Tuesday 28 May 2013


Firstly, I hope all those in the US had a great long weekend and did lots of long-weekenderly stuff, like eat a crazy amount of food that one would normally avoid in fear of putting on the pounds! Was it good? Still feel bloated?

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Hey Everyone!

It's SUMMER! And what do people like to get in summer? FREE STUFF!!! I'm going to make that happen for you.

As a token of appreciation to you all, I'm hosting a monstrous summer giveaway. There are lots of books up for grabs, a few services such as manuscript edits and book cover design, and even some music and really cool T-shirts!

So, this is how it's going to work:

  • If you are a subscriber of this newsletter, your name will be put in the hat.
  • If you become a subscriber upon hearing about this giveaway, your name will be put in the hat.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly and announced in two weeks time via this newsletter.
  • Prizes will be allocated randomly, but you may email me with your preferred category prior to Friday, June 14. (i.e. Services, Poetry, Young Adult, etc). 
  • If you win (one prize per name drawn from the hat), and your prize is digital, you will receive it automatically via email. If you win something physical (i.e. paperback, CD, T-shirt), your donator's email address will be forwarded to you, so that you can contact the donator with your postal address. If you win a service, your donator's email address will be forwarded to you. It is your responsibility to follow up on your prize.
See below for the list of fabulous prizes up for grabs!

*All items are linked to a product page, and all names are linked to authors'/donators' websites. Just click on them to check them out!

$40 Morgan Media Voucher (author services), by Rachel Morgan
10 chapter (up to 25,000 words) developmental edit, or a 20 chapter (up to 50,000 words) copy edit. A $1,000 value, by Amie McCracken
Free book cover design for paperback and/or eBook. by Virginia Haenni
Apostrophe Apathy and Comma Chaos (a writing workshop), by MM Pollard (PDF)

Fabric (Goodreads Choice Awards 2012 Semi-finalist), by Jessica Bell (eBook, PDF)
Twisted Velvet Chains, by Jessica Bell (eBook, PDF)

Romance/Historical Romance

Young Adult
Neverlove, by Angela Brown (eBook, PDF) 
Battle for souls series: Rise from Darkness, Fall from Grace, Ascension of Evil, by Ciara Knight (eBooks)

Oracle, by J.C. Martin (eBook, 2 copies avail)
Inceptio, by Alison Morton (eBook or paperback)

Literary/Contemporary Fiction
The Book, by Jessica Bell (eBook, PDF)
String Bridge, by Jessica Bell (eBook, digital soundtrack included, Melody Hill: On the Other Side)
Black Cow, by Magdalena Ball (eBook, PDF, 5 copies avail)
Up So Down, by Briane Pagel (eBook)

Science Fiction/Dystopian
muted: a short story in verse, by Jessica Bell (eBook, PDF, or paper chapbook)
Eclipse, by Briane Pagel (eBook)


The Glass Guardian, by Linda Gillard (eBook or paperback)

Nonfiction (Writing/Publishing)
Nail Your Novel, by Roz Morris (paperback)

Nonfiction (Self-help)
This We Know, by Tom Evans (eBook)
The Zone, by Tom Evans (eBook)


The Secret Lake, by Karen Inglis (eBook or paperback)
Eeek!: The Runaway Alien, by Karen Inglis (eBook or paperback)

The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal 2012, donated by co-editor Jessica Bell (paperback)
Spirited, donated by contributing author Dawn Ius (paperback or eBook)
The set of Literary Mix Tapes anthologies, donated by eMergent Publishing (4 x eBooks) 

Music Albums
Melody Hill: On the Other Side, by Jessica Bell (CD, 2 copies)

Ithacagreece.com T-shirts, donated by Erika Bach at Ithacagreece.com

NOTE: This is just a heads-up for my Friday newsletter announcement, if you want a chance to win one of these items, please sign up to the newsletter. It's also possible that additional items will be added to this list before I officially send it out.


  1. WoW, this giveaway IS monstrous!

    And, yes, I am bloated, thanks for asking.

  2. Whoa...Jess! You've really put something together. I'll spread the word for you. :)

  3. Talk about a huge giveaway. Monstrous is the right word to describe it :-)

  4. Impressive, Jessica! An excellent way to get more books into the hands of readers. I'm always interested in editing packages and editing feedback, so I HOPE my name is on your list.

    Looks like a lot of fun. I will look for the notice in my Friday email. . .

  5. I'll get it in my e-mail then :)

    I didn't jump on the arc read cuz I am swamped with other things right now.


  6. Hi Jess .. I was subscribed, but checked to see ... and what an amazing set of prizes ... wonderful reads for many people ..

    I must settle and read! cheers Hilary

  7. whee!!! This really is a FAB giveaway. Thanks for including me~ :o) <#


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