Saturday 9 July 2011

Thank you so much, Ann!

The Author, Ann Best, of In The Mirror, which I reviewed the other day here, reviewed my poetry collection. I am so thrilled! She is such a lovely woman. So if you get the chance, please hop on over. If not to read my review, just to meet her and see how wonderful she is. I feel so silly. I forgot to link to her blog and her book in my review. I was so carried away with how good the book was, that it just seemed to slip my mind ... sorry Ann!


  1. I'm sure the review of your work went well.

  2. It was a wonderful review, but no more than you deserve, you are so talented it makes my efforts "Tiresome"

    Enjoy your week-end.

  3. I read it yesterday - great review, Jessica!

  4. Ann's lovely! I'll hop over and read her review. Have a wonderful weekend, Jessica.

  5. You can't ask for a better review than that. Her enthusiasm about your talent was palpable (and well deserved).


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