Tuesday 18 January 2011

International Romance, Sponge Bobish & Greek Goddesses

I'm guest posting over at Carolyn's blog, Serendipity, today, as a part of a series called International Romance! Go check it out! :o)

You can also read the first two posts in the series HERE and HERE.

PS: I'm at the recording studio ALLLLLL day today to do voice overs for very weird characters - Sponge Bob-like imitations mixed with Greek Goddesses (Aphrodite, Demetra, Athena).  Yes, I'll come back with a craoky throat. Luckily for the Internet I won't have to speak to read and comment and reply to comments, etc. :o) See ya later!


  1. I've been falling behind...off to check it all out!

  2. Sponge Bob meets a Greek Goddess? I'm growing cross-eyed trying to figure out how that would work.

  3. That's so cute that you do those voices. I'll have to hop over and read the interviews a bit later:)

  4. I'm running over to read.

    How cool that you do voice overs! =D

  5. Thanks for the exotic stroll down your memory lane. : j
    What was the critter they put in the washer? Some kind of conch?

  6. That is so awesome! Enjoy your cartoony day!!

  7. Cartoon voice overs? Now that's a talent I didn't know you had! Sounds like fun! :D

    Thanks for the guest post... everyone is enjoying it!

  8. Have fun making silly voices, heading over to read it now.

  9. The voice overs sound like a lot of fun! :-)

  10. On my way over there now.

    Really want to hear some of these voice overs!


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