Thursday 1 December 2011

Confession: I have literary tourette's.

Things on my manic mind today are ...

  • The possibility of going to Australia with my mother mid January.
  • Getting a band together and wishing I could overcome this horrible stage fright.
  • I love my coffee cup.
  • Finally getting around to reading the books I bought for MUTED research.
  • Wishing there was a second-hand book store in Athens so I could relieve my shelves of gastroenteritis.
  • I need more coffee, cake, chocolate and ... yoga.
  • The relief I feel knowing I've been guaranteed a year's worth of steady freelance work.
  • The worry that this freelance work is going to interfere with my creativity.
  • Really want to read Dawn Ius' manuscript. Been on my Kindle for way too long!
  • All the money I owe left and right. (When will the bills stop coming???)
  • Writing guest blog posts for Roz Morris, Kristie Cook and Karen Gowen
  • Where did that extra kilo come from???
  • Finishing Talli Roland's Build a Man and writing a review (awesome book!)
  • Starting Michelle Davidson Argyle's The Breakaway in order to write an endorsement for the cover.
  • Whether Pantera Press will want to publish Bitter Like Orange Peel.
  • What did you say? I can't hear you! I'm reading submissions!
  • OMG, I love you so much, (you bloggers know who you are)
  • Now I know what editors feel like having to sift through less-than-publishable submissions or to deal with submitters that don't even take the time to find out your name ...
  • When am I going to get paid?
  • I want some spare cash so I can purchase the latest season of BONES, and the first few seasons of FRINGE.
  • Do I really have to do the dishes?
  • When am I going to start writing again? And how do I keep marketing String Bridge without shoving it in people's faces?

What's on your mind today?

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  1. Busy lady, I think busy people must always have busy minds. My husband says I think about too many things at once! Have you ever thought about using Bookmooch or Bookcrossing to pass on books you have finished with.

  2. You have much on your mind, I am sure you will overcome all of these as I class you as a most capable person. Good luck.


  3. You are feeling a little maniacal today, aren't you? And no, you don't have to do the dishes.
    I had a hard time with the marketing part. So hard I rarely mentioned my book after its release. But I was consistent here online. I kept making friends and those people bought my book. I guess that's how it works.

  4. Someone has set up a book swap store over here. You get a percentage off each time you hand one back. It has really taken off. Like a cheap library.

    Put yours for sale on an ex-pat forum.

    Ooh, Australia in Jan? Exciting.

    Keep enjoying the coffee.

  5. I am busy selling and closing on my house this week but I thought my mind was cluttered! Whew-- you have me beat!!

  6. Hi Jess .. so much happening .. can hear the 'eeeek squeaks' .. one step at a time and all will be well ..

    Another coffee please, or a glass of vino, or a vine leaves - that sounds great/they taste delicious ..

    Glynis had some good ideas and Australia in January .. PS if you don't want to go -I'll go instead?!

    Cheers and all the best for all the projects ... Hilary

  7. I love my coffee mug (but only when it's full of coffee).

    Speaking of which...

  8. What's on my mind? I can't stop thinking about what's on yours. Think I'll take a hot shower and meditate.

  9. Oh, juggling. It's on all our minds. I also have to get into a holiday mentality. I'm trying to not be a grinch this year for my daughter's sake. She deserves some holiday magic rather than two stressed out parents, even if that means writing takes a back seat most of the month. She's my most important work-in-progress!

    Excited for the new journal! Hope it really takes off!

  10. Aren't submissions THE BEST? We're hitting that lovely time for the Lit Lab anthology. I just hope we get enough this year!

    You DO have a lot on your mind! Hope all is well. :)

  11. aww... we DO share a brain! :D This is pretty much a run down of exactly what's going through my head. With a few title changes... :D <3

    yes. Yoga. Breathe...

  12. Loved eavesdropping in on your mind. ;) I think vacationing in Australia with your Mom sounds like an excellent idea!
    My Blog

  13. Omigosh Jessica this post made me smile! We must be twins or something. This is so much the way I think, and how I write in my journal, sometimes for an hour before I can get peace and direction about all the things I have to do. Some days it is completely overwhelming. But you will prevail, my friend!

  14. Dear lord, I'm exhausted reading through your mind! Oh, sigh, I know this only too well. I'm honoured to be one of the things in your head! :)

  15. I'm pretty sure if there's a limit to characters I can comment with I'd reach it by dumping all that crap here.

  16. My what a busy mind you've got. Congratulations on 2011 accomplishments and best of luck with everything in 2012.


  17. I just started playing drums... I could be in your band... if I were better. And lived in Greece, lol. Ok not my best idea.

    You should open a second hand book store - it's a win-win! Or, try a library or non-profit organization or see if there are used book sales instead of a year-round store. That's what I do.

    Add more coffee to that list of needs and I am so there!

    You should just download, borrow or rent Bones and Fringe instead of purchasing them. Cheaper! Or buy them used online.

  18. Hi Jessica. Wow - thinking of getting a band together and visiting Australia in January - top 2 things on your mind. I reckon there is a sense of synergy about that. (Not that I have been influenced by the fact that I live Downunder!!!). Now what it is they say? 'Don't do today what can be put off until tomorrow'. I think I would be catatonic if I had a 'to-do-list' like yours. Don't forget to smell the roses. Best wishes. Jeff.

  19. It's amazing how much the mind can handle! :)

  20. I think you need to add a few things to that list, you obviously don't have enough to do. (JUST KIDDING) I say, take that trip with your Mom and have fun.

  21. Love your list, but I think you should top it with 'have a glass of wine' so you can relax a little! You'll never get anything done until you get some of that out of there, at least temporarily.

  22. That's like a day in my stream of consciousness!

    And wow. Someday I want to come to a workshop in Greece. It's so beautiful!

  23. I started breathing heavy just reading your list! YIKES!! Time for your Zen master to intercede...or a really big CHILL PILL! :)

  24. Congratulations on VINE LEAVES LITERARY JOURNAL. I've not written many vignettes but I can see where they're fun.

    I've done my time with submissions. You do develop and appreciation for what acquiring editors and their staffs go through and understand the whole concept of rejections all too well. Are your eyes crossing yet?

    On my mind?

    Get my wip done so I can get back to editing a series project I did.

    Getting paid.

    Getting some more freelance for a paycheck.

    Wondering where I'm going to find the energy to declutter and *spring* clean my poor neglected house now that I'm recovering.

    Wishing I could go lay in the sun with the sounds of wind and surf as a background melody. Turquoise waters to swim in would also be nice.

    Wanting to hear more of CD you did for String Bridge.

    Wondering when I can feature you on Over Coffee.

    Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

  25. So okay, I was just thinking this morning that I was too scattered and had to focus my thoughts. I am glad to hear that another writer's head is full like mine is. Not that I wish you any stress of course! Here's to sorting things out and getting it all where it needs to be.
    Have a good weekend!

  26. This post strikes me as very funny, especially since I dreamed of nothing but your blog last night. Don't ask me what that means or even what it was about really. I couldn't tell you. But "Alliterative Allomorph" kept playing over and over and over in my mind. And I remembered it every time I woke up. Very strange.

  27. Ha, my brain gets like that sometimes! Today I worked 11 straight hours at my day job, as I have for the past two days... so mostly just wanting sleep and wondering when I'm going to get writing time!

  28. I have to much on my mind to actually make a list. But some of your's are on mine . .



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