Monday 31 May 2010

I grew up with awesome FEEDBACK ...

Amplifier feedback, silly! Screeeeeechaaaweeee!!!!!!!!!!

I was just twelve when this video was made. My mother is the singer/guitarist, my father the bassist. Got no questions for you today, so thought I'd share a little of my past. Enjoy!

If anyone is interested in seeing or hearing more, you can find stuff here.


  1. I think it's very good Jessica,
    Not everyone's parents to do that.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.


  2. Wow, what amazing parents you have/had.

    And now how do you 'feel' about this?

  3. That was really cool. Thanks for sharing! I'm laughing at the thought of my parents here. hahahaha! That would be so wrong.

  4. Oh my gosh, was that weird for you? Or are they career musicians? Also, were you an only child? This is really well-done. Like the other person, trying to picture my own parents doing this makes me laugh!
    Very cool that you got to experience this!

  5. Yvonne: Thanks :)

    Elizabeth: Long story! :)

    Vicki: Haha, no problem :)

    Jessica: No not weird. They were musicians since I can remember. I was surrounded by it all the time and it was normal :) I even got to sing on their records and appear in their video clips :) hahaha

  6. Holly crap!! Your parents are so cool, I mean genually cool! What did your friends say about them? I bet it was: "Wow, your parents rule!" or something like that. We dont find rocker parents everyday lol

    Thanks for this, do they still play?Awesome!

  7. Clara, unfortunately no. They had to stop in 1995 (they had a good life though - 1983 -1995), because my mother got ill and couldn't do it anymore. She's well now though :) They're both well and live on a Greek island!

    Once in high school, when I got dropped off to school (I was about 15), a school kid said, 'Oh my god, is your boyfriend the drummer from Faith No More?' I pissed myself laughing, and just replied, 'He's not my boyfriend, he's my Dad.' And left it at that! I wasn't liked much for my 'weirdness' at school so I thought I'd get'em back for being so mean to me! HA!

  8. Your parents are definitely way cooler than my parents ever were. Too bad you don't write YA. I'm sure you could have come up with a great story inspired by your experience.

  9. Neat! And talented. Was that a song they wrote? I wondered if you sing it now. The video is so creative too!

  10. I think that's really interesting. Your family life must have been filled with much excitement.

  11. Stina: Not a fit story for YA, that's for sure! ;)

    Lynn: Yeah, my mother and father wrote everything together. I don't sing ANYthing of theirs. I heard it ENOUGH as a kid, especially when they were recording down their ideas.

    Clarissa: Oh yes, excitment and chaos and more often than not, not good.

  12. Woah rock out! That's awesome. I grew up with musician parents too. Nothing like going to bed with the floor reverberating from practices in the basemeent and keg party band jams for your birthdays...

  13. I couldn't help but chuckle when I read comments that couldn't imagine parents doing that. Duh! Where do fashionistas think the retro look came from? I guess kids never think parents had a life, LOL! Loved your video, Jessica. Happy your mom's well now. Hope they continue to Rock On!

  14. Loved seeing this and all I thought was how awesome it would have been to have your parents!!

  15. Wow super sweet parents!!!! How fun that must have been for you!

  16. Very, very cool! I liked the video and the music -- kind of Jefferson Airplane goes grunge. Excellent stuff there. Are there any more videos out there? I was looking and ony found things about the movie, Madonna, and Counting Crows. Thanks for sharing this.

    Tossing It Out

  17. My Dad sold major home appliances and my Mom told me to "Comb your hair" for a living.

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McD-Fens

  18. Way cool, Jess!! That was awesome. I loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Very cool! So you're creativity is inherited, then? ; )

  20. no way!!!

    that's insanely cool!

    what a tripppp


  21. I love this. My dad was a drummer. I loved watching him play - might be why I have a thing for rockstars these days :-)

  22. Wow. Loved it.
    I'm always amazed how much cooler other parents arew to mine. :)

  23. Very, very cool! You certainly come from creative and talented parents - no wonder you love to create as well! :)

  24. I'd imagine there is some perfect story here for YA. Plenty of rock'n'roll angst among teens--a lot to draw from.

    On another note, you are lucky to come from such talent. No wonder you are also an artist!

    Thanks for sharing.

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