Thursday 23 May 2013

My "NEW INVENTION" in Book Promotion ...

Self-Publishing Advice.
I'm over at The Alliance of Independent Authors Blog today, talking about my "new invention": The Facebook Interview!
"I’ve been blogging for four years. In that time, the writing community has grown. A lot. We have all read our fair share of cover reveals, book launch announcements, and author interviews, so much so that, though I hate to say it, we are becoming immune to blog tours.
Every day, my blogger dashboard is bombarded with book promotion. And I have to be honest. I gloss over every single blog post that is a promotion of some kind. Especially author interviews. I’d much rather read about the author on their own blog. Maybe this is just me. But ... maybe it isn’t.
This made me wonder ... 
CLICK HERE to read the rest of the post. Would love to see you there! Let me know what you think of this as a promotion tool.

Have a great weekend, folks!

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  1. Most interviews ask the same questions.
    Bummer, not on Facebook.

  2. Whenever anyone asks me to do an interview for them, I do it in my haunted jazz club, Meilori's, and several ghosts of famous writers take part -- that seems to make the interview entertaining. Also I do not do them often.

    You are right. Self-promotion is taking the fun out of blogging these days. When everyone seems to be screaming, "LOOK AT ME! BUY MY BOOK!" people, like you, tend to tune them out.

    We must find a way to go beyond the "small pond" of just fellow authors. We have to find a way to interest the large world of READERS in the WORLDwide net. My non-author friends tell me that when I Facebook articles from my blog on how to write or on books or writing in general, they tune out. In fact, a friend just told me that yesterday!

    When blogs, tweets, and Facebooks become as irritating as tele-soliciters, we must find a new way to get our books out there to the reading public. Interesting post as always, Roland

  3. Not on Facebook, either, sorry. Pursue it for a trial period, but this option does shut out those who don't use or hang around at Facebook. I have to agree, I skim by a lot of book promotion, but not book reviews. Book reviews get way more pageviews than promos in my experience.

    The problem with most Indie promotions is that the author writes it, which is a little different than having an outside person (seen as being more objective) write it. Perhaps that is something that needs to be studied.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!

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