Wednesday 6 June 2012

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Poetry Pact 2011Poetry Pact 2011 by Angela Felsted
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This is a fabulous collection of poetry. And I'm not just saying that because I'm in it. The poets in this collection came together via an online poetry group I started at the beginning of 2011 to help motivate frequent poetry writing. So not only are these wonderful poets connected by the skill to write beautiful poetry, they are connected by a strong bond, one of unconditional support and enthusiasm for each others' work. And I think this fact makes the collection an even more beautiful thing.

Oh, and how can you ignore the fact that all profits go to charity:

Not only are these poets talented, but they are selfless, generous individuals who I am beyond proud to know. Please, share, and offer your support, to those who go out of their way to give: Angela Felsted, Richard Merrill, Alaine Benard, Angie Ledbetter, Artemis Grey, Caleb Mannan, Emily Kruse, February Grace, Glynis Smy, Janice Phelps Williams, Jim Murdoch, J.R. McRae, Kerala Varma, Laurel Garver, Lydia Kang, Madeline Sharples, and Roslyn Ross.

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Poetry Pact 2011 by Angela Felsted

Poetry Pact 2011

by Angela Felsted

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PS: Thank you to Amy Saia and Laurel Garver for promoting FABRIC today! :)

PPS: I know it's the Insecure Writer's Support Group today, but I kinda forgot until the last minute. So please forgive me! But I can tell you this, I'm supposed to be writing 50,000 words this month and I'm still at a mere 300. Ugh. Can I do it? I don't think so, but I'm going to keep humouring myself for a while!


  1. Look at all those writing buddies I know who are part of the collection! I just entered to win and added it to my to-read list.

  2. You're forgiven!!! You have a lot going on, Jessica.

  3. Oh. Oh. I did not expect to feel like this. I've never seen myself included in a book PUBLICLY before. My mind is a little blown.

    Thank you Jessica!!! And congrats to you on all of your book awesomeness that's going on right now. I've been so busy in the 'outside world' (show season at the farm) that I've hardly had time to do more than randomly check in on Facebook.

  4. 50,000 words this month? Get busy, girl! Just figure out how many words per day you need to write and you can do it.
    Congrats on having a poem in Poetry Pact. Sounds great and I hope I win a copy.

  5. Sounds fantastic, and what a worthy cause. Thanks for the heads-up, Jess!

  6. Yes, Jessica, you can do it! I'm trying to also. Each day I recalculate how many words I must write to meet my goal, then I keep moving forward. I only hope that my days goal for June 28 isn't 45,000 ;p

  7. Hey, sometimes goals don't get met...and that's okay! No use beating yourself up over it, life has an annoying habit of getting in the way sometimes :-)

  8. This is amazing! And I LOVE the cover. Definitely need to add THIS book to my growing poetry collection - huh, never thought I would say THOSE words...<3

  9. Wow Jessica, you really seem on a roll with your writing. Go girl! I am so intrigued by Fabric...


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