Friday 21 May 2010

Friday Battle: Bikini vs. One-piece

As you know each week Jen from Unedited will be selecting a something vs. something to make a funny video to post each Friday. This week the something vs. something is Bikini vs. One-piece.

Make sure you also check out the other participants:
Susan Fields

See you all on Monday folks! It's going to be a NO COMPUTER WEEKEND! (Unless I decide to engross myself in my WIP)


  1. Cute! Watch the butt-smacking now. Allergies vs. Analogy...hahahaha. Love these videos!

  2. Loved the video, me? one piece tummy won't allow a 2 piece.


  3. Allergies vs. Analogy was awesome! Very creative, I'm so glad you decided to try the video again, it paid off!!

    Butt smacking was hilarious! Silly girls!

  4. Oh man! I know these are gonna be so funny but I can't watch at work and the internet is down at home.

    Speaking of which what kind of neighbor feels they have to secure their wireless network? I mean come on.

  5. LOL! Do people really talk like that?

  6. Really cute!! I finally decided on a tankini, a non-decision, lol.

  7. OMG, Pearl is, like...ummm...wait - what was I saying?



  8. ROFL -- well done! Remind me never to ask for the brunette's opinion.

    And don't you just hate analogy season?

    Have a great weekend, Jess!

  9. A funny script...'Do I have an opinion?'....You worked the clueless angle masterfully! Allergies vs analogy...why bother trying to explain.

  10. Well, if I had tummy's like those two characters, there'd be no question. Definitely a bikini.

    But sadly, I'm not a cartoon. ;)

  11. Hahahahahahaha! I want to smack it!!!

  12. That...was sooo funny. And a tad sad. But mostly hilarious.

    Straight From Hel

  13. Funny video! Listening to that is like listening to my daughter and her friends - at times, it's absolutely brutal.

  14. OMGosh, give my a bat!! Their heads would make nice home-runs over the fence. Hah>>>>You drive me crazy.

    Thanks for the aggravating laugh. Have a great weekend.

  15. Wootles right back at ya. ;)

  16. Pearl, man, she's harsh...and awesome!

    I left you a little love on my blog today. :)

    Happy Weekend!

  17. *snort* Love the lack of affect when asking 'what would you do with only one piece of a bikini?' *snicker*

  18. Enjoy the no computer weekend!

  19. Haha love the girly "oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no's" haha. haha two airhead girls, it's funny. "so squishy and smooth, I want to smack it" I'm dying over here! HILARIOUS! I think you're gonna get another win, really good stuff!

  20. lol. Your vid is nuts. loved it.

  21. Haha, great video.
    "Um, yeah. You know what I mean, right?"

    Enjoy your non computer weekend.:)

  22. I so want to do this video thingie you guys got going on But I so have to give myself time to figure out how!! Hope you're having a great w-end!!!


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