Monday 3 May 2010

A to Z Challenge Mega Post

Aside from meeting wonderful new bloggers, making new friends, and strengthening my writing skills , this challenge has most definitely broadened my knowledge of vocabulary. How? Through that ridiculous notion of mine to post using alliteration wherever possible.

It was hard, I tell you. Don't think that all those words came easily to me. I would read and reread and reread through my posts countless times until I knew I had definitely used every possible word starting with the designated letter - I even had to refer to a dictionary on many occasions. Sometimes I would spend 30-40 minutes polishing a mere 200 word post. It was tiring, but fun, and I couldn't give up on myself.

There were a few days, of course, that I took an easier route, by posting a short story, or a poem, or simply just found the letter impossible (like the last 3), but cut me some slack folks, seriously, you try alliterating like that every day, and not only alliterating, alliterating with a SPECIFIC letter. Crikey! But, hey, now I know so so so many more words, it's unbelievable. If you ever want to learn more vocabulary, just force yourself to alliterate. It works wonders!

The trick was to write my posts normally, using the very first words that popped into my head. Then I would reread them, focusing on each word, and which context it was used in and wrack my brain for a word starting with the appropriate letter. If I couldn't think of one, I'd search my thesaurus, then if I found one, I'd look it up in the dictionary to make sure it had the correct meaning. It took time and patience, that's for sure.

Anyway, thanks Lee. You pushed me to do something I would never have done without the challenge in place. And thanks to all those followers who commented religiously on my posts - you know who you are - your support was a great boost to my self-esteem and hugely appreciated. I truly hope we don't lose touch! You're all fantastic!

See the photo? That's what I see when I look into my brain right now. So if I don't post for a few days, I'm taking a break. Seriously, I deserve it!

Love you all with countless cherries on top! Mouwah!!!!!!


  1. I'm still trying to figure out what alliterative and allomorph mean.

    I rarely use locutions I need to look up.

    - Eric

  2. Oh, here I was thinking that alliteration came naturally to you. You certainly made it look natural.
    Heheh... Hope you have a lovely break. Cheers.

  3. I assumed you did all those designated letters naturally, Full marks to you. I think we have all come through this better and wiser people.
    Thank you for the encouragement you gave me and I certainly hope we stay in touch.


  4. Oh, were you alliterating?
    Hmmm... Gee, I hadn't even noticed.

    Ha! Don't keellz me.
    I'm only kiddin'.

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMeboy

  5. I really loved reading your A-Z challenge posts and am going to miss them. Enjoy your time off. :)

  6. I'm so glad I found your blog through this challenge. Yours and countless others! I still go around and read just about everyone's blog these days. I've taken a break (been sick) and am sort of catching up once more.
    Good job on the challenge! You did very well, grasshopper. :D

  7. Nice pic! Great job by the way! Also wanted to let you know that I just awarded you with the "Sunshine Award" you can pick it up here:
    Enjoy your break!

  8. You're talent never ceases to amaze me. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  9. That picture morphs your facial features with frenetic thoughts so well. Look forward to your return.

  10. You done a great job on the challenge and certainly deserve a break. I'm amazed by your skills.

  11. You do deserve a break! I felt a little burn out after Z, but I think I'm back now (but if you suggest we do it all over again, I may have to throw my keyboard at you). Was fun though ;-)

  12. You did a wonderful job with the challenge, and it was a pleasure to find your blog.

    By the way, I tagged you with an award at...

  13. Everybody deserves a break and heck alliterating can be exhausting.

    We do a lot of stupid rhyming around our house and THAT can be a bit of a stretch sometimes. I blame it on Dr. Suess overload a few years back

  14. All month, I looked forward to your posts. And even when you stop alliterating to a particular letter every day, I will keep waiting for those posts to come.

    Thank you for a wonderful month.

    ~ Rayna

  15. You used a dictionary? I thought you just knew all those words. Well now I'm even more impressed that you put so much time and effort into your posts. And they were some great posts. Congratulations! And thank you not only for your wonderful posts, but also for all of the great commenting you did. I'm amazed that you found time to do all that.
    I'll definitely be seeing you around cyberspace.
    Tossing It Out

  16. Your posts are amazing and I am thrilled to have met you :o)))

  17. Eric: LOL - you go do that ;)

    Alesa: Well, thanks! That's what I was trying to do :)

    Yvonne: Of course we stay in touch. I've come to really love visiting your blog :) And you deserved the encouragment 100%.

    Stephen: ha ha

    Sarah: Thanks Sarah! I'll definitely be around checking out everybody else. Just giving my blog a break tomorrow. Then I have Raquels blog fest - then I'll be back to my old self I believe :) Thanks for your support!

    Mel: I'm glad I found yours too! I'm glad I found everyone's. Hope you are better now :) And 'grasshopper' - whaat a cool nick name. I think you ought to call me that from now on - hehehe

    Tori: Thanks so much tori I'll be round soon!

    Candace: Aww ... likewise sugarplum ;)

    Paul: Thanks! I thought so too ;)

    Wanda: Thank you!

    Charmaine: LOL yes I may have to throw my keyboard too!!!

    Raquel: Thanks - I'll be round shortly!

    MissV: LOL I used to do that in my childhood home sometimes. Lost the knack now as English is my partner's second language :(

    Rayna: Aw what a compliment! Thanks so so much! Thank you too. Your post were always so informative. I really enjoyed them.

    Lee: Hehehe - gotchya! Yes, I'lll definitely be staying in touch will everyone! :)

    Thanks again everyone for all your amazing support. I couldn't have done it without all your wonderful comments to perk me up every morning! xoxo

  18. Thanks Niki! Just missed you in my bulk post! ;)

  19. Hello AA
    Thank you for a wonderful month of posts - I looked forward each day to see what you would deliver to my reader. Such fun and yet so clever - so Australian and yet so European. Loved the zinc cream post (did that really happen?)also listening to your fabulous voice singing that very poignant song
    Commenting was a bit issue for me over the month and I am so sorry I couldn't come over to say how much I enjoyed your posts
    Beautiful day here in Melboourne today - high of 23c. Winter is on its way tho, snow flurries expected in the Vic. Alps tomorrow
    Take care

  20. Heck yes you deserve it!!! You were brilliant, it was a lot of fun but I agree with you it was a lot of work and left you wondering what was next!!!

    You can email the video and I'll take a look at it whenever you get the chance!!

  21. I read quite a few blogs doing the A-Z thing. Fun to read! Congrats on all your hardwork.

  22. I LOVED the additional challenge you gave yourself and really admire the fortitude it took to take it as far as you did--it made for amusing and admirable reading!

    And I will be sticking around... I love your writing style and think YOU are fabulous!

  23. Congrats on finishing the challenge (I'm going to have to check these out) and enjoy your rest.

    Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to find a new blog to read. I love it!

  24. You have a great talent, not to mention a beautiful voice (and face!). I'm grateful to have met you!! :O)

  25. I was lucky enough to fall into blogging when you had just begun and I was SO impressed with your posts. Blogger Buddy 4 life, dude 'Creepy makes a B with her fingers'**

  26. It has been so nice getting to know you...your alliteration is amazing to me still...You are a blogger friend now and I will keep in touch! I gave you a shout-out on my mega post sweetie, you deserved it for all the commenting and encouraging you did!

  27. I'm impressed with your dedication to alliteration. I would have made it to, oh, C before throwing my hands up and begging for mercy.

  28. That's what my brain always looks like. ;o)

    I don't know how you did it. I often got warn out just reading your posts. Not an easy task for all those alliterations. Brava!

  29. this was such a great idea, and i'm so impressed you stuck to it!! it was so much fun to read!!

    congrats on getting to the end :D :D

    <33333 you MORE! hehe

  30. thanks so much for all of your comments over on my blog! Your posts are always so much fun and that's crazy about the alliteration! I don't think I could do that, so major props. Congrats on completing the challenge!

  31. You are adorable ... and quite possibly the world's most thoughtful, and thorough, commenter! It has been a blessing to meet you and I definitely hope we stay in touch!

  32. You did such a great job! I always looked forward to your posts - and I will continue to do so!

    Congrats for finishing the challenge!

  33. You deserve a break, I'm serious...all that word twisting and tweaking! It was a pleasure to find your blog and I look forward to seein your entries on upcoming blogfests. Congratulations!

  34. I still remember your "Q" post. What is it you Aussies say? KRIKEY! I thought I would fall over with all the "Q" words you found. I'm definately going to keep up with you. Your posts were always entertaining.

  35. congratulations first of all! even i had to look up the meaning of Alliterative Allomorph! although i didn't read all of your posts...did read a good portion of them. some i wasn't too comfortable commenting on them and i don't like being a parrot when leaving comments just because i don't know what to say. thought it was neat to find some common ground between us. i will continue following and reading you.

  36. I simply love all your creativity and energy abound. You are fun, honest and genuine and it all comes out through your most wonderful blog. I'll be reading you and that you may count one. Good resting...smoooch!

  37. Hi, Congrats on finishing in fine fashion! You did great and I am so glad to have met you. Thank you for visiting often and encouraging me!
    I will continue to visit you and raed your postings.
    Best regards to you, my friend.

  38. Congrats on crossing the finish line!
    I enjoyed your posts! My brain, also looks like that, interesting...

    You shared a lot; I look forward to following you~


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