Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Downloading this FREE BOOK = a donation to the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra!

Heroes of Phenomena_Jennifer Redstreake Geary
Can you believe that the epic motion picture advertising music production house, audiomachine, will make a donation to the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra with every free download of the PHENOMENA album companion collection? It's true, and oh so generous!

Heroes of PHENOMENA is a global, cross-industry collaborative campaign encouraging the next generation of authors, artists & musicians!

A dedicated youth section showcases talented aspiring artists and authors from Elevate’s Life & Art Studios, alongside an amazing cast of inspiring industry professionals and the winning entries of PHENOMENA’s Epic Heroes Event!

I’m thrilled to announce the ebook anthology is FREE on SmashwordsKobo! Available for $0.99 on Amazon. *help us push Amazon to price-match by reporting the FREE listings*

Inside you'll find a short story of mine alongside the work of these fabulous authors: Alex J. Cavanaugh, Amy Michele, C. Lee McKenzie, Crystal Collier, Darynda Jones, M. Pax, Ruth Long and Susan Kaye Quinn.

Coming soon to iTunes & B&N!

Here is the book trailer created by the writing students from Elevate Life & Art Studios which blends the music of PHENOMENA with the boundless creativity of the next generation—inspiring their peers in a humorous tribute to authors, musicians, artists and dreamers.

What are you waiting for? Download it now!

AMAZON ($0.99)

Daniel Pennystone
ms. annegirl
Brennah Whiteside
Carter Lundgren
Braelyn Whiteside
Emma Schneider
Caleb Lotz

Sarah Aisling
Alayna Fairman
Nitish Raina
Melissa Muhlenkamp
Ryo Ishido
Lukas Jurco
Camille Cabezas
Elizabeth Ann Watts


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  1. Thanks for promoting Heroes of PHENOMENA! It was an honor to be included in the anthology - and a lot of fun writing the story that goes with my chosen song.

  2. I enjoyed reading your contribution, Jessica. It was a fun project. Boo on the Zon for not price matching yet.


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