Tuesday 30 August 2011

Muso of the week: Songs that tell stories ...

~The New Pornographers~


My Favorite Albums: Twin Cinema, The Challengers

Why I love them: Interestingly, listening to their music makes me feel like I'm living my life in a modern-day musical. Not just because the lyrics usually tell stories, but because the instrumental arrangement has a twinge of HAIR! in it, and makes me want to go back in time and become a hippy tree-hugger for a little while. I always listen to this band when I need a good pick-me-up. The following song is one of my favorites. I hope you have a listen! The video clip is interesting too ... very much representative of a creative mind (and writer's brain!)

Have you heard of The New Pornographers? If so, do you feel how I do about them? If not, why do you like their music? Do you know any other bands/musicians that tell stories in their songs?


  1. I've never heard of them. However, I was a big fan of the Hair soundtrack.

  2. With a name like that, how would I not have heard of them? Wait. Have I heard of them? I'm actually not sure. They sound familiar from the name, but let me listen ...

  3. Amen to a creative video that doesn't have someone shaking their booty to get me to watch. Never heard of them before, but am curious now and will find some more of their songs.

  4. To be honest I was a bit shocked at their name, but the first I heard of them was on your post.
    I did wonder what you were going to write about.


  5. I've never heard of them. Sorry to admit the name would cause me to pass them over. That's not a judgment. I'm attracted to names and titles and that one wouldn't attract me.

  6. Wow, they are GREAT! Loved the song.

    I love musicians who tell stories. As a teen they were some of my favorites.

  7. I've never heard of them either, but I like their sound.

    As for a musical storyteller, Robert Earl Keene is fabulous!

  8. Never heard them before but I really enjoyed that video. I will be checking them out. I love stories in songs. I may or may not had a break down after hearing a new song whose story I identified with way too much.

  9. Sorry, don't know their music. But a lot of the progressive rock bands I listen to tell stories in their songs, sometimes using the whole album.

  10. I know them only from Neko Case’s solo work, but always meant to check them out, and I love the vibe.

  11. I HAVE heard of these guys, but I'd never listened to them til now. JRM's a fan, but he likes all kind of stuff. This is fun! Yay! New band. Thanks, Jess~ :o) <3

    that redhead looks like Neko Case--?

  12. I love the New Pornographers! I was first introduced to their music by a friend of mine. The song he played me was "The Bleeding Heart Show" which I adore. If you like songs that tell a story, have you listened to The Decemberists? I don't like all of their music, but I'm a big fan of The Crane Wife.



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