Thursday 18 November 2010

Easy-peasy Thursdee, I'm an interviewee.

I'm being interviewed over at Matthew Rush's blog today! So PLEASE make your way over there! He's asked me some really interesting questions. Don't forget to drop by tomorrow. I'm doing an audio post! :o)


  1. It always kind of freaks with my head when one blogger I know posts on another blogger I know's blog.

    But the good thing is, now I get to kill two birds (figuratively speaking of course) with one stone.

  2. Fun interview over there Jessica--you have many talents.

  3. hi miss jessica! i went at mr matthews blog and read that interview. it was sooooo cool.
    love you!!!
    ...big hugs from lenny

  4. LOVE YOU TOO, LENNY!!! ;o) MWAH!!!

  5. Headed over. And oh, yay! We get to hear you speak!

  6. oh, wow! It's talk to authors day... :D yay!!! running over~

  7. Jessica - I'm adding my late congrats about your book news - so sorry I missed it! But I now have String Bridge, late 2011, added in my diary to look out for it around that time. Well done you! Lots of hard work but it is now paying off, and so it should me dear! :)

    Heading across now if dodgy Internet lets me!

  8. Audio post? I'll be back tomorrow!

  9. It was great, Jessica. So glad you have a new title now too! Woot!


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