Friday 14 May 2010

Video Battle: Cats Vs. Dogs (and contest pluggin')

Howdy bloggers and bloggerettes! Today is the first ever Friday Video Battle hosted by the lovely Jen @ Unedited.

Every Friday Jen and other willing participants will post an xtranormal video which involves two xtranormal characters debating a particular topic. If you want to join in next week, email Jen @ jenniferdaiker at gmail dot com for details.

Today the subject is Cats vs. Dogs. Enjoy my video, then nick off and look at the others! The links to the other four participants this week are below the vid. Enjoy!

Jen @ Unedited
T.J. Carson @ T.J. Carson's Writing Endeavor
Katie @ Creepy Query Girl

Also: This Saturday 17th May Lee @ Tossing it out is hosting a Fifteen Fantasy Island Favorites Fest, where we are to post about fifteen albums we can't live without. You can get more details and sign up if you're keen at the link I've provided. I'm sure participating!

Another 4 Alsos
 Go check out Creepy Query Girl's 100 follower contest! It involves writing a spoof query to be in the running for some awesome critiques. How fun is that?

Go check out Zoe C. Courtman's 100 follower contest. It involves submitting an original interview question to deviate from the typical interview questions writers are often asked to be in the running to be interviewed on her blog and receiving a nifty golden flash drive. Go enter!

Go check out Justine Dell's 100 follower contest. It involves writing the worst one-liner for a book to be in the running for some awesome signed copies of books! Go, go, go!

And don't forget to enter my Blogging idol contest either! :) Pretty please, with a cherry on top?
*flutter of eyelids*

Dontchya just love a lotta little linky lovin'?


  1. LOL, great vid! I loved that guys facial expressions when she put down an argument and especially the hand gestures. Thanks for plugging about my contest!

  2. Oooo! I love your video! Well done! Kindle on kindle. Loved it!

  3. Great video!!! I loved it! "You can put a kindle on your kindle" very good! You did a ton of research, that or you are just that knowledgeable! I'm glad you favored cats, that's the route I went!!! :)

    Haha the lesbian line was brilliant as well!

  4. There's alot going on Jessica, Hope to see you on Fantasy Island,
    Loved your post with all the news.

    Have a great week-end.

  5. Love the video. Fun!

    Wow, you've posted so much to go see over the weekend. Thanks.

  6. I asked Jen this same do you make these cool videos? They are so neat! And funny. Nice!


  7. Great video. I'm neither a cat or a dog person but if I had to choose, I'd choose a dog. :)

  8. Love these vids. I tried to make one, but it wouldn't work. Dang it. :(

  9. Great video - and I even learned some things about cats and dogs! Though, despite all the fun arguments, I still like dogs best ;)

  10. HA! Love this! (I prefer cats...)

  11. I'm with her, I'm betting on the cat! This is great!

  12. Ha, great job!

    Have a great weekend!

  13. So funny - I'm thinking cats won!

  14. "I looked on the Internet." LOLOL! Great video!

  15. Lol, love the video. Kindle on the Kindle *smile*, what a great comeback.

  16. Heh, nice video, and I love that it didn't turn into a romantic comedy. Geez, there's a lot going on...

  17. Jessica, I so needed that laugh today.

    She's the reason I don't like strictly cat people... they're so damn snarky!! ;o)

  18. ha! loved the "cat got your tonuge" and crap! did you do all that research? That is BEAST! haha very funny video! <3 it!

  19. Ok, this was just awesome, the facial expressions (non-existence), the kindle on a kindle and of course the f-off sign. This made my day. :)

    Happy Friday! (if it's really Friday, I'm suspicious about that..)

  20. "That's not crap...i heard it on the internet." Hysterical!!

    Hey you! When you get a chance I got you a little nookie award on my blog! You're so popular! :)

  21. I knew dogs had bigger iQs then cats, I knew it! But cats do seem more inteligent then dogs...crap now Im lost...All my beliefs are conflicting, my word is melting before me!Danger, danger!

    Great entry!

  22. OMG, So funny! I love these vids, they are brilliant!

    Hey I'm having a contest over at my blog too, check it out!

  23. I'm guessing that lesbians, then cats....followed by wretchedly untidy guys who are secretly in love with their alsations won - in that order - right?

    a prostate gland...REALLY??!?

    Personally - I prefer donkeys. Much more versatile and in my neck of the woods they can also be used as a form of transport...(I have learnt to ride side saddle..)
    Donkey dung also a marvellous form of green energy ...(although it's ACTUALLY brown)


  24. You guys are cracking me up with your videos.

  25. Brilliant links, and I'm loving the videos!

  26. I love your video! Well done! Kindle on kindle. Loved it!
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