Monday 17 May 2010

Fifteen Fantasy Island Favourites Blog Fest

Lee @ Tossing it out is hosting this AWESOME blog fest. So if you've got time, pop round to his joint and check out Lee and the other participants' posts.

Ok, firstly I have to say that choosing these was damn difficult; I have a countless amount of favourite albums. So. I've decided to choose albums that included songs I listened to over and over and over, and which influenced my own music during certain periods of my life. I will highlight those periods and also mention each specific song. Of course, I didn't only like these paricular songs, but they are the one's that had the biggest emotional impact and/or musical influence on me. I can see now, after putting together this list, that each song represents a certain transition in my life.

Below, I also have audio with around 30 seconds of each song in order of appearance. The albums below are organised in order of the age I was when I was obsessed with them. I'm not going to mention my exact age, but I will mention my state of mind, so maybe you'll get the picture.

I had so much fun putting this together. I feel like I've lived my whole life again. I hope you enjoy the rollercoaster as much as I did!


Artist: Joni Mitchell
Album: Blue
Song: River

State of mind: I reckon I can sing like my mum, and that my mum is going to be so proud, and that she'll think I'm so great that she'll put me on young talent time, and I reckon I'm gonna sing this song 'cause my mum sung it to me before I was even born, so I should know it off by heart. Did I mention that my mum is going to be proud - yeah, and I reckon I can sing like her too - did I mention that? (I still listen to this song obessively - I think it's tattooed into my soul)

Lyrics Flash:
I wish I had a river
I could skate away on
I wish I had a river so long
I would teach my feet to fly
Oh I wish I had a river
I could skate away on


Artist: PJ Harvey
Album: Dry
Song: Plants and Rags

State of mind: Just got over my ballad obsession and started a high school rock band with a cello and violin player. My music teacher wants to enter us into a competition. He wants me to write more pop. I don't. I want to be different. I want to be like PJ Harvey and play music hardly anybody understands, but says they love it anyway 'cause they think they should.

Lyrics Flash:
Plants and rags
Ease myself into a bodybag ...
I dreamt of a man
He fed me fine food
He gave me shiny things ...
White and black
You looking for the sun boy?
The sun doesn't shine down here
No no no


Artist: The Afghan Whigs
Album: Gentlemen
Song: The Curse

State of mind: My Dad says this band is cool. I didn't want to listen to a band my Dad said was cool. But then a guy, I kinda kissed, said it was his favourite band, and this was his favorite song. Now I can't stop listening to it. Did I mention that I told mum that I kissed a guy, and then she gave me a condom, and then told me that I'm grounded if I use it? I said, 'Fine, I'll just have sex without it then.' She didn't like that answer. It took me over an hour to convince her that I was kidding. I am kidding. As if I'm gonna have sex with this guy anyway. He's a tosser, but I just wanted to snog him 'cause I'd drunk a bit too much Spumante.

Lyrics Flash:
You hurt me baby
I flinch so when you do
Your kisses scourge me
Hyssop in your perfume
Oh, I do not fear you
And slave I only use
As a word to describe the special way
I feel for you


Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins
Album: Siamese Dream
Song: Disarm

State of mind: Drinking wine from a cask in a public park with school friends. Just smoked pot for the first time. Urgh! But, hey, all I have to do is copy my mother to look stoned. I can pretend, and say I got high at home and I've had enough. Ha. I'll just smoke a cigarette and pretend I like it to fit in. You know, if only they really knew me ... I mean, really knew me.

Lyrics Flash:
I used to be a little boy
So old in my shoes
And what i choose is my choice
What's a boy supposed to do?
The killer in me is the killer in you
My love I send this smile over to you
Disarm you with a smile
And leave you like they left me here
To wither in denial
The bitterness of one who's left alone
Ooh, the years burn
Ooh, the years burn, burn, burn


Artist: The Tea Party
Album: Splendor Solis
Song: Sun Going Down

State of mind: I want to f@#king get outta here. I hate my parents - especially my mother. I hate my school. Best I can do is lock myself in my bedroom and wish my Swedish boyfriend who likes to dress in women's clothing and get high on cough syrup will think of knocking on my window before I ... orh, who am I kidding ... I don't have the guts.

Lyrics Flash:
I woke up this morning, someone was knocking at my door.
And I said hello sweet Satan, I believe it's time to go.
Thirteenth apostle knocking at my door,
Telling me that I can't play with you no more.
I guess the wages of sin now, couldn't buy my meals,
Screaming out your name baby, how does that feel.


Artist: Filter
Album: Short Bus
Song: Hey man, nice shot

State of mind: Yeah, man. I wanna spend my life in a mosh pit. I wanna crowd surf till someone accidentally gives me concussion. I wanna drink till I can't stand straight. I wanna ... "OUCH! Get the f@*k off me you f@*kin' wanker!"

Lyrics Flash:
I wish I would've met you;
now it's a little late.
What you could've taught me,
I could've saved some face.
They think that your early ending was all wrong;
for the most part they're right,
but look how they all got strung.
That's why I say,
"Hey man, nice shot."
"What a good shot, man."


Artist: Elliot Smith
Album: XO
Song: Bottle up and explode!

State of mind: Depressed. Really truly depressed. I need this music to make me feel even more depressed, so that I can feel even more depressed about breaking up with my boyfriend and causing him to smash his hand through the wall, instead of just feeling depressed for the sake of it. Can I lie on my bed and stare at the ceiling a little longer, please?

Lyrics Flash:
Bottle up and explode,
seeing the stars surrounding you
Red, white, and blue
You look at him like you've never known him
But I know for a fact that you have
The last time you cried, who'd you think was inside?
Thinking that you were about to come over
But I'm tired now of waiting for you
You never show


Artist: Magic Dirt
Album: Young and full of the devil
Song: These drugs are really starting to f@#k me over

State of mind: Dude, I just met Adalita at the Corner Hotel. She's awesome! I'm so gonna be a rock star like her. I'm so gonna be loved like I love Adalita. And hey, we just won the Melbourne Uni battle of the bands competition and I scored a Maton Mastersound electric guitar. Woot!!!

Lyrics Flash:
Were you in the mafia?
Or a fat man in a band?
Were you a cocksucker with the shit in your hand?
Did you not know that the shit in your hand was a little girl in a band,
making much more dough than you ever will, you tosser.
Top yourself off?
Please don't do it,
go talk to your friends,
Don't let them suffer through it

Artist: Sonic Youth
Album: Goo
Song: Kool thing

State of mind: Whoo hoo! Got accepted into the English course - Archaeology was just proving too hard - I so can't get my head around those research methods. Finally, got my own flat. Got my own money. Got my own car. Got my own life. Now all I gotta get is fame ... and probably a new fuel pump for my 500 dollar white station wagon - I've connected the parking lights to it so that it works temporarily. Now I just need some money to fix it ...

Lyrics Flash:
Hey, Kool Thing,
come here,sit down
There’s something I gotta ask you.
I just wanna know, what are you gonna do for me?
I mean, are you gonna liberate us girls
From male white corporate oppression?
Tell it like it is!
Don’t be shy
Word up!
Fear of a female planet?
Fear of a female planet?
Fear, baby!


Artist: Luna Chicks
Album: Luxury Problem
Song: Less teeth, More tits

State of mind: Shit! Where did all these curves come from? I think I might try out the role of these sexy looking punk chicks for a while. See what it feels like. I've always wanted to try writing some punk - well I know this isn't the "true" punk, but it's a pretty spunky reformation. You know what? I might as well flaunt my stuff now that I got it, hey! Hmm, I can be anything I want to be ... Maybe I could change my name ... yeah, and I'll get some coloured extentions put in ...

Lyrics Flash:
You can't wipe out all our progress with your little cotton ball
Slice and dice your ass to perfection
Slip up a word and down you fall
Am I smilin enough? Am I smilin too much?
Am I tucked in and buckled, do my tits touch?
Hi, how are you, how high are you
Less Teeth and More Tits Its never enough
You'll never be good enough


Artist: Nightmares on Wax
Album: Smoker's Delight
Song: Groove Str.

State of mind: My boyfriend sure has strange taste for a metal-head, but good taste ... very good taste. Great for cruising down the ocean road in his Charger V8. But not when he drives 250 kilometres an hour ... I almost had a heart-attack!

Lyrics Flash:


Artist: Boss Hog
Album: Whiteout
Song: Trouble

State of mind: Inviting some friends over for dinner. Man, I love being single again and dancing around my flat singing into a broomstick. Right ... what am I going to make ...

Lyrics Flash:
You say so much I don't even hear
My poor mind, the circles it must steer
Holy heaven, cut the line some slack
I keep on moving, no not further back
I get messed up
I get high
I get stupid
I get by
I'll get reckless
when I die
I can't stand it


Artist: Tori Amos
Album: To venus and back (Live CD)
Song: Precious Things

State of mind: You know, I absolutely adored her Little Earthquakes album, but this live version kicks arse! I wish I never quit playing piano. This woman has got to be one of the most talented, creative, passionate musicians ever. I've really got to try and find that essence in my own stuff. So over being a "tough" girl.

Lyrics Flash:
He said you're really an ugly girl
But I like the way you play
And I died
But I thanked him
Can you believe that Sick, sick,
holding on to his picture
Dressing up every day
I wanna smash the faces
of those beautiful boys
Those Christian boys
So you can make me cum
That doesn't make you
Jesus I remember
Yes in my peach party dress
No one dared
No one cared
To tell me where the pretty girls are
Those demigods
With their nine-inch nails
And little fascist panties
Tucked inside the heart
Of every nice girl


Artist: Aimee Mann
Album: Bachelor No.2
Song: Deathly

State of mind: Being islolated on a small Greek island two winters in a row is a nightmare. I especially do not fit in with drunk old men at the local Zacharoplasteio. Nor does my prissy Greek sheltered boyfriend understand that just because I smile at someone, it doesn't mean that I'm screwing them behind his back. Nor does he understand that there is no way in hell or heaven that I'm going to become a euro trash freak and wear pointy knee-high high-heeled boots for him. I'm not garbage. I'm not his toy. What ever happened to my independence? You know, I could probably write a book about this ...

Lyrics Flash:
Now that I've met you
Would you object to
Never seeing each other again
Cause I can't afford to
Climb aboard you
No one's got that much ego to spend


Artist: The New Pornographers
Album: Challengers
Song: Myriad Harbour

State of mind: Ah ... this is the life. Athens top story apartment building with a massive balcony. Can hardly afford it, but hey, what's money worth nowadays anyway. I might just grab my fiance, and a couple glasses of wine, pop this record on and quietly get drunk under the stars while my dalmatian keeps my toes warm. I really ought to pull out my guitar again soon. How does one juggle so many passions in one life? So, yeah, that's me. I sacrificed the music to write. I don't regret it, though. I've never been more determined to succeed in anything in my life. One day ... even if it's 20 years down the track, you'll see my book somewhere on someone's shelf. And that's not a promise to you. That's a promise to me.

Lyrics Flash:
I took a plane
I took a train
(Ah, who cares, you always end up in the city)
I said to Carl look up for once
(See just how the sun sets in the sky)
I said to Jon
Do you think the girls here
(Ever wonder how they got so pretty?)
Oh well I do
Look out upon the Myriad Harbour

So there you have it folks! My life in a musical nutshell. Was I just a little bit nuts? Perhaps, but I embrace my nuttiness.

"But Jessica, what big nuttiness you have!"
"All the better material to write with, my dears ..."


  1. Awesome selections, Jessica. I should do this! Mine would also include some (okay, a lot of ) drug and alcohol abuse and some less-than-perfect relationships. But isn't that what youth is all about?

    I especially like "Disarm." It's always been a personal fave of mine. I remember seeing Smashing Pumpkins live in Chicago and almost trancing out to that song. Thanks for the memories. :)

  2. Nice selection. (=

  3. Yeah I guess it is Monday there! Mine won't go up for another 12 hours but uhhhhh Jess, this is a brilliant list! Mine was done in a shotty manner,lol. It claims no comparisons to your well thought out post. I feel like a schmuck who needs to edit now...Hmmm

  4. I'm ashamed to admit, I don't know a single one of those songs. Please, don't think less of me. ;o)

  5. Excellent list and I really liked the way you formatted yours. I did mine kind of chronologically without the history, but I'm going to post more later about each album in future posts.

    I need to figure out how to do the sound clips-- that was really helpful.

    Here's how I compare:
    I own three of those.
    I own different albums by four of your artists.
    I've never heard of 4 (Tea Party, Boss Hog, Smokers Delight, and Magic Dirt)
    4 I'm familiar with but don't own any albums by.

    Loved it!

    Tossing It Out

  6. I didn't know any on the list but it was interesting to read especially the state of mind. I like the way you've present them with album cover and lyrics.

  7. I' all that into music. Can't say I've even bought 20 albums in my lifetime, other than occasional Christmas music. I know, it's sad. I've always had this secret admiration of people for whom music is soul food. The only time I listen to music is when I write, and it's just a mishmash of songs I've downloaded to my MP3 player. And if push came to shove, I could live without it. Does that make me defective in some way?!

  8. Wow I love this list! I can't believe I forgot Elliott Smith... Grrrr... ;)

    I also love the way you decided to lay it out. If we do this again I'm ripping you off, just so ya know. Mine were all kinda jumbled together. I love the "lyrics flash" idea. :)

  9. Although I don't know anyone on your list I congratulate you on an excellent job, the format was good, I enjoyed reading the post from start to finish. well done Jessica.

    Have a lovely day.

  10. Wow! I think I'm getting a glimpse of those turning points. :-)

    I haven't even heard of any of those songs before. Makes me wonder which songs I'd choose for my life...

    Cool post!

  11. Just noticed this post. So love to participate but it'd take me forever to put it together for today.

    Great choices!!

  12. Love how you presented this with the state of mind and bit of lyrics.

    I'm a total musical ignoramus, though...only a couple of these were familiar to me. (bows head in shame)

  13. This was an awesome way to present a list! I learned a lot about you! Yay!


  14. Awesome sweet list, Jessica!! I love so many of these bands. And Tori Amos: love, love, love her. And the pumkins, and Filter, and Sonic Youth

    I loved reading this, and listening to the clips :)

  15. Wow that is some powerful musical taste there, girl! Loved it!
    That was a nutshell???? Really? lol
    Oh I awarded you on my bloggy btw!

  16. Clara I noticed, Thanks! I tried to comment but something's wrong with your layout :( It won't let me scroll down to type in the verification code! Looked for your email, but couldn't find it anywhere :(

  17. Great selections. I'm a big Smashing Pumpkins fan. Love the album from Sonic Youth too.

  18. Wow! Great presentation, very well done. I have never heard of any of those performers or albums. This is will be interesting I think to see all these choices.

  19. Filter! Good choice.
    I think musical tastes are even more varied than reading tastes.

  20. What great selections! You just introduced me to music I haven't heard. I'll have to come back and listen to all.
    I'd forgotten about the Tea Party. I wonder what happened to them.

  21. Terry: Thanks! Why don't you join up today? Or do a belated post tomorrow?

    Jojo: Ta!

    Candy: Pfft. You no schmuck. You cutie.

    TRacy: You kidding? lol

    Lee: Thanks. Which albums do you own?

    Ocean: Thanks!

    M.Bail: Really? Wow. I didn't think people like you existed. LOL

    B: No problemo. You can rip away. :)

    Jessica: thanks!

    Sheri: Do a belated one!

    Miss V: awww.

    Shannon: Ah, yes, slowly but surely :)

    Tara: Glad you liked! :)

    Clara: you gotta fix your format so I can comment! Something's gone wonky on your pagem hon!

    Christine: Thanks!

    L. Diane: Oh yeah, I think so too!

    Lynn: Well, Jeff Martin now lives in Ireland and he does solo stuff! My fiance booked him to play here in Athens, it was awesome!

  22. Smashing Pumpkins and Filter - that's cool!

  23. The ones I own are Joni Mitchell, Sonic Youth, and Elliot Smith (he's great). I have other albums by Smashing Pumpkins, Tori Amos, Afghan Wigs, and PJ Harvey.

    Tossing It Out

  24. Wow- great taste and awesome way of presenting it all. It's true that certain albums just seem to form a soundtrack to different phases of life...

  25. A big Jeff Martin/Tea Party fan? I think I've just met my new BFF! At my wedding, we used "Daystar" from Exile in the Kingdom for our 1st dance.
    Years ago, "Hey Man Nice Shot" hit me like an epiphony. Funny thing; just this morning, I figured out how he did the tom drums in the verses: switch to left hand for the Hi-Hats & hit the toms with the right hand (that took me years to figure out, 'cause I'm not a drummer, I'm a bassist.)

  26. i have a deep deep love for smashing pumpkins and tori amos. Though Little Earthquakes is my fav Amos album. And for pumpkins i usually just stick in the Best Of album.
    Stand Inside Your Love is not only my fav pumkins song, it's also top 3 favorite songs ever

  27. I'm embarassed to admit I haven't even heard of most of those bands. I used to be fanatic about music in high school and college, but I'm so out of it now! I enjoyed reading your list, this blog hop is such a fun idea!

  28. It would have been too hard for me to pick just 15 but I love your selections!

  29. wow i love this concept! what a cool idea for a blog post!! thanks so much for sharing :D

  30. OMG, I would have had a terrible time choosing 15. Great selection!

  31. Haha... I'm not surprised by several of those! Some of their feeling is present in your own music.
    This was really quite interesting and I discovered some music to look up. Thanks. : j

  32. Wow, some great choices I've heard of and some I haven't.
    Thanks for musically enlightening me:) Love the Aimee Mann album too.

  33. I love me some Smashing Pumpkins!!!

    I love how detailed you were, you always take so much time and effort into your posts. Yikes I think maybe I'm starting to slack and have to pick up my game again!! Lately I've falled a bit but life gets in the way!

    Once again great job, I loved it!

  34. Some cool choices, and great commentary!!


  35. I gotta admit to knowing very few on your list, although I love Joni Mitchell - her music is haunting.

    Now off to check out some of those songs!

  36. AlliAllo ~
    Ha! I had only heard of four or maybe five of the bands/singers mentioned on your list.

    What planet you with?

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McD-Fens

  37. Great evolutionary post! Loved the sampler. Can't remember the last time I heard that Joni Mitchell tune and I love the Smashing Pumpkins. Boss Hogg is totally new to me, though.

  38. Most of the songs but I have never heard of but I am going to check them out. Great job! :)

  39. I've heard of very few on your list, but that's what makes this challenge so much fun, huh? I like the way you compiled it, too!

  40. I <3 Tori, Joni and Aimee too! Awesome list you emo hippie you!

  41. I was starting to get nervous thinking that I didn't know any of these musicans. Tori Amos is amazing! I have to go check out all the ones I don't know!

  42. You can never go wrong with Joni Mitchell!

    Interesting choice for the Tori Amos title-I'd agonized over Little Earthquakes, but as you know, passed on that in favor of Rickie Lee Jones. She kind of followed the same path as Riokie Lee and Tom Waits (songs became less structured and more free-form).

    You've mentioned a few things I may have to give a listen to...

  43. I'm showing my age but I only remember two of these artists.It looks like ou had a great time compiling all those musical memories.

  44. Alex: I thought you'd like those!

    Lee: Wow you got Afghan whigs? Cool.

    Katie: Yeah, and the majority are from my teen years. Funny that too! I think that's the case for everyone.

    Will: Hahaha! Cool. Well I wouldn't even think to wonder about that! I'm a guitarist. You know all guitarists think they're better than everyone else, right? LOL

    Falen: Little Earthquakes was my fav album until I heard her live performance CD. You ever listened?

    Susan: ah nevermind. There is so much music out there that I haven't heard of either!

    Mattheew: Thanks!

    Tahereh: Thanks for reading :)

    Dawn: Thanks! I had a terrible time too. I spent days mulling over them!

    Alesa: Oh yeah? So which ones do you think are present? curious ;)

    Lindsay: Yes Aimee Mann is awesome. I had such a hard time choising between this and the Magnolia soundtrack. have you heard that? That 'wise up' song makes me cry every time.

    Jen: Oh don't be silly. I've slacked plenty of times!

    Sig: Thanks!

    Jemi: I've been stuck on Joni ever since I can remember.

    Stephen: LOL I've just been over to your blog. Whoah! It's gonna take me at least an hour to get through your post, so bear with me. I need to allocate some time! :)

    VR: Boss Hog is awesome! You should get :-)

    Lisa: Thanks!

    Slutface: hahaha!

    Jennee: Yes, she is!

    Disc: Have you ever listened to her live CD? You should. It's tremendously powerful!

    Debra: I did! :)

  45. You want specific pairings of your songs and the vibe I get? or just general answers?

    General answers, might not have much meaning because it varies as does your music from track to track on your myspace.

    Recent Tori Amos (honeymoon, devil underground),
    Older Tori Amos (mess of me)
    Joni Mitchel (The girl who fell)
    Ani Di Franco (get it)... Oh, she wasn't in your list. Oh well.

    And as we move into your older music we move away from music styles I listen to...

    One of the things that I find the most impressive in your cubase music is the harmony singing you do with yourself.
    As I said, your singing is impressive not just in tone but in skill as well: you manage, by yourself, to give big name pros with backup singers a run for their money. : j

  46. Alesa: I think I love you ;) hehehe. Thanks for replying!

  47. LoL. Merely for telling you what I hear? Wow! A high prize for honesty, indeed. If only everything worked that way. ; j
    You're quite welcome, it was pleasure.

  48. I love Joni and Tori, I will check out your others! I love your
    snippets of details, blurbs about
    what was going on, when this music became part of your world!

    I loved reading it~

  49. FFF-F#6 Here
    (friend of Stephen McCarthy) ~

    Very creative presentation of your 15 desert island discs! The stream-of-consciousness snapshots of that time of your life is at times shocking, sad, uplifting. You really expose yourself here, wearing your emotions on your sleeve... or forehead, or belt buckle. Anyway, somewhere I can see it!

    Your list contains discs I listen to and like right now, and the alternative style I love, though none would come close to making my 15 that I'd live with for eternity. I love Smashing Pumpkins, Joni Mitchell, Afgan Whigs, and Filter.

    Thanks for posting this interesting list,
    Mr. Paulboy

  50. Is it sad that I've never heard of any of those? I'm old!


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