Friday 3 September 2010

Poppy seeds grown on rainbows

Fatigue looms red, above like lead.
"I'm way too old. It's too late!" I said.
But a little pixie by my bed,
keeps prodding, poking, spinning his head
Go on! Make some fairy bread!

I dream I’ll gobble it, sniff it, pat it,
spin round in my pretty pink party dress.
I’ll wade through the crowds, the bullies, the boys
Past party pies, the pastries, the toys
Straight to white triangle joys.

They’re fluffy white clouds, that fairies grow,
they’re sprinkled with heaven’s meeds.
They’re picked and bottled like globular beads
Filtered, lacquered, picked from weeds
And they call them Rainbow Poppy Seeds.


  1. Yummy!

    I would never have guessed you were talking about hundreds and thousands. Great poem! :D

  2. Faerie bread! When we lived in Jerusalem, an Australian gal who lived near by made the best faerie bread. Her mother send her some kind of spread from Australia to go under the faerie dust. Delicious!

    Your poem is perfect!! Will check out your contest! Have a great weekend. A hurricane's in our area. I wish I were at Diogones in Plata eating olives and drinking a beer!

  3. Gosh, those look and sound amazing!! Me wanty.

  4. Wonderful! I'd forgotten Faerie Bread.
    Now I have to have plain toast.

  5. A visual euphoria, prose and picture alike. (Hugs)Indigo

  6. What fun! Those do look tasty but they must be Australian. I've never seen that kind of treat of here.

    Also, what's a meed? Sounds like an awesome word. Thanks Jess!

    Today's guest blogger is Emilia Plater!

  7. Fairy bread! oh that sounds wonderful lol thanks for posting. I'd never heard of fairy bread :)

  8. "Filtered, lackered, picked from weeds/And they call them Rainbow Poppy Seeds." Lovely. I love the way you write :D

  9. this made me smile--at "a little pixie in my bed" I immediatly saw my kids climbing in w/me.

    Are they really called rainbow poppy seeds? I love them~ :o)

  10. Yummy fairy bread! Looks great! I'm writing a women's fiction right now myself--so nice to meet another partner in crime! Visiting from the BBQ and following!

  11. hi miss jessica! i like that poem a lot and that picture is cool. its got so much pretty colors. im gonna wade through the crowd past all that yummy stuff and those toys and get me a big piece of that bread. but i gotta tell you theres no way im wearing that pretty pink party dress. ha ha. have a real happy weekend.
    ...hugs and smiles from lenny and a big hello woof to miss holly :)

  12. Dropping in from the dame's bbq do. How's about a drool warning for that dreamy recipe?

    Will be back & am following.

  13. HUllo,
    popping over from Karen's via Donna's...very cerebral food! Yummy!

    Poetry about food - what could be better!?

  14. Rainbow poppy seeds! Hee! Very cute :D

  15. How fun n' this! Magic in the making and joy in the taking or maybe baking...nah, taking!

  16. Yummy faerie bread! Nothing like real party food to make the party swing.

    And THANK YOU for being my 100th follower, Jessica.

  17. What a lovely post. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I look forward to your upcoming posts. :)

  18. Ooooh, fairy bread! It's almost too pretty to eat! :-) Just popped by from KarenG's BBQ to say 'hi'. Great blog you've got here!

  19. I've never heard of fairy bread, but I love your poem. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  20. I've never heard of fairy bread, but I love your poem. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  21. I LOVE fairy bread - actually just ate a heap of hundreds n thousands biscuits which are very like this :) Followed you from Karen's BBQ!

  22. Delicious and delightful Jess!! Loved it and oh i miss fairy bread!

    Hope you're doing well

  23. Hi Jessica, nice to meet you. Looking forward to Talli's Blogsplash with you. You do have an awesome contest going on too.

    Thoughts in Progress

  24. I loved your poem and the fairy bread. My niece would love some that!

  25. Great poem, Jessica! The picture was a surprise...Very nice!

  26. Love this poem, Jessica! And yum - faerie bread! Happy Monday!

  27. Hi Jessica! Over from Karen G.'s BBQ! Nice to meet you! Great poem and blog! That fairy bread looks amazing!

  28. Rainbow Poppy Seeds sound amazing!!!! I want some!

  29. OH MY GOSH THIS IS THE CRUELEST PHOTO EVER...I want to eat my screen!


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