Tuesday 17 May 2011

100 stories for QLD: Pretty please with a cherry on top for Theresa Milstein and I, couldja?

We interrupt my blogging schedule, once again, today because 100 Stories For Queensland are hosting an Amazon Chart Rush to raise as much money as possible for the flood victims in Queensland, Australia--my home country! But this isn't just any anthology. It contains a short story of mine and a short story from the gorgeous, talented Theresa Milstein! So, in addition to raising money for Queensland, you are doing both Theresa and I a favour by giving us more exposure as writers. I'd like to stress, that none of the authors in this anthology are getting royalties. ALL proceeds go towards aiding areas of Queensland which suffered during the floods.

So will you join us and purchase a copy today? It would also be great if you could tweet and facebook this post to get the word spreading!

The following content is from the 100 Stories For Queensland Blog:

What is a chart rush?
Readers are invited to purchase the book on Amazon, in a nominated 24-hour period, with the intent to capitalise on the volume of sales to move the book up the Amazon best seller list. The higher up the chart it is (we’re aiming for a spot in the top 100) the more visible it becomes to other readers who may go on to purchase it.

It’s all about exposure and the more people who come across 100 Stories for Queensland, the more books we sell and the more money we raise.

If you can’t buy on the day, you can add it to your wishlist. Every little bit counts.

Retail Price
The book retails online for US$19.99 and ₤9.99. The paperback will be available for sale through this site in June when eMergent Publishing’s printer, Lightning Source International, opens it’s Australian press in Melbourne.

100 Stories for Queensland is listed here at Amazon and Amazon UK.

Go forth and publicise

Please feel free to copy the graphic for your website, Facebook or twitter and spread the word far and wide. Lots of authors have already changed their facebook pictures to the book cover… consider doing as a supporter just for 24 hours! You can download the book cover here.

Join our Social Network

You can join our Amazon Chart Rush Facebook event or official fan page for updates on our progress up the charts! We also tweet at @100stories4qld. 100 Stories for Queensland is also listed at Goodreads.

So wilya coudja mightya purchase? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

PS: Angela Felsted is interviewing me about my poetry collection, Twisted Velvet Chains. Would love if you could check it out! :o)


  1. Sounds like a very good book.
    Also I look forward to your interview on your poetry book.

    Have a good day.

  2. Jessica, thank you for the mention. I'm blushing.

    To get people excited, I'm hosting a contest to promote the book:


  3. So much info, this morning! Congrats to both of you. I'm so proud of you both!

  4. Hey Jessica. The interview is up!

  5. Aren't you super sweet to Theresa and I love that this wonderful cause is getting so much attention!!! Headed over now :)

  6. Hopefully lots of people will buy this!!

  7. Tweeted and fb on this-- will go buy it too. Best of luck.

  8. Just placed my order-- I'm excited. (=

  9. I tweeted it earlier. Is it on Kindle?

    Good luck to everyone involved!

  10. This is a great cause. Will definitely buy it!

  11. Did I miss this? I've been so backed up, I'm afraid I missed my chance to help! But I DID read your interview, etc., on Angela's blog today. VERY awesome! (as expected) :o) <3

  12. I can't afford to help with this right now, Jess, but I'll tweet it and Facebook it.

  13. Just became a fan. And loved your joke from Monday. lol! :)

  14. Excellent. Going to buy now.

    What a great thing you guys are a part of!

  15. What a lovely fundraiser!

    Oh, and I so wish I could come to Greece next year! I've never been and it's near the top of my list. I doubt I'll be able to bankroll that one, but I'll be there in spirit!

  16. Just got my copy delivered yesterday! Congrats guys!


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