Wednesday 19 September 2012

The Artist Unleashed: BOXING LESSONS, by Josh Donellan

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  1. Jessica, nice to see Josh here.

    Personally, I love having boxes to put things in. I find it keeps the clutter at bay. No box is too small for this task.

    I'm surprised more people don't cross genres too. As far as crossover appeal, I heard recently that more adults by YA for themselves than teens. Neil Gaiman is genius at doing both very well.

  2. Your response to the box question was hilarious.
    I don't write for just one age group. And I discovered after my first book, I hadn't written for just one genre or gender, either.

  3. She really didn't know what to do with a box? lol. Great post Josh!

  4. It was nice reading Josh's post. I am a box junkie. I have tons of them and use them for an array of things. I have little boxes for important papers, boxes for notebooks, pens, CD's, DVD's, name it, I have a box for it. I loved your response to the box question.

  5. Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed it. I need to do more of the guest blogging thing, this was a fun little exercise.

  6. I have to rely on boxes because I have no storage space at home...AT ALL ;)

    Loved this post! And I am totally a cross-genre lady. And I love it!

  7. Hey admin, great that you are accepting guest posting.. ill be back for some offers.. i have some unique articles here..

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