Tuesday 24 May 2011

Want to cross the String Bridge with me? Then sign up to participate in my blog tour and receive the String Bridge soundtrack for free!

Yeah, I know, I know, it's not Thursday yet, but I just couldn't wait! Guess what, folks? It's time to sign up to receive an ARC of String Bridge and participate in my Book & Music Blog Tour! That's right, a book and a set of MP3s (entitled "On the Other Side")—music and lyrics recorded by me to compliment the book, will be available.

Here's how to receive free music: Participate in the Amazon Chart Rush on Friday, November 11th by purchasing the paperback of String Bridge on Amazon, and you will receive a complimentary copy of On the Other Side. Once you purchase a copy of the book, all you have to do is email me your receipt and I will send you a link to download the MP3s for free.

The official release date of the book is November 1st, so that's when the tour is going to begin, but I'm holding the chart rush on November 11th to be safe. You never know with Amazon!

So, you can sign up for one or all of the following ...

ARC distribution for review (Aug 1st - Sept 1st)
Amazon Chart Rush (Nov 11th)
Blog Tour (Nov 1st - Nov 20th)

... just fill out the form below!

Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement! I would also really appreciate it if you could spread the word about this any way you know how!

PS: Those five people who donated books to my last book giveaway are guaranteed ARCs. These lovely five are Amie McCracken, Michelle Davidson Argyle, Judy Croome, Sharon K. Mayhew and Deniz Bevan. But please do me a favour and fill in the form so I have all your details handy, thanks!

Have a great day, all!


  1. All signed up and ready to go...Looking forward to it.xx

  2. Woohoo! This will be fantastic. I'm off to spread the word :)

  3. I've signed up for everything, baby!

  4. I signed up, but I don't do interviews - can you do a guest post? Let me know when you're ready to set dates!

  5. I signed up. What an awesome idea to give away the music with a purchase of the book.

  6. Signed up and eager to shout it out for you! (=

  7. In my jet lagged state of mind hope I filled it all in correct.


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