Friday 16 November 2012

OH, HOW I MISS YOU BLOGFEST, hosted by Andrew Leon, Matthew MacNish, and Alex J. Cavanaugh

First, a big hand to the hosts of today's blogfest: Andrew Leon, Matthew MacNish, and Alex J. Cavanaugh! You can drop by either of these blogs to locate the entire list of participants.

The Premise: Do you have a couple blogger buddies who aren’t posting as often? Those who’ve pulled back and seem absent from the blogging world? Do you have blogger buddies you are grateful they are still around and would miss if they vanished? Now is your chance to show your appreciation and spotlight them!
On November 16, list one to three bloggers you really miss and one to three bloggers you would miss if they stopped blogging. Then go leave a comment on those blogs.

Our blogger friends are special – time to let them know!

With no further ado, here are my choices ...

Bloggers I miss because they don't post as often (or have stopped commenting and I therefore lose track of):

Nicole Ducleroir:

I'm a short story author, aspiring novelist, and world traveler who has penned fiction from homes on three different continents. I currently live with my husband and two children in the Atlanta area. When I find myself less inspired by my Southern locale, I have only to rifle through memories of adventures abroad until colorful characters or thrilling plots come forth. And on the rare occasion that none arise...I've been known to finagle a flight out.

Michelle Davidson Argyle:

Michelle lives and writes in Utah, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. She loves the seasons, but late summer and early fall are her favorites. She adores chocolate, sushi, and lots of ethnic food, and loves to read and write books in whatever time she can grab between her sword-wielding husband and energetic daughter. She believes a simple life is the best life.

Hart Johnson:

I write books from my bathtub and blog in my basement. For a full bio on the 3 faces of me, check out the tab. As for the shenanigans around here... lots on writing, some life... mostly I just want to encourage you to play with me. Silliness abounds.

Bloggers I would miss if they no longer blogged (I'm sure we'd still keep in touch via email, but it's still nice to read their posts!):

I started writing at age 8 upon discovering writing about monsters was less scary than looking for them under my bed. I'm still leery of things that go bump in the night, but hope my thriller writing skills have improved. I live in Canada will my husband, stepdaughter and three bullmastiff hounds. You know, just skulking around.
*Writer, editor, wife, mom, friend. *My books THE TRUTH ABOUT FAKING (YA rom-com) and ROUGE (Mature YA romance) are now available on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, & Smashwords. *New posts on Mondays. Leave a comment, make a suggestion, stay a while~
I'm the father of two beautiful young ladies, three lazy cats and one adorable German Shepherd. Together we live in the mountains of north Georgia amidst my endless collection of vinyl records. I run this blog in an attempt to help other novice writers avoid the mistakes I made in the beginning of my road to publication. Believe me, I made many.

So there you have it! My top six favourite bloggers :-) PS: I'm also to blame for the "lack of commenting" situation. It just gets so hard to keep up once you garner a large following ...




  1. Yes, I would love a copy of the book. And congratulations for being on Writer's Digest! That is so awesome. Incredible exposure. You deserve it!

  2. You're the sweetest to feature me here! It's funny; I don't blog as often as I used to, say two years ago. But I now blog at three different sites, so I feel like I'm as active as ever. Well, not really true, since I don't get around to as many of my favorite bloggers' sites as before. And my commenting frequency is down too... Gah! If only there were more hours in the day!!

    SO EXCITED for you that Show & Tell in a Nutshell is featured on Writer's Digest!!!! Off to check it out now. You rock!!

    (((HUGS))) Nicole

  3. Hi Jess - love your selection ... it is amazing how we all connect somehow somewhere ... and your Vine Leaves Literary Journal is such a brilliant idea (with Dawn) ... cheers Hilary

  4. Aw, thanks, Jessie! LTM is one of my favorites too, but she never blogged that much to begin with, and we mostly stay in touch via random emails.

  5. Fantastic choices! I know them all. I, too, miss Nicole and Hart.

  6. Excellent choices, Jessica! So many we'd miss.
    Thanks for participating in our blogfest!

  7. Great nods to your choices. this is such a nice tribute.

  8. Hart's year has had so many ups and downs.

  9. Great to see your choices here. I find that if some bloggers stop commenting on my blog posts, I really miss their insights and humor. Then when I discover they no longer blog, I'm saddened.

  10. Count me in as guilty for lack of commenting. I haven't been able to keep up like I used to. There is only so much time in a day and I can't use it all for blogging activity. But I miss making the rounds like I used to.

    Tossing It Out

  11. Good too see you again, and these are all amazing bloggers you mentioned. I'm glad to know most of them. As for the others, I'll check them out now. Thanks for taking part in the fest! :)

  12. I picked Matthew, too. He's awesome and I LOVE his critiques!!

  13. I just saw your book promoted on Hart's site.I feel bad that she's going through such a tough time, she seems like a really sweet girl. I always like her posts too! And Mathew is awesome.

    I'll have to check out some of the other people you mentioned. :)

  14. whee!!! I'm still blogging! I just had to cut back from twice a week to once a week so I could, yanno, write the *books*--LOL! :D You're right, though, about Nicole and Hart. Those guys are MIA... well, TH is still around~ <3

    And look at you, ROCK STAR!!! You are AWESOOOME! (sing that out) *squeezes*

  15. Nicely done-all great picks!
    Congrats on your books!
    I'm off to enter~
    Thanks for the chance :D

  16. Great choices!

    And I know what you mean by commenting. I try to keep up, but there are so many blogs to keep track of . . .

  17. I am going to send an email soon. *HUGS* I'm still blogging, but yeah, my comments just don't make the rounds like they used to. I do, however, still read many posts from my Reader.

  18. A great list of bloggers here! It really sucks when real life gets in the way of a good blog comment! :P


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