Wednesday 12 September 2012

The Artist Unleashed: COPING AS A BRIT WRITER IN CYPRUS. OR ... WHERE TWO LANGUAGES COLLIDE, by Glynis Smy (+ Giveaway)

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  1. Hi Glynis. I was in the same boat - what does a bookaholic do when she moves away from the UK? There were some tatty libraries here that kept me sane for a while until I'd read every single one of them. Thank God for Kindle, that's all I can say, because if I buy an English book here there's a huge tax to pay on top of the price.

  2. You've come a long way, Glynis!
    And if you like the spiral-bound writing pads, I can send you a couple dozen.

  3. Happy birthday to the loveliest grand-daughter ever! :)

    Amazing how far you've come, G. I'm proud to be a small part of it! xx

  4. Susan, the import tax on books is crazy! Yes, thank goodness for Kindle!

    Alex, ah that is nice of you, however, I am visiting the UK and Canada next week, and have allowed a space in my suitcase! :)

    Thanks, Talli! I am amazed, and I am proud of how I collared you into helping me -- in a BIG way. X

    Thank you all for reading. :)

  5. Hugs for sharing my story, Jessica. x

  6. Glynis,
    I've followed your progress and I'm so excited for Ripper finally being out there.
    Just as I am that mine - Vada Faith - finally made it into paperback. We are both blessed.

    I don't have a copy yet of Ripper and of course would love one. I've read the reviews and need to read the book.

    The summer has been a whirlwind of family obligations, family fun, and illnesses interspersed with it all. Right now we are surviving, thank God.

    Be well and enjoy your travels. Be safe. Blessings to you and thanks for sharing your road to publishing. Barb

  7. I have watched your progress with interest, Glynis, and admire your dedication and determination to win through. May you go from strength to strength.

  8. Barbara, thank you so much for your kind words! We 'came out' with our novels at the same time, and it has been fun watching how far we have come.

    Carole, thank you so much. Thanks for your support.

  9. That's such a great story and it's amazing how being cut off from all your books and usual resources forced you to be so creative.

  10. Wow, what a powerful reminder for me to not envy your idyllic island lifestyle too much. :-)

    Glad to hear how you overcame the obstacles of getting English language reading when you want it. As much as city living in the US has its hassles, I'm incredibly blessed to have four library branches near me, and numerous of writers groups to choose from.

  11. Here I was thinking it was all paradise ...

  12. Aw, libraries, Laurel. When I fly to the UK I drop into my old one, and sniff the atmosphere!

    Matthew, sacrifices have to be made! :)

  13. I enjoyed reading the post, Glynis. I would love to win Ripper, My Love.

  14. Interesting post, Glynis. My father was born in Cyprus, and I've always wanted to visit.

    Ripper, My Love sounds intriguing. I love the cover and Victorian setting. You must have had so much fun researching and writing this.

  15. Janet, many thanks. Your name is in the hat!

    Aviva, Thank you. It is somewhere you should add to your 'I must visit' list. I loved the research side, and I am proud of my cover. Thanks.

  16. Great post, Glynis! Very brave of you to live for that long without library and internet access! Too bad about the bookstore closing down. Hmm, I could move there and open one...

  17. Gotta love the freedom the internet grants us. Everything is so much harder without it. And I love that it connects me with so many people across the world.

  18. Deniz, we now have another so I am happy! :)

    Lynda, it certainly does connect me with folk, and I am so grateful for the Internet.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  19. Congratulations go to Aviva Orr. You have won the giveaway. I am off on my hols and will contact you asap via your website to send you the copy of Ripper, My Love.


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