Monday 28 February 2011

Tears On Holly's Floppy Ears

As many of you know, I had my 30th Birthday on Saturday. My parents have just left the building this morning and I'm feeling, well ... kinda lost. My Sig.Oth, had a gig last night, so he's still asleep. He got home at 5a.m. So it's just me and Holly, in a cold quiet house, listening to the rollin' of the washing machine while I tap away on my keyboard and feel a little empty.

I had a wonderful week last week, though. I thought I would be relieved to have the house quiet again, but I actually feel strangely sad and hollow. Shed a few tears on Holly's floppy ears when my parents walked out the door. I guess I should be used to it by now. All the years of goodbyes I've experienced shifting back and forth from Australia to Greece. But now that I've been settled in one place for the longest period of time ever (nine years), I've become quite rusty at it - the saying goodbye.

Anyhow. Thank you to all my friends who shared Saturday with me. I had a really nice night! Now just gimme me a moment to compose myself (sob sob), and then I'll get straight back into my (ugh) routine.

If you'd like to see a few shots from Saturday, click this link :o)

PS: PJ HARVEY, Let England Shake. Such a GREAT album!

PS: I just realised I was supposed to be participating in a blogfest today. Sorry guys! I forgot!!!


  1. When our parents live only 2 hours away that's one thing. But if they visit from a different country, I imagine the good byes are much much harder. Hope you had a wonderful week with them!

  2. Is it one of your 8 Debut Albums?
    Glad you had a good time!

  3. My youngest son lives in Spain and sometimes especially in the winter when the airlines stop the flights I do feel isolated from him though we keep in touch by phone,

    Hope you have a good day and a belated birthday wishes for last Saturday.

  4. Uh-oh... did I miss your * fave debut albums ???

  5. 30 is a pretty big deal. For me that was when life started getting good, but that's probably just because I was an idiot in my 20s.

    Happy Birthday (again) Jess!

  6. Oh no! Is that blogfest today???? eeek! um ... scurries for CD collection ....

  7. Goodbyes are never easy for me, regardless of age or frequency. I assume we come back for the music?
    What a ploy :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  8. I know just how you feel about saying good-by to the folks. As you get older, they get older....

  9. Awww...sorry for your tears.

    Glad you had a wonderful celebration for your 30th birthday!

    Hope you have a lovely week...:)

  10. When my granddaughter leaves my home, it feels like the air is sucked out. It's a hollow feeling that the only word that comes to mind is forlorn... a word I never use. Oh and Happy B'Day!

  11. Happy belated birthday!

    I got the PJ Harvey album last week and was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been less than ecstatic about her stuff since “Is This Desire?” My second time through it, I thought, “Oh, thank God this is good.” Good stuff…

  12. So happy you had such a wonderful b-day with family and friends. I was there in spirit! That last sentence of your first paragraph rang in my head. I heard your real voice. Weird. lol

  13. Happy Birthday! You're so old! And I'm twice as old as you so I guess 30 is not so bad. It does feel kind of empty when all the visiting is over. I usually only get to see my mother and my sibliings about once a year. I been fortunate that I've gotten to see my daughters about twice a year. Why did we have to scatter so?
    I'll check back to see if you put up your favorite debut albums later.
    Don't forget A to Z in April!

    Tossing It Out

  14. I loved the pix on FB! So glad you had a nice time with your family. A quiet house can be a shock to the system after a week of visiting. Glad Holly's there to keep you company!

    ((hugs)) Nicole

  15. I'm glad you had some time with your family. Happy 30th, Jessica!! :-)

  16. Happy Birthday. It looks like you had a feast!

  17. Happy 30th!! Sounds like you had a fantastic time :D

    It's always hard sayin goodbye. I used to live 3.5 hours away from my parents and it was always weird to have them come and stay a weekend and then be all alone come Monday. I know that's not NEARLY as far away as Greece-Australia, though!


  18. Glad you had a great birthday.

    Saying goodbye is hard. I live quite close to all my family, but my uncle lives four hours away. It's always horrible saying goodbye to my cousin's when we visit.

  19. Happy 30th B-day!

    *hugs* Goodbyes are hard, but it just means you'll have another hello in the future. :)

  20. Glad you had a nice visit with your parents. It must be so hard to have them so far away.
    Happy Birthday!

  21. Glad you had a nice time this weekend, Jessica. It must be so difficult to say goodbye. (I feel that way sometimes, and my sis lives only two and a half hours away!) Happy Birthday! May this year bring lots of the good stuff!

  22. Happy belated birthday Jessica! Glad to hear you had a great time with your parents. PJ Harvey, yea!

  23. you sweet thing. That's just how I've been feeling lately w/our pending move. After spending my years 18-31 moving almost every two years, being here coming up on 9 yrs... leaving feels very foreign. Even to a place where we know so many. sigh. ((hug)) <3

  24. Happy 30th! Glad you had a great time this weekend. I hate saying good bye, too. The older I get, the harder it gets. :( Let me extend a virtual hug to you and I hope you have a productive and stress-free week.

  25. `
    Thanks for posting that video!!

    I was ALWAYS under the impression that I couldn't sing... but then I heard PJ Harvey...

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  26. Boy do I know that feeling. When my kids walk through the barrier at the airport. Tears all round! x

  27. There really is SOMETHING different about turning 30!

    I just did it in December, and it was two things:
    1. It was my first birthday since my mom's passing, which made the whole thing surreal and a little sad
    2.I think many of us use "30" as the age in our "vision of the future"... when I'm 30, I will have a family, and make this much money and be famous and on and on... but it never really looksl ike that, does it?

    Regardless, happy, happy birthday! I am really glad you got to see your parents, and hope the tear-shedding was a short-lived endeavor!

  28. AlliAllo ~
    You may have "forgotted" to participate in the "Super 8 Debut Albums" blogfest, but don't let that stop you from reading what I posted on it.

    As usual, my writing was insightful, brilliant and bountiful. The insight and the brilliance hopefully compensating for the bounty of words.

    Insightful, brilliant and bountiful.

    Be sure to watch the David & David video (see the link) for the song "Welcome To The Boomtown", even if you merely skim over my insightful and brilliant writing (as I'm sure everyone else did).

    I hope yer feelin' much better right about now.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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