeeds that has continued throughout 2011 by actively promoting the reading and reviewing of a wide range of contemporary Australian women's writing.

Check out these amazing links to discussions about gender bias.

See that that badge over there on the right? ------------->

I'm going to be a guest author and review a book outside of my genre on the site sometime next year. If you're an Aussie female author, why don't you jump on board too?

But this isn't only for authors, in fact, it's geared more towards readers. The challenges you can undertake are:

Genre challenges:
Purist: one genre only
Dabbler: more than one genre
Devoted eclectic: as many genres as you can find

Challenge levels:
Stella (read 3 and review at least 2 books)
Miles (read 6 and review at least 3*
Franklin-fantastic (read 10 and review at least 4 books)*
* The higher levels should include at least one substantial length review

Now, seeing as I read on average, 40 books a year, I'm thinking I ought to aim for Dabbler Franklin-fantastic. I'm really excited to sink my teeth into some more Aussie Lit!!! Anyone got any recommendations to throw my way?

How about you? You should check it out!

Oh! AND, I'm proud to say that the lovely Cathy Powell, has begun the challenge reading MY BOOK! How flippin' brilliant is that? Thank you so much, Cathy!

PS: Vine Leaves Literary Journal is now closed to submissions until January 1st. Pop over to the blog to read how out first round of submissions panned out.


  1. Hi Jess...just wanted to let you know I'm reading String Bridge now...LUVING IT!

  2. 'Green Monkey Dreams' - collection of short stories by Isobelle Carmody.


  3. Australian female authors are my favorite kind of Australians. :-)

  4. Wow Jessica, thanks for mentioning me on your blog post. I hope we both manage to find some great Aussie women to read and review in 2012!

  5. Yet another reason to wish I was Australian :-) xo

  6. That's a good challenge! And of course yours should be read - by many and often!

  7. What a great challenge and for a really good cause! I'll definitely be reading at least one Aussie woman's book next year (yours. haha) and reviewing it.

  8. Awesome! THis is such a great thing to do!

  9. Sounds like an awesome challenge! Especially if more people read your book.


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