Friday 5 November 2010

A morning in the life of me: How my man distracts me from nagging ...

ME: Ela, Re! (Come on, Man!) *I crash the dishes about in the sink* You've left your Greek coffee sludge to dry in your cup again. I've been asking you for FIVE years to wash it out. It's disgusting. Every time I wash the dishes I have to stick my hand in what looks like shit infested dishwater.
HIM: *rolls eyes* Well, stop leaving your hair in the sink.
ME: *laughs* I'll stop leaving my hair in the sink when you start emptying your sludge.
HIM: No, I'll start emptying my sludge when you stop leaving your hair in the sink.
ME: Malakies mou les twra, etsi? (You saying crap now, right?) Just because you don't know what it's like to have hair! What would you like me to do, exactly? Scour the bathroom for strands of hair I can barely see?
HIM: *ignores me and goes to his office*
ME: Ok. Fine. From now on I don't wash your coffee cups, and then see how you like it when you run out, and have to wash them yourself.
HIM: Ela tho, re vlaka. (Come here, you cute idiot).
ME: Ti? (What?) *I walk into office*
HIM: Can you tell me if this is correct?
ME: *I totally forget about coffee sludge, sit in his lap, and edit his email out loud*

PS: Thanks to all who entered the Giveaway yesterday! :o) And welcome to all the new faces! I hope you enjoy you time here. If you are new, and haven't commented, please do so that I can follow you right back as some of you haven't made your blogs accessible via your profile pages. If you haven't signed up for the giveaway yet, you can do so HERE.
I've also decided that if any winners of the Amazon gift cards would like to trade it for 'a surprise something Greek', you will be very welcome to! I will update the giveaway post with this info too.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Your banter sounds a lot like my house! And congrats on all the followers!

  2. I'm with Renae, except there're no Greek words coming out of my man's mouth. Not even German (his family is German). Just a bunch of made of jibberish.

  3. Now that what I miss about having a man about the house Jessica.

    Have a good day.

  4. Okay, I actually have seen your made up definitions before, I just forgot. I LOVE arsenic big time!

  5. I don't leave behind coffee sludge...

  6. I think I just had the conversation with my hubs, this morning. LOL

  7. I'm not a coffee drinker..

    had no idea it started looking like chocolate pudding after a while

  8. Give up! Life is simpler to just wash the cup.

    You can read how my husband tried to kill me years ago...that's my post for the day and it's supposed to be funny.

  9. @Christopher: "Greek" coffee is made with fine grounds that are left in instead of filtered, as consequence, there is a sludge of water and grounds left at the bottom of the cup when you're done. If the water evaporates, then you're left a crust of mud on the bottom.

  10. Thanks for clarifying that Alesa ;o)

  11. My pleasure... Funny that the explanation should come from another person who doesn't drink coffee. ; j

  12. You MUST through more Greek vocabulary into your future posts. I can't afford Rosetta Stone right now, so I'm going to go with the Alliterative Allomorph tutorial system.

  13. Or *throw* even.

    I really should start proof reading my posts before I hit enter.

  14. HA! This convo sounds just like ones my and my hubby have!

  15. AWW SWEET--just hearing the greek alone would get me *wink*

  16. Ah, bliss!

    We have a similar "Yeah, but you..." conversation, just not in Greek. Keeps those lines of communication open!

  17. Dis-gusting. That kind of crap really gets me. What's so hard about turning on the faucet for half a second?

    I shed like crazy too. I try to catch it all, but I have so much hair it's impossible.

  18. Does "HIM" speak English too, or just Greek? (I never thought to ask :)) I love being able to switch from English to French (and sometimes to Sango) with my hubby. There are so many times when one language's expression fits the situation much better than the other's. Right? So true!

    And, one of my husband's pet peeves is my slug-filled coffee cups littering every room in the house... You and he should start a support group -- LOL!

  19. LOL! So, you are easily distracted by your inner editor?

    It's easy to read between the lines and see the underlying affection in your bickering. :)

  20. Nicole and Jessica - switching out the languages is called code swapping (speach therapist friend taught me that). I do it here too, with couple different languages. So true about the expression!

    Jessica - Do you want to know what I see in the cup? It's his cup, yes? There's an archer to the right...which suggests he's hunting something far off, trying to get it over the top of the tress. LOL...I don't really know what I'm talking about. Nevermind me!

  21. aww! That sounds like my house--except for the editing part. Hubs edits all my stuff. Big nerd.

    That hair in the sink thing must be universal. Sanford & Son was on the other night (*snort*--hubs loves that show) and Fred was complaining that if Lamont got married they'd have to deal w/hair in the sink... !

    I still want something Greek~ ;p

  22. My husband wishes he could distract me from nagging. The only thing that distracts me is finding more things to nag about..wait a

  23. I forgot to read your actual post, so I came back, and that story is adorable!

  24. * grumble * Men must have similar distraction techniques. Gotta love em. xo

  25. You have perfected the art of conflict in your house.

  26. Love how he distracted you!

  27. I wonder if that would work in reverse... I am on the receiving end of an awful lot of nagging... asking for his expertise might just do the trick... Though if he sat on my lap I wouldn't be able to see anything...

  28. Men, right? Lol! This is too funny. Great job!

  29. hi miss jessica! wow you guys sure could fight over a dirty cup and hair in the sink. ha ha im happy it ended up good. i hope you have a real nice weekend.
    ...hugs from lenny

  30. Haha! That definitely sounds like my flat. Except I'm the one leaving the crusty coffee cups around everywhere!

    Have a great weekend!

  31. That does look pretty gross!

    The only things I've ever refused to wash, though, were ashtrays *SHUDDER*

  32. Coffee sludge is wasted coffee. Shame on him :P Just reuse the sludge for another mug of coffee, and see how he likes it, hehe.
    I tend to get distracted too if I'm asked to look over something or help with anything written. Words to me are like shiny object to a magpie - Gimmie!

  33. New around here. Glad I found your blog! I would love to hear about Athens!

  34. That's soo cute! After over 14 years with my DH, we pretty much just overlook the little things.

  35. LOL! Euch coffee sludge. I *love* coffee but I've never seen sludge like that before.
    Your banter reminds me of some earlier ones my hubby and I used to have over housework.
    e.g. "The housework never gets done unless I do it"
    "Well at least when I do it it gets done properly!" etc.

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