Monday 3 May 2010

I've been tagged! Ouch!

I was just tagged by Tracy at Forever Endeavor to answer five questions, five times each. Then tag five other "super awesome blogging friends". So, I thought I'd take the pleasure now.

So drumroll ...

Question 1 - Where were you five years ago?
1. Here
2. Playing live solo gigs to Greek weirdos who didn't understand "my kind of music".
3. Flirting with my music manager and dropping nuts into my crotch by accident (who then ceased to be my manager and became who he is today)
4. Figuring out how to get out of my dead end job
5. Turning up at work in the same clothes three days in a row and lying about why to my work colleagues (gullible bunch they were)

Question 2 - Where would you like to be in five years?
1. Here
2. Writing fiction full time
3. Not writing Enlgish text books anymore
4. Mothering a coupla anklebiters
5. Not worrying about money, money, money, (isn't funny in this Greekshite world)

Question 3 - What is on your to-do list today?
1. Reformat a word doc so it can be produced into a CD-Rom
2. Eat
3. Write some workbook material for beginners
4. Drink coffee.
5. Write this.

Question 4 - What snacks do you enjoy?
1. yoguhrt with fruit and honey
2. chocolate
3. vegemite toast
4. souvlaki
5. ice cream

Question 5 - What five things would you do if you were a billionare?
1. pay off my mortgage
2. buy a house in Melbourne, Australia
3. buy a house in British countryside
4. buy a penthouse in New York
5. travel the world

OK, so that was me. Now for YOU! I tag:
Mary McDonald
Creepy Query Girl
Hart Johnson
Raquel Byrnes
Slushpile Slut

Now, I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I just couldn't resist making one of these. If you dislike crass humour - don't watch it. It's not really crass to me, 'cause I'm an Australian who has been brought up in a household where dirty jokes were the norm, and to me this is quite light, but I believe some may not think so. So, watch if you please dearest boggers and bloggettes ;)


  1. I hoped enjoyed being tagged.
    Loved the video, brought some sunshine into a dreary Monday.


  2. I loved that! I want an Aussie accent for my text-to-voice program!

  3. Thanks for the tag. :-) I can't wait to watch the video, but I'm at work, so I'll have to come back later tonight. If I don't comment on it, come remind me. Seriously.

    I have to wonder about why you wore the same clothes three days in a row, and what your excuse was. lol. Sounds like a good story.

  4. Haha dropping nuts...
    We're very similar...
    And glad you decided to post the video:)

  5. Hey! Thanks for the tag. Learned a lot of great things about you. I'd buy a house in Melborne too, by daughter wants to live there someday. Been a pleasure reading your creative blog this month...I'll keep checking back, and of course, I'll be back on the 12th for the Internal Conflict blogfest.

  6. You always manage to make me smile. Thanks for the video.

  7. The video made me smile. Love the Aussie sense of humor. Chuckled about nuts falling.

  8. i thought the video was funny yet it also made the guy to come across as being totally anal. can i say it like that?:) as to your tag post, the vegemite toast brought back the memory of allowing my Perth friend to convince me to "just try it." i preferred the other introduction of taking a chocolate covered wafer, (Australian) biting off both ends, and then sucking coffee thru it like a straw. that was/is decilious whereas the vegemite was atrocious/wicked to say the least. it's all a matter of taste!

  9. Thx for the tag smart bitch! LOL to the video...did anyone notice Roger does not have a wonder good ole Sheila wouldn't indulge in a lil hanky panky ;P

  10. I'd buy the exact same things if I were a billionaires. I love house and travelling. :D

  11. Funny questions can't wait to see that novel in five years!

  12. Great answers! The video is funny.

  13. Enjoyed reading your answers and LOVED the video. I can't wait til I have a few minutes to play on that site and make my own!

  14. Enjoyed learning more about you with your responses - and good job with the video (but watch out, they're addicting!)

  15. Your lists were so fun to read! And I'm with you on the house in Australia. Bring it on!

  16. Just found your blog via Rayna's. An Australian in Athens, sounds fascinating. Never traveled to either, although I've lived in other countries. Are you writing a memoir about your life in Greece? Just wondering as a writer myself.

  17. Question 2 no: 5 I can relate to. Going to have a knock on effect here I think.

    Your food list is like mine, except I like Marmite :)

    As for that video...LOL LOL LOL

  18. I can think of only one reason a woman would be wearing the same outfit three days in a row, when she doesn't normally do so otherwise. Me thinks it has something to do with dropping nuts in your crotch .... (and that probably sounds way worse to someone who didn't read all of your answers!) LOL

  19. Dude, did he give her the shocker??

    Great tag answers.:)


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