Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sometimes we forget that we are not the only ones who suffer loss ...

This video is from Greece and is not easy to watch. But this morning my Sig. Oth. forwarded me the link and I've been crying on and off ever since. Perhaps I'm too sensitive. Perhaps I only feel like this because I have a dog and was able to transfer the feelings this video invoked to something real in my life. But it really touched my heart and made me realize that we often forget we are not the only emotional beings in this planet.

Next time you see a stray dog. Give it some food. Please.

sense of loss by amaliak


  1. And not one person would stop to help a creature so obviously in need? This is so painful to watch.

  2. Hi Jess. Gosh this is a sad video. A long time ago, I wrote a similar blog post because I saw two birds who looked like grieving for their dead. It was difficult to watch, too.

  3. I recall a few years ago a man was sat on the pavement with his dog begging money for dog food. Having an idea that perhaps the money was not for that reason I went into the supermarket and bought several cans of dog food. I got a strnage look from the man but at least I knew the dog wouldn't go hungry.

    Take care.

  4. Oh no! That poor thing.

    Dogs are better than people. So sad to see one lost.

  5. Per the comments I've decided not to watch the video. It maybe be the coward way out but I can't watch too much pain. It's awful and I would hate that I couldn't help.

    When I was in Florida there was a turtle that had made it's way in the middle of the road. It was terrified and hiding in its shell as the cars passed. My sister and I pulled over and went to save him. Turns out three other individuals were there to also save the day. There stil lis kindness in this world.

  6. awe, that poor dog. I always keep in mind that full grown dogs have the intelligence of a three year old child and the emotions of any human and I try and think of how you would treat a human that age.

  7. I watched a few seconds of the video but could not watch more. Why doesn't the person filming do something? I see a lot of dogs like that here in Mexico and it makes me want to scream! Sadly, I stopped feeding stray dogs because it just prolongs their agony. I wish the government would go around and put down dogs that are suffering and starving and bleeding. I could go on about this for hours. I better not get started...

  8. His loyalty reminds me of Hachiko.

    And just like Jen, yesterday I saved a turtle. He was all balled up in the road, and I turned around, got out, and almost stepped in front of a truck with a boat trailer that went right over him. Then another truck with a trailer roared past, making me flinch.

    Then I hurried into the road and picked him up, and out came his head and legs, and he started kicking, like swimming in the air, as I walked him across the road and to a pond, where I set him down, and he charged through the cat-ninetails and into the water.

    With so much suffering, it's up to us to focus on what we can do, no matter how small.

  9. That is terrible! What is wrong with people?

  10. I don't think it's oversensitivity, I think the world has just gotten too used to tragedy. We can't handle all the pain so we try to ignore it, but writers can't really do that. We have to let it hurt.

  11. I have such a hard time imagining that happening with no one even trying to help. My dog ran off and got lost last winter and within three hours the police picked her up and she was at the vets office waiting for me (along with a $25 fine because she didn't have her collar on, but oh well).

  12. Oh, so sad! I couldn't watch the whole thing because it was beginning to make me too teary!!

  13. Jess, I just read my comment again and realised I referred to the birds using the word 'who' I'd like to correct it: I meant to say "two birds that looked like grieving for their dead."

  14. Poor sad thing. I kept waiting for a person to stop and help out.


  15. I had to stop watching because I wanted to jump into the screen and help. I love dogs and I know they are just as emotional as we are. When my grandmother died, our dog Mickey was depressed for months after. He kept looking for her to come home. Have you seen the Richard Gere film Hachi? That is one hell of a movie about an incredible dog.


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