Wednesday 3 July 2013

The Artist Unleashed: WRITING TO MUSIC, by Eliza Green

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  1. Yes I do! Lyrics and all. I find hard and progressive rock really great for action scenes.

  2. I listen to music whenever I'm writing - all the time. And lyrics don't tend to distract me. They probably creep subliminally into my writing, but I haven't ever noticed it happening. Maybe it's too subliminal for me to notice. :) But I tend to tune out the music, and an hour will have passed and I'll go, "Hey, what have I been listening to?" even though I'm singing along to the music a lot of the time.

    I did all my uni studies listening to music as well. Couldn't concentrate without it!

  3. Alex, the heavier stuff works for me re action, too. It works so well in movies, why not as part of the writing process?

    Trisha, it's a really great escape mechanism. I think introspective writers need the peace and quiet much more than the avid 'talkers'.


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