Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Artist Unleashed: FINDING A WRITING NICHE IN NATURE, by Cinthia Ritchie

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  1. I adore writing outdoors! Inspirations abounds in nature, at least for me. I often find myself brainstorming while I take a walk in our neighborhood. I'll either note it on a sticky note or record my thoughts on my phone. I wish I could type on my laptop outside, though. I can never see the screen enough to do so. :(

  2. You had me worried with the Get Naked part. We used to have a guy who lived behind us and pretty much got naked all the time. Thank the gods he eventually moved a way. It was NOT a pretty sight to behold.

    Great advice! I'm lucky that I live on the edge of a major city. There's plenty of nature here.

  3. I am not an outdoors kind of person. Bugs and dirt and all that. But I do like to write with a pen and paper and away from my desk sometimes.

  4. I live in the jungle of Akumal, Mexico, having come from a city in the States. My muse seems to be inspired no matter where I am. It's life and all its responsibilities that suck my time away.

  5. I do my best writing with pen & paper, but I'm really weird. If my pen isn't the exact needle point roller ball, blue ink, then my writing seems to suffer. I know it's all in my head, but hey that's where my brain is. The only problem with this method is the times consuming task of transferring my written notes to the computer. It's not all bad, it serves as a first round-edit for me in some way. I love writing outdoors and in nature. I often drive down to our camp (out in the swampy bayou) actually its on a pretty lake, and I get way more accomplished during this time.

    I just bought your new book (Kindle version) and am eager to dig in. I also wanted to tell you that I added a few copies of it, as prizes in my 500 follower prize give a way. I hope you'll stop by my blog and check it out. Congratulations Jessica and thank you Cinthia for the informative and useful tips.

  6. I'm still hibernating, snow in the uk last night brrrrr!

  7. I'm a city gal myself. I grew up in a small town, hated it, moved to a big city and voila - I'm happy. Granted, I live in the 'burbs', but I can get into the city quickly. . .

    That said, I do like walking and getting out in nature. I go for a walk everyday. I can't write in a coffee shop, I'm too busy eavesdropping to get ideas for dialogue, and practicing descriptions. I do write with pen on paper when I have a tough scene or want to start a new story. I prefer working on the laptop, since I change my mind a lot.

    Excellent post, Cinthia, Alaska is beautiful and I can understand why you love the outdoors so much. I think the fresh air clears the mind and getting out of the house jumpstarts the creative side of the brain.

    Thanks Jessica, for introducing us to Cinthia!


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